Episode-2496- Listener Calls for 8-22-19 — 3 Comments

  1. Jack, I think you misspoke when you said “worm tea” when talking about what comes out of the bottom of a worm bin. That’s leachate, not worm tea.  Worm tea is when you take worm castings and steep for 24 – 48 hours while being aerified by a bubbler. Worm tea is aerobic whereas leachate tends to be anaerobic.  Here’s a better explanation than I can give here: 

  2. For cheap protein, go to a small animal auction and buy the old cull sheep.  Ewes or rams don’t matter.  There is a lot of demand for lamb, but almost no demand in the US for the old breeding stock (also called mutton.)  100-200 Lb sheep may only bring $20.  The main market is exporting them to Mexico from what I’m told.  Goats are a different story…  They don’t’ seem to drop in value unless they are a bag of bones with no meat. 

    Talking to a local custom butcher can get you a lot of bones, fat, and organs cheap/free.

    You could also talk to whoever handles deer/vehicle accidents in your area.  (Sheriff, dept. of Conservation, etc.)  Locally, you can get on a list where they will call you if there is deer that’s been hit that can be picked up. 

    If you still want to raise your own, Icelandic sheep would be where I would look.  They tend to have litters instead of singles or twins.  One ewe may give 5 or more offspring.  This keeps your wintering numbers low.  Really though, it may be better to just buy some bottle lambs or bottle calves in the spring and raise them out till fall.  Keep the best bits for yourself.  😉

  3. Shipping Container thoughts:

    Some towns won’t let you have a shipping container on your property!

    — ask me how I know