Episode-2258- Listener Calls for 7-26-18 — 2 Comments

  1. Living in air-cancer Florida in-safe humidity is a constant struggle. I spent years with a Golden Rod and two plug-rechargeable desiccant modules. A few months back I added a small electric dehumidifier found on Amz (need AC in the safe, but so does the Golden Rod). Empty the collection tray every few weeks. Dropped RH from high-50s/low-60s best case to low-40s.

    Also added an indoor/outdoor WiFi temp/humidity monitor. The “outside” unit goes into the safe, and the “inside” unit just outside. Plenty of RF leakage at 2.4 GHz to link the two. Also enabled the WiFi connection to a weather monitoring web site and added email alarms. Now I can check humidity online whenever I want, and get an automatic email if it goes over 55% RH.

    Todd G