Episode-2062- Listener Calls for 8-10-17 — 18 Comments

  1. Hey Jack, thanks for answering my gun questions. I was really looking forward to hearing your thoughts and they didn’t let me down. I didn’t listen to the absolute end of your answer about the Roni, but they also have a newer generation model that is legally still a pistol, but adds a stabilizing brace to it.

    I agree it’s mostly a tactical toy, but it could be useful, especially since it’s still classified as a pistol and then has some legal advantages like being able to be carried in a car easier.

    • I would NOT carry that fucking thing until RONI can produce an ATF letter like Sig did, I would not risk my freedom with that thing!

    • Just because you don’t put the glock and stock together does NOT make it legal. They have a little phrase called “constructive intent.” If you have all the parts for a class 3, they can still prosecute whether assembled or not.

      Oh, and Glocks are better than 1911’s

  2. On the buying a farmstead: Why then are there so many abandon Farms ranches etc. in Western Minnesota ?

  3. Hey Jack,
    I bet if you promote a kickstarter campaign (or just donation link on your main site) for the creation of a sound-proof home studio; you would get enough money to build one. The background noise is getting worse. Every episode has very frequent loud background distractions such as dogs barking, TV, conversations, and baby crying.
    It is rare to listen to such a successful podcast with these distractions. Those of us w/kids are surprisingly annoyed by listening to crying babies (guess we had our fill, or just can’t ignore it??).

    • Didn’t you say you were going to stop listening long ago, please keep your promises Steve!

        • The real question is why does Steve use the term “we”, is he French or does he have a mouse in his pocket. Why does he act as if he speaks for any portion of the audience other than his sad and angry self?

          Steve is a guy who talked like he was a practicing MD and always objected things I said about the medical industry using terms like, “what we are seeing now” turned out he was some failed and washed up bio research type guy now playing with his bees. Now don’t get me wrong, anyone that wants to leave professional life and go more laid back, I above all applaud it, but don’t infer fake credentials or things like that.

          He seems big on using the pronoun we when he should be using the pronoun I, great way to convey false authority you know!

          I went though his 32 previous comments to make sure I wasn’t just being a dick to be a dick, nope, I am being a dick because it is warranted!

          He also “knows he is right” about how the universe was created by the way, holly fuck batman he must be the only person on the planet to say that. LOL

          The brightest minds in the world still don’t “know” the answer to that question. FWIW, in 32 comments, not a single one was anything remotely positive about this show, yet he keeps listening.

          This springs to mind,

    • I like the background noise. Helps us keep in mind that he’s just a regular guy with a family life like the rest of us. I rather enjoy it… especially the sounds of the kids.

      • is there a better sound in the world than a baby? Man, I love it! Dogs barking, cell phone going off, babies fussing and some dude behind a mike still educating us. It’s fantastic because it’s what I deal with everyday too.

    • I said I would stop commenting on podcasts, not stop listening. Alas, guess I back-slid.
      Wow, you are really cruel to me in your comments below. True, I was not successful in biotech, but I make a large 6 fig income now, so I am neither sad nor am I just playing w my bees…
      I am very impressed that you re-read our previous discussions. Not many people would do that. Let’s look at them again in 10 years and see what we think.
      I have noticed that your attention to logical fallacies has increased, and I applaud you for your correct treatment of them.
      ps I never inferred fake credentials. Please point this out…
      pps I never make comments about how the earth was created. Please point out what I said. I try to clearly state that scientists can easily embarrass themselves when they comment about the big bang. I like to concentrate on post-matter-creation evolution by natural selection.
      I do regret not making more positive comments about the show–maybe then my suggestions would be met w less push-back.

      • Please just sod off!

        I was discussing the condition that was made up by the pharm industry for ONE example, called “non 24” how it was complete and total bullshit, your response was, “well what we are seeing now is….” supporting this make believe illness and based on your prior invocation of authority any reasonable person would have thought you were a practicing MD, you are big on the we pronoun, again false authority.

        The other example is when I had mentioned that I believe in a created universe in some way, shape or form. You insisted that the universe was simply formed in something like the big bang, all by chance, when I challenged this you said, “I only debate when I know I am right”.

        You are free to weed back and find this stuff if you want, I have people that actually appreciate what I do to look after, as for read them again in 10 years, you go on ahead with that. Again I have people that appreciate my work to serve.

  4. I actually meant to comment on the episode with Steven Harris about engineering but got sidetracked. Anyway, the only thing I have to add is to advise students to take advantage of any internships and hands-on opportunities in the engineering department’s machine shop. In my (too-short) exposure to the one in my school, they reinforced how helpful it is to have engineers who have a good understanding of how their stuff is fabricated, as many who don’t end up wasting a lot of time and effort (for themselves and those in the machine shop) before getting a result that is workable. Obviously this is most helpful for those of a mechanical engineering bent, but even as an aerospace student in hindsight I wish I had taken the opportunity to spend a lot of time learning in the machine shop. There is still things I’m trying to pick up and learn about now for my personal projects that I could have previously learned there with mentoring and in a shorter time period.

  5. Hey guys just one aside, I was able to buy an ag-zoned property in Nebraska with my VA loan.

    • More proof that my last real estate agent really was a complete fucking moron!

  6. Great show. While I agree with the principals you stated in the “bug out bags for toddlers” question, I think there are practical issues for “get home supplies”. [Some might use BOB as a generic term.] I’ve broken down on the road 5 or 10 miles from the nearest town with toddlers in the car and have some suggestions.
    1 Strollers- some deal with terrain like the shoulder of the road better than others [larger and double wheels in general]
    2 Baby sling. You can make a Mya type sling for about $10. It’s basically about two yards of material [based on wearers size and wearing style] with 2 rings sown in one end. I made one with a pocket on the back for a changing pad and a few diapers and changing supplies. One of my kids loved it, the other would not tolerate it at all. It weighs little, packs small and basically a big piece of cloth that has multiple survival uses such as blanket, shade, signalling or camouflage based on pattern.

    For both of the above go out and take some long walks with your kids and see what works. Great exercise, good times with the kids, and you might get to know some of your neighbors. More of that living the better life.

    3. For the above situation, basic repair supplies to get you back on the road if possible (tire plugs, duct tape, good spare tire, jack.) Supplies to shelter in place if needed, (blankets, water, food?), You might need to go for help while your spouse stays with the kids, or (less likely) you all might need to hoof it for a few miles based on your judgement of the situation.