Episode-2278- Listener Calls for 8-23-18 — 5 Comments

  1. My understanding of Walmart and other stores using facial recognition is to identify known shoplifters so that in store security can be notified. BUT most stores that I am aware of have a hands off policy on shoplifters. Most local stores like CVS, Walgreen’s, etc forbid employees from attempting to stop shoplifters and direct them to let them leave and then call police. So if you are going to let them leave why bother with the cost of the recognition software?

    • Because of why I said, that’s why.  Automated check out, no lines.  Walk in pick stuff up and get charged by computer on the way out.

      Oh and if you are not set up with an account, you can’t get in.  No more shoplifting.

  2. I have noticed increasingly with websites especially buy on line websites, that if you don’t sign in to become a member or if you don’t sign in through some nosebag social media site then you are not allowed to browse their site.
    In most cases I couldn’t be bothered with the extra effort so I abandon their site.

  3. Aluminum wire is why all those houses burned down in the 70’s. My way of looking at aluminum wire has always been…. would I mind if this project spontaneously combusted one day? Since anything I am taking the time to work on has intrinsic value to me; the answer is always “yes”, I’m never going to use aluminum wire.

  4. Sorry, I’m catching up on old episodes.  I work at a place that sells surveillance systems to retailers and we offer software upgrades for facial recognition.  Right now, the main reason places do it is to track demographics on who is attracted to what, how long they spend at the location, etc..  They can determine gender, age range, and race traits at locations like end caps, or whatever.

    But that information has historically been incomplete, as they don’t know how often that stop at the display turns into an actual sale.  Tying in the facial recognition with the final transaction allows them to get complete data on the cycle and how effective the display actually is.

    It’s pretty incredible… and creepy.