Episode-1411- Listener Calls for 8-22-14 — 28 Comments

  1. I love my 300 AAC Blackout but it’s so dang expensive to shoot and the ammo is hard to come by, at least in my neck of the woods. I’ve been tempted to sell it but it’s one of my personal builds that I love dearly.

  2. I’ve been using a 300 blackout for deer and big hogs down here in Texas with really good success. Nothing has run on me yet. The 300 gives the great advantage that it uses all the same parts as a 5.56 other than the barrel so you could easily buy both a 5.56 upper and a 300 upper and have 2 rifles at minimal cost. Uses same lower, bolt, and magazines. Below is some great hunting ammo for 300 with a 2300 FPS velocity!

    • Well not as much as you might think. I just say go to bed and they do it, I don’t have to scream like him either. LOL

  3. Zow! Jack, you taking some new herbs or something? The last few shows have been smokin hot! Great job, brother.

    • The best prices on them I have seen is from the Berky Guy’s Website (see the link on TSP). He sells bulk and a variety of different package sizes so if you want to just try them out.

  4. Just my opinion, but I see a lot of parallels between the Ferguson riots and the standoff at the Bundy Ranch. In both cases it is/was as much or more about pent-up frustration with being victimized or oppressed (or with the perception thereof) and the desire to find an avenue to vent and express those situations than anything to do with the initial incident. Like the comedian Richard Jeni said about fights in a relationship…… there’s the thing they’re arguing about, and then there’s the real reason they’re angry!

    And regarding everyone putting dashcams in their car, it’s not a bad idea. One of the big reasons so many Russians do so is to address the issue of their police corruption problem. I’ll definitely have one next year when I’m overseas, because Mongolian police have similar issues (though to a lesser extent).

    – Nick

  5. Jack,
    I was amazed to find 3 old American Chestnut trees growing in a city park nearby (north Idaho). I picked up a few nuts still in the pods that the squirrels hadn’t gotten to yet. Apparently, the climate west of the Rockies is not suitable for the chestnut blight so the American Chestnut grows out here. So the guy calling from Alaska may not have blight issues but might run into the cold-hardiness issue you mentioned.

  6. Your 1st AR should be in .223 remington.

    Build up your AR receiver down the road and get a .308 for hunting today.

    • That is a fantastic interview! One thing I got out of the talk was Jack was even a little low on his estimate of the number of chestnuts one would have to plant to have any hope of a usable. If I recall, Phil Rutter has planted 10k every season for 20+ years, and kept extremely detailed notes on every single plant. He said you can really only breed for two traits at a time, and is only now arriving at a cold hearty, blight resistant, machine harvestable, yearly producing, good tasting chestnut.

      The thought though that even a small portion of wheat fields could be replaced with chestnuts in my lifetime is extremely inspiring.

      • I heard him on Diego’s podcast and like him a lot but I found breed for survival, well pointless. If it survives long enough to produce seed it survives if it doesn’t well it doesn’t matter.

  7. Good points on. Ferguson Jack.

    I grew up there and the cops there have always had a bit of an attitude problem. Though when ai grew up there it was a blue collar mostly white area. Then HUD housing came into the area.

    This is a problem created by the government all the way around and then the people get angry at the wrong thing. Though to be fair many of the people in aferguson are trapped in the system.

    Second time in my life I have seen the media out right lie and miss charactize a place and or events that I personally know enough about to know it is bs. First time happened in Iraq.

    I have watched the news a bit on this one to udnerstand how the media misimforms its viewers.

    This also shows something that is used against us and everyone of us has in multiple ways in our humanity–perception bias.

    When we are lazy thinkers we fall back upon perception bias.

    To illustrate the one of the real problems going on I would like to point out an interview with a couple of protestors I saw last week. All three are students at SLU, which is known as a good school and hard to gain admittance. The first one kept using the word allegedly. Allegedly last night there were looters. Even the msnbc host said last night there were not allegedy looters but actual looters.

    The third student interviewed was most certainly intelligent but obviously brain washed. He stated that we needed leaders to tell us what to do in these situations. We needed government to fix the problems. But remember the problem was created and excerbated by government. From HUD housing to a large population stuck in a welfare system and poor schools. Also a tense situation by moving poor people who did not earn their homes into a neighborhood that had been predominately blue collar. Where people sweated hard to buy their home and American dream. To watch their property values shoot down. On the outside it looks like white flight, but the reality is the HUD housing dropped property values dramatically. This is previous to the housing bubble which raised all property values.

    The complaint is why are there not more black police officers on the force. The answer would be a bitter pill to swallow for that neighborhood. More than likely, though I cannot state facts, there just were not that many black applicants.

    The big question I have is why was HUD housing put forth in north county St.Louis and as far as I can tell not somewhere like west county? Which is a rich suburb where some proprty taxes on a large home and small property are $30k a year.

    I know the answer and it is the same one where St. Louis having had the best public transportation system in the country at one time placed a highway to divide the city.

    Very interesting dynamics at play here. Very easy to charcterize it on race or wealth differences. Play groups against each other and not pay attention as more and more of their powers are taken from them.

  8. Wait … you mean the metal canning lids are NOT reusable. Holy crap … I didn’t know this!

  9. I must be lucky, I have reused the metal lids. Generally no more than twice. I do have some Tatler’s, maybe time not to take any more chances. I don’t reuse them for pressure canning, but for water bath I have.

  10. Hi Jack ~

    Just listened to the show today and had to chime in.

    I’ve been canning since 1987, it’s one of the first “homesteading” skills I learned.

    Three years ago I went all-in on the Tattler lids. A full case both regular and wide mouth. I was completely sold on them for a couple seasons. But last year I had fail after fail. They would seal just fine after canning – but when I’d go down to the basement to get a jar of this or that, the lid would come right off. The seal had failed. I don’t double stack my jars so that’s not the problem.

    Some of the people on YouTube that make canning videos have had the same thing happen to them.

    Taken into account the loss of food and time – I say the standard one-use lids are a better deal.

    I wish we could get some kind of group buy for them. I think it would be great if one of the sponsors would stock them…

    Just my 2 cents.

      • No. but after writing this I checked the reviews on Amazon, and a lot of people are having problems..

        But, I think I will send them off an email, good idea. Pehaps I’m doing something wrong…

        • I sent the following to Chef Keith Snow,

          Keith, I know you have a relationship with tattler, you may want to key them in on this comment.

          Here was his response, “they actually cancelled their sponsorship with me back in May…citing some challenges internally….one was pressure from partners to keep the lids the same even though these problems exist…..they just contacted me last week letting me know they have re-made the molds so the lids work like advertised…..I have not tested the new ones yet….however…so I cant say if they are any better….

          I don’t think I will be working to promote them anymore…I believe in the concept of re-usable lids….but I get pissed too when I have a dud”

          Sounds like another segment of “Jack was wrong” due out on Monday. Never had this issue myself but it apparently is a problem.

        • well i feel vendicated 🙂 thank you Jack for checking this out. i dont know if I’ll be buying their new product. Maybe, if they let me exchange 50-75 of the duds!

          again, thanks!!

  11. If you are NOT kosher you can skip this one.

    Still here? OK. Here we go.

    I am assuming one already knows the rules for being kosher and might want to know how that applies to canning…

    Regarding Tattler canning lids… I like the idea of them but I do my canning kosher and the Tattler lids make it too easy to mess things up. It becomes a bookkeeping nightmare after the first use if you are trying to keep meat and milk separate under kosher ritual procedure.

    I have a system now for canning kosher. It’s a royal pain in the neck but I’m Jewish so I have no choice. Tattlers will work but unless they sell the lids in different colors, it’s too hard to keep track of the “meat” lids vs “dairy” lids vs “parve” lids when reusing. It is easier just to chuck the metal lids and use new ones. (I also do the “three-day dunk” on all of the jars regardless and rekasher the water canner and pressure canner every time I can.)

    OK… that’s it. Back to your regularly scheduled canning.

  12. Hey Jack,

    For folks outside the native range of the American Chestnut, it is a viable option – here in the PAC NW, there are many American Chestnuts. They survive by existing in isolation outside the spreading range of the blight. There are several on my family’s property that have been in heavy nut production for years. They make for phenomenal blacktail and bear hunting. Last year I used some of the wood from our property to make an urn for my mothers remains, and this spring I propagated some nuts on to my property! Many of the trees we unintentionally coppiced for firewood when I was a kid have multiple trunks that are 18-24 inches at the butt, and producing heavy nut crops again (20 years later)

    I would encourage folks who are outside the native range in the east, and sufficiently isolated, to give chestnut a try. I know you can get seedlings from Raintree Nursery, and I’ll be picking up nuts here in a month or so!

    Love the show!