Episode-1852- Listener Calls for 8-18-16 — 30 Comments

  1. FWIW, I’ve been carrying a snubby 38 of one type or another as my primary carry piece for nearly a decade now.

    The reason is that most of the time, when I’m not at work (where I can’t legally carry a firearm anyway), I’m usually wearing sandals, cargo shorts and either a T-shirt or Hawaiian shirt. (I live in Florida, where most of the year I don’t want to wear anything more than that.) In a hot climate, I’m more likely to have the pocket 38 with me at all times.

    After experimenting with various guns & carry options, I’ve found that a lightweight 38 snub in a pocket holster is the best CC option for me.

    I think that all things considered, the Ruger LCR in 38 Spl is the best option in a lightweight snubby today. It’s under a pound (9mm & 357 LCR’s weigh more than that), it comes from the factory with a very good trigger (better than most factory S&W triggers I’ve tried), and it has a concealed hammer. I can shoot the LCR much better than any other snubby, even with +P loads.

    My LCR has an XS dot sight, which is my favorite pistol sight & is WAY better than most crappy snubby sights. Some LCR’s used to be made with the XS sight; now I don’t think they offer that option, but it’s a simple mod. The combination of good sights & trigger make the LCR much easier to shoot quickly & accurately than most snubs.

    I think the best 38 defense load made, especially for snubs, is the Speer Gold Dot +P Short Barrel 135 grain. It’s what many experts far more knowledgeable than I recommend, and police departments that still offer 38’s (often as backups) usually choose this load, so it’s got a lot of real world use.

    One more recommendation: I usually carry a speedloader with five extra rounds, and I’ve finally found a speedloader holder/carrier that works great for CC, that’s simultaneously very concealable but quick to use.

    The speedloader carrier is made by CrossBreed Holsters, and it starts at close to forty bucks, but if you carry a five-shot snubby & want to have a speedloader that’s well-concealed but still quick to access, there’s nothing else currently out there (that I’ve found, anyway) that comes close to this thing.

    • That is my EDC as well, with a HiViz fiber sight. I like the gun. Reliable, easily concealed.

    • Good set up and don’t fault you for it but not all 9mms etc are over a pound. The KelTec PF9 is 12.7 oz. It carries to me anyway nicer than any of the snubbys. It provides 7+1 capacity and it is much faster to reload if that is important to you.

      Some people bash KelTec but some people bash everyone. They make good guns, frankly getting some of them is the only problem.

    • Ditto on Fl, cargo shorts, just an SW Airweight with CT grips. I actually carry holstered in my left pocket with a spyderco endura wave in the right pocket. Anytime I am in a place where things might be a little off my left hand is in the left pocket on my revolver and right thumb is over the knife. I can draw either or both faster than I can out of my 3gun rig. Even with the hand swap I can get off the first shot in about .2 sec less. For the guy asking about apx carry, the solution for the car is another gun (check your local laws). In fl a permit holder can tuck a pistol between the seats, just train to take the pistol over the wheel instead of across it. I agree with everything Jack said especially the part about comfort and I have found nothing to be more so. Also the lines of a holstered revolver disappear better than a semi. When dress permits carrying a full size, I still have the revolver because it is so comfortable.
      Jack has mentioned several times lately about using a knife to stab and kill in a defensive situation. From a legal and tactical standpoint, I consider it to be tool to take away the tools of the threat. A hand can’t hold anything without the tendons in the wrist and if you are so close that you are using a knife, that hand is your primary threat. Block with the bone side of your left arm and slash the tendons at the same time with your right.

  2. The dude that called in about the Baltimore cop situation didn’t watch the video…. Or he is an idiot.

    Watch the whole video and decide for yourself.

    She was obviously a nutt who stated multiple times she was going to make the cops kill her. The cops gave her multiples of chances over a fair amount of time to not escalate.

    It is a sad case for all involved. Especially the kids.

  3. I find it a bit humorous that the TSP community is so intolerant of hate, but so many hate those who protect society.

    I get there are bad apples.

    I get there are those that don’t call out bad apples.

    Calling out a whole group and labeling them as those that fit into the above two categories is not appropriate.

    If you believe that is appropriate then you support racial profiling and acting on stereotypes. There is very little difference between ‘racism’ and ‘cop hating’ these days.

    Cops have a difficult job and need to be punished if they do wrong just like everyone else, but the good guys get caught in all the other BS that comes out of the F the police thing that is happening now.

    • Well, when you have your apartment broken into or something like that and all you get is “what do you want us to do?” as a response (this happened to me twice in different cities, and once to a very good friend of mine in a different state), but when it comes time to issue speeding tickets, they are out in force, you tend to lose respect for the institution.

    • Jim that bad apples comment should only be used by the to use your own word in another comment, STUPID. It is the most insulting way to describe an oath breaking piece of shit officer.

      Cops have a tough job to do? So do commercial fisherman who are about ten more times likely to die in the line of duty that a cop.

      As you know I am not a cop hater, and I deplore the cop bashing as a group many do, but I call out the bullshit all the time as well. People are flat sick of the undeserved loyalty cops often give to each other.

      Did you see the leaked video where cops find a guy in his car, with his dick out of his pants. So drunk he can’t talk, walk or answer their questions. They cuff him and are ready to run him in, they get his ID, you hear one cop say, “oh shit, take his cuffs off”. I am thinking this guy is a Mayor or something, nope, just another cop. They move his car, and give him a ride home.

      Okay that one got leaked, how many MORE TIMES does shit like this happen? Some guy that fucked up gets covered for, but another guy who had one extra beer and barely blows a .08 who was on his way home, never was going to hurt anyone has his life fucked up by a cop “just doing his job”.

      Again that one was leaked, so it likely is happening a lot, very few such videos get to the public. Now if that happens, what else happens, what else are cops covering for with other cops?

      Again people are sick and tired of it. And while groups like BLM are nothing but racist hate groups, if cops want the cop bashing to stop they have to stop pretending that a bad cop is more unlikely to be found than a fucking “rare pokemon”.

      There are about 1 million LEOs in America, if 10% of them are people that should not be doing the job that is 100,000 dangerous people with a badge, a gun, a tazer, the authority of the state, who are being backed up by the other 900,000 “good guys”.

      My question is when the fuck will the 900,000 speak the fuck up?

  4. Well… I am a man of color. My wife is white. My granddaughter is as black as President Obama. The white experience is different. Maybe it is economic. Maybe it is crime related. If every third guy in a red hat is stealing a car, you start looking for guys in red hats and asking them questions.

    When I was younger the police would hassle me, but looking back I attribute this to my own projected hostility. They could see my hostility and reflect it back at me. As I worked on my anger management issues, the police got better. In fact everyone stopped hassling me.

    This anger management stuff has really helped a lot of people… mostly all the people AROUND ME

    Religion (particularly Christianity) used to help in this situation, but the term “Uncle Tom” is being rejected as a model because he is “turn the other cheek and love your enemies just like Jesus did.” Religion emphasizes self-regulation. When you make religious ideals illegitimate, you replace self-regulation with ACTUAL regulation and the police step up their patrols.

    Religious institutions have stopped telling people that G-d expects them to do the right thing and are now telling them that G-d expects them to VOTE the right way. You don’t get credit in Heaven for voting right…. only doing right.

    Alex Shrugged

    • ” You don’t get credit in Heaven for voting right…. only doing right.”


    • Hi Alex, as a Pentecostal Christian, I get very upset when I hear (and I hear it often) that it is “our duty” to “vote right” –meaning vote for the Republican candidate regardless of who he is because obviously the Republican party is God’s party. NO, not it is NOT. Actually, I see nothing in the New Testament that tells Christians to be politically active, to support this movement or other, to oppose the existing government etc. In FACT, there is instruction to pray for the leadership (and that leader at the time was Nero who was burning Christians as torches in the Colosseum). What we should be doing is living our lives after the manner of Christ. If we did that, our homes, our businesses, our communities would be a much different places. I think…no, I know…that there is a remnant that is getting back to the ways of Christ’s teachings. And, AMEN, to “You don’t get credit in Heaven for voting right…only for doing right.”

      • Agreed while I am not a Christian I feel that the Jesus of the bible is actually a text book anarchist.

        I have a good friend that is a Christian and he says he is a libertarian but not an anarchist because he feels a Christian must submit to the rule of God. Also that God will establish a Kingdom here (according to revelations, etc).

        My response to him was, and in your faith how many people will be forced to be part of this kingdom? Answer. Zero.

        Okay let it sink in was my response and I think it is starting to sink in.

        • I think his response and slow acceptance is due to a misunderstanding of what anarchy is. I had the same problem until I listened to a podcast or two in which you explained what true anarchy is. By your definition, yes, Jesus/God is an anarchist. Regardless of what the government in power is doing, that should not prevent us from living a life of community and caring for one another. Ideally, the only time my life should intersect with government is taxes (give to Ceasar that which is Ceasar’s) and..well…that is about it! Everything else should be off the government radar just living a peaceful and quiet life (also scriptural).

        • Ah the tax quote. This is fun Tina try it. First context, remember the question was a TRICK, says so right in your book. They were trying to trap him. They toss him this penny he asks for and he says, whos picture is on it? Right?

          Okay take that all in, now read it the whole story and when you read it out loud, say this “render unto Caesar, that which is Caesars and render unto God that which is Gods”, say it with a bit of contempt and sarcasm. Don’t think Jesus isn’t capable of both of those things.

          It then all becomes clear what he said. He didn’t say “pay your taxes” he said that when you take from the state and play its games you are subject to its rules. Well I do not see Caesar’s image on Bitcoin or Ether, do you?

      • Oh Jesus was definitely being sarcastic. Just as he was with Peter about paying the temple tax. However, he did pay the temple tax. As with much of what God/Jesus says in the scriptures has multiple meanings…
        Both specific to the situation and then deeper and/or more far reaching. Multiple NT scriptures teach that we are to obey the government unless to do so goes against God. I totally agreed that Jesus was critizing the Jewish leaders for selling their souls to Rome. It is a huge mistake to trade dependence on God for dependence on government. …I haven’t seen a bitcoin but I am sure there is nocpicture of Obama on it…lol.

        • If I were still teaching in the church I would say not to assign the value of the writings of people like Paul to the value of the words of Jesus. I would also point out there is no God given duty to obey government, at all, never was. That in the end people were trying to get the word out and not be killed or suppressed, there is a LOT of go along to get along in the new testament.

  5. We can’t watch the whole video Jim, because while the police were not able to resolve this peacefully, they WERE able to call up Facebook and have them stop the video korryn Gaines was streaming. Their body cams weren’t working or deployed or whatever who gives a shit.

    Her initial offence was a cardboard license plate on her car. Then she didn’t show up in court. The judge issued a bench warrant. The officer serving the warrant got the landlord to open the door to Gaines’ apartment. This is where they overstepped. Once inside she pointed a shotgun at the cops and told them to leave. Clearly if she wanted to shoot them she had the opportunity here.

    The cops then called a SWAT team that did what they always do – escalate the situation. They were INSIDE her apartment trying to negotiate with her. She pointed the shotgun at the swat cops and told them to leave or she would kill them. They then opened fire killing her and wounding her child.

    Who did these cops protect? Who was served?

    At no point did it occur to them to say ” hey she’s not wanted for murder – this whole thing is over a failure to appear for traffic court. Maybe we should back off a bit” but cops are trained to never back down from a fight. They told her to put the gun down and she didn’t so they shot her. For non compliance. ” I GAVE YOU AN ORDER SLAVE, DO IT OR DIE”

    Yeah she made a lot of bad decisions here but none of them are punishable by death.

    The cops are justified to shoot if they fear for their lives. They could have walked out of her apartment into the hall to avoid this “fear for their lives”. They could have come back another day, or got her walking down the street later. This would have saved a life but their pride would have suffered and we can’t have that!

    A team of highly trained, highly equipped grown ass men were so terrified of a 24 y/o woman and a child that instead of leaving the apartment, the only option available to them was to shoot her dead. Bullshit. They could have resolved this without shooting her. It was after all just traffic fines….

    This child will now grow up knowing the police shot him and killed his mother. Do you think he will grow up to respect the police? Or do you think he’ll grow up and go all ” v for vendetta ” on their ass?

    As a plain old citizen, I can’t enter someone’s house against their will, and when they point a gun at me, claim I was afraid for my life, and get away with killing them. As a plain old citizen I can’t shoot people in the back when they are running away from me – be they armed or not. So why is it OK for police to do this? Does that badge grant extra rights?

    • You do sound stupid in that comment, sorry. No you don’t fucking point a shotgun at cops, say you are going to kill them and expect them to just leave.

    • You make some valid points sir. I should have researched this better though.


  6. No fair Jack, I had 90 seconds… I can’t give you the details of the case and lay out police reform ideas in that time. In any case, I’m greatful you put my rant on your show! Thanks

    Jim: blow it out your ass bro – I’m not an idiot because I don’t agree with you

    Mike in wv

    • You can say it isn’t fair but I could give you 90 minutes and you would never be able to say HOW we can actually do it in our own lifetime.

      And that is my point I perfectly well know how it could work, getting it done, isn’t going to happen. Frankly getting it done will require a bridge, plans like mine are a better bridge. And if not mine than something, the state isn’t just going to go away, it has to be displaced. So many libertarians and anarchists are living 200 years from today and ignoring the reality of today.

      And when you call LEOs the states “attack dogs” you are being stupid! To get this done we need people and that includes people not yet on our side, that also includes some who are now LEOs. Keep calling them nothing but mindless dogs that do the state’s bidding and see how many you win over.

      Contrast this to a more honest approach like I give. I say often on the air that many LEOs are “oath breaking pieces of shit” and yet my MSB is full of LEOs. They don’t just listen to me, they financially support me. Do you want to turn these men and women on or off to the idea of self ownership?

      Okay and that woman you were ranting about. Sorry bro yea the PD did go there for traffic warrants. She then PULLED A FUCKING GUN, started shooting at them and said she was going to kill them.

      Wrong example to point to! Being served a traffic warrant is an inconvenience but not something you shoot at someone over. It is sad the woman is dead, but if you enter a multi hour stand off with police exchanging shots with them and end up dead you only have yourself to blame.

      In your case that triggered your rant the officers were dealing with an armed, dangerous, irrational person, who fired multiple shots at them and threatened to kill people. Perfect example of what I said don’t just believe every time a cop shoots someone the cop was wrong.

        • Mike, if I get the chance I’ll buy you a beer sometime and you’ll probably decide I’m not always an asshat and I’m sure you are not a bad guy either.

  7. A conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged is a famous quote. I’d add to that that a libertarian is a conservative who’s been falsely accused and imprisoned (me.) However, I still support the cops until an INDIVIDUAL does something that violates me supporting that individual.

    The idea we’re going to cast dispersions on a whole group of people based on the actions of a few is simply asinine.
    Philande Castile, Mike Brown, Freddie gray, the lady in TX, all of that was media hype, similar to Duke LAX. Yet, they had innocent people being put on notice that their lives were in jeopardy simply because THE media. Darren Wilson, i.e., the Ferguson cop, did nothing to warrant his life being put in danger.
    Even the George Zimmerman case comes to mind where the media deliberately made it seem he was a racist. They did that on purpose to perpetuate racial hostility.
    Don’t fall for the flipping media lies. They want division.
    An old journalism saying “if it bleeds, it leads.”
    Give up the news and just listen to Jack daily. that’s what I’m doing now and let me tell you, it’s almost as liberating as the day I found Christ.

  8. Hi Jack, I had not heard of the “Health at any Size” movement and had to ask Mr. Google for the 411. As a person who has struggled with an eating disorder since the age of 10 (from sneak eating to bulimia to compulsive overeating) and being the only “fat kid” in school (back when there generally only was 1 fat kid in school) I certainly know the stigma of being overweight. I also know the mental torment of being bulimic. I can understand the desire to not be stigmatized (denied employment, housing, etc); however, it is also not healthy mentally or physically for a person to be too heavy or too skinny. For society to say “it’s okay – be whatever size you want – as long as you eat “healthy”” is a death sentence for those people living with weight issues. Healthy eating does not make one 600 pounds or does it make one 65 pounds. As with so much PC bull these days, it is about making everything acceptable even if it is not what is truly best for the ones involved. What really shocked and saddened me was the website of a eating disorder organization that posted about how this movement was a positive thing for people dealing with eating disorders.

    FWIW, I have found my solution in a Keto diet eating real foods, not processes poisons. Fancy that, health through eating real food instead of the pseudofoods promoted as “healthy” or “all things in moderation”. Both of which are deadly advise.

  9. Planting over septic can be okay. Just be careful with trees or deep rooted plants. Depending on the type of field the roots can enter the pipes and fill them. If that happens it will kill your drain field. Also if you have sewage leaking out of the ground that is almost always a sign of a bad problem.

  10. Regarding a private police force vs a government police force… there is no difference per se. If you disband the city police and hire a private force, the company will hire all those out-of-work government police officers. (Hey! Look at all the experience they have!)

    On the other hand…

    A private police force is on contract. You can let their their contract lapse and hire a different company if they don’t work out. Eventually you will have the same problem, so change companies again, and again.

    If the security company REALLY messes up, the government is suddenly on YOUR side instead of trying to defend the security company.

    There is no simple way to “fire and forget” this problem out of existence. There will always be bad police officers or poorly trained ones or guys with monumentally bad luck. We want a way to save the savable ones, and cycle the bad ones out the door in a timely manner. We don’t have that now.

    FYI, I don’t experience racism. My father experienced racism. I experience a-holes having a bad day and taking it out on me. I can handle that. Frankly, I can handle the racists too. This isn’t the 1950s any more, Grandpa. It’s not even the 1970s and I could handle that just fine.

    Whining is for little boys.

    Alex Shrugged

  11. Just got to finished the whole podcast today at work. I will say, that signing row, row your boat to my wife’s pregnant belly for months, did wonders for my first born. As soon has I was handed my daughter minutes after her birth I sang row, row your boat and my daughter stopped crying. She stopped and looked at me as soon as I sang that song to her. It worked for a few years after too. I give this advice to any new parent expecting. It does wonders.

    I want thank you for all you do. I am so happy to listen to you and the other callers and not hear the circus on the news with all the BS that does not make me a better father, husband and person.