Episode-2491- Listener Calls for 8-15-19 — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Jack,

    Additional advice for the question about typing. If your goal is to be a faster programmer, learn your hot keys and keyboard shortcuts. Focus on one editor if you can. You can accomplish much more with good knowledge of shortcuts and 20 wpm than with 50 wpm alone.

  2. We home schooled two spawn that are in their 20’s now.  And they had Mavis Beacon in their curriculum.  They found it odd as teenagers to run into cohorts or adults that couldn’t type.

  3. Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing was a free DVD given away with computers to help sell them as part of a big “software package” at the dawn of the internet age. I remember it coming with a PC I bought on one of those TV infomercials from about 96-97ish. It was one of the few useful disks in the mix. My son learned to type with it.

    To be fair though, the young crowd barely uses computers, they use phones. I have seen some that can type about 40-50wpm,with one hand while driving. LOL

  4. Oh and there was a soft copy of Encyclopedia Britannica in there too. Shades of the death of industries that was to follow.