Episode-2691- Listener Calls for 7-16-20 — 3 Comments

  1. Jack, I was literally writing you a question to get your thoughts on ‘Walking to Freedom’ from Eastern WA to ID/MT.  We’ve got a decent setup here, but if I’ve learned one thing through all of this Covid crap it’s that the Cascades won’t protect us in Eastern WA from the lunacy of the west side of the State.

    This side of the state ignored Emperor Inslee’s mask mandate, with local law enforcement refusing to enforce anything.  So then he put the burden on businesses, threatening fines if they don’t enforce it for him.  Last week several local businesses were fined, and one auto shop was fined $40k for their employees not wearing masks while doing engine rebuilds.

    And nobody is doing anything.  Will they do anything when he requires the shiny new Covid-19 Vaccine for kids to go to school?

    I ask myself if anything will improve over the next ten years, and there’s nothing I can see that gets any better.  And it’ll be a hell of a lot harder to move in ten years than it is now.  Moving our entire homestead is no small feat, but I don’t see how we have any options.

  2. Hello Jack,

    Western Oregon and Washington state are the nucking futs parts, Eastern Oregon ans Washington are one heck smarter, merely lacking in voting numbers to stop the idiocy of either state’s capitols.

    Not wishing for it, but if either state’s capitol took a nuclear strike, I would not shed a tear, same for the so called “Sanctuary cities”.

    Thanks for all you do.