Episode-1804- Listener Calls for 6-9-16 — 16 Comments

  1. The National Firearms Act of 1934 left standing opened the door for total gun control, like tje Louisiana purchase opened the door for presidential over reach.

  2. Hey Jack great show as always, I wanna thank you for the mower part because of that 8 grand tractor you talked about, I was shopping for bucket loader around my 10 acre homestead but could not justify the huge investment and was not happy what I was finding for used loaders. So going to look into that front end loader you talked about. Do you mind if I rant for a minute, talking about education. I cant get over the ego of these kids coming out of school with there degree and thinking there better then everyone else.. My wifes friends daughter has a masters from one of our Michigan schools and cant find a job, she thinks now that she is better then her mother and most everyone else because of it and will not take a lesser job and back living at home ughh. I also have worked with lots 37 year old engineers that are the same way, I am 50 and worked my ass off for what I have.. The funny thing is I always get compliments on my place, you cant see it from the road and I always thank the person and tell them it work in progress.. I know these kids believe the lie our government and has really brain washed these kids. Maybe there paper plates instead of china plates LOL which is throw away.. I go by #seaberryorchard I use my wifes facebook page Cindy mcfadden Dutcher until I build my soon to be orchard facebook page.. peace out

  3. Jack,
    I do exactly what you do. I wear my weapon all day, every day. At home when I wake up, it goes on. It stays on me at the office. And It stays on me until it’s time to go upstairs. At that point, I simply remove it from the holster, and put it on a shelf that the kids (2 and 5) can’t reach.
    I have a hang-up on putting it in or on my nightstand because my son is at the age where he’ll come into the room and want something at 2am. I’d rather it be out of his reach than 1-second quicker to grab should something happen and I’m forced to grab it.

    As for the female stereotype – I can’t say that you’re wrong.
    I’ve been reading Jack Donovan’s work on masculinity, tribalism, and why men are the way we are. (“The Way of Men” and “A Sky Without Eagles”)
    Males in a society are genetically wired to be the protectors. We are the guardians watching the perimeter. We know what violence is and engage when needed to protect the tribe.
    It’s how our ancestors were, and what our primitive urges want from us. Call it “soul memory” or something else, but it’s in each of us men, regardless of how much we’re bring influenced to be soft, whiny, teacup males.

    Contrary to that, the females in a group are not wired to want to engage in violence. They are the caretakers, the mothers, and the homemakers. (Again, I know. This is 2016, not 1950. But like it or not, it’s just what our genetic programming is – so either embrace it or not – won’t change anything.)
    So it makes sense to me now why my wife was never ever cool with me carrying while at home, or letting my children see me carrying, or knowing that I have guns. Females don’t want anything to do with violence – traditionally, genetically, ancestrally.

    She’s all about it now and even has her CCP and goes shooting with me. But she still doesn’t like my son saying “gun”. But I think that’s more societal pressure form her stupid snowflake friends and facebook liberal bias telling her to be ashamed of her NRA, VCDL, CCP carryin’ husband.

    Check those books out. They’re audiobooks too, so they’re roadtrip worthy. GREAT insight into manhood. Real, primitive, DNA type manhood. Not what hollywood and the media tells you manhood is.

  4. If you think it’s bad with a store on every corner. Just wait until most Americans have a 3-D printer.

    • My son’s Jr. High School has a 3D printer, and my 13 year old has been trained in its use. He made a key chain.

  5. Great show Jack. I agree 100% about the rich. I had a friend like that when I was growing up and going to his house was like going to a museum.

    On another note, the comment about central vacuum made we want to comment. I installed a central vacuum in my last house and I miss it. If you do it yourself, it isn’t very expensive. Besides the convenience, they have a huge advantage if you have allergies. The vacuum system is installed in a garage or basement and exhausted to the outside. This is very good for controlling dust inside. Just a thought for anyone with family members with allergy issues.

  6. I have a little bit of advice to the person asking about the mower. I recently moved from the suburbs to a 5.5 acre lot after years of listening to this show. The front has a 600ft by 250ft area that is mostly open grass, with a dozen huge trees, and a 100ft pond in it. The rest is forested. However, that still means I have 150,000 square feet of grass to cut every week!

    I consider grass cutting a complete waste of time, because if I’m in the mindset to cut grass, I could be doing something else useful to get closer to my goals. So I tried out my brother’s traditional lawn tractor, and then a used 50″ zero turn. One thing that was not mentioned is that the zero turns are SO much faster. I would say 2-3x faster. His lawn tractor maxes out at 4mph. My used zero turn is 9mph, and some can go as much as 13mph! It really feels like you are on a super charged go cart.

    The only downside I have found to the zero turn mower is that it is very hard, to almost impossible, to control with one hand. So I wanted to strap a 15 gallon tank on the back of it and go spray that Garret Juice. I had to control one mower arm with my left elbow, and the other mower arm with my left hand to allow me to spray with right hand. I lost control many times and hilarity ensued.

    Also as a point of reference, it takes me an hour and 40 minutes to cut that grass every week. So if I had a tractor that was 3x slower, I would lose ~3 hours of productive time every week. So I would highly recommend going the zero turn route if you have a ton of grass.

    I would consider looking at the used market. A new one is about $3k, but I picked up a late 1990s Troy Bilt 50″ zero turn with 400 hours on it for $1400. I put about $150 in parts into it for a new battery, oil, fuel, and air filter. But she’s running great now!

  7. That’s fantastic! I don’t have a lot of experience with lawn tractors. If the caller happens to still be watching, I think my main bit of advice would be to not ignore the speed… I would gladly pay another $1k to make mine go another 50% faster. You can always go slower in tight areas, but for big mowing jobs, just get the job done as fast as possible and move onto productive tasks.

    As for why weekly, we are in Michigan and in the Spring. We have a half to one inch of rain every few days, combined with 16 hour days and low to mid 80s, which makes for perfect grass growing weather. I am now onto a two week cycle, where I mow the more visible parts weekly and the other parts every other week. But areas that I let go for a full month are now impassable and impossible to cut using a mower. They are 4′-5′ tall and very thick. I have little kids, so I am definitely concerned about ticks, so I need to keep the areas they play in low.

    I am considering buying a bagger so I can basically make straw/grass mulch. Or possibly in the Fall keep all my leaves, and then next year have dozens of yards of leaves plus grass clippings to maybe make some average compost. I have signed up for every wood chip service and still haven’t got one load… I am desperately in need of mulch at this point.

  8. On the topic of having guns and kids in the same home and also on when to be the hero, I just smiled and smiled while I listened because there were so many points you mentioned that we say all the time.

    We have a 13 year old son who has been firing rifles and pistols since he was 7 years old, but we don’t leave guns out and loaded around the house. It’s locked up unless it’s being carried or cleaned. Any time my son wants a gun-handling lesson, we go over it, and we take him to the range about once every two or three months.

    We talk about the Bullet Fairy in our home. Every gun is always loaded, even if you just checked it, because the Bullet Fairy will sneak up and slide a bullet in as soon as you put the gun down or look away. So we never point the gun at anything we’re not willing to destroy. ‘Cause the Bullet Fairy’s a bitch.

    My husband is pretty much always carrying his sidearm if he’s upright, even, perhaps especially, at home. It comes off in bed, the shower, etc, but otherwise it’s on his hip. When I’m up and he’s in bed, my Glock 43 is on my hip. I take it off when he gets up, because I don’t find it 100% comfortable to be armed while tending the garden or cleaning the tub. We both have carry/conceal permits.

    The all-day carry habit started after we read a newspaper article in which a man was beaten to death holding off a home invader while his wife ran to get the gun. (The wife was able to shoot and kill the attacker, but wasn’t able to save her husband.) This “hold him off while I get the gun” notion had always been our plan for the event of a home invasion, but in reality, it just didn’t work. Much better to have the gun already available. Then no one dies except the bad guy.

    Somewhat off topic, on two separate occasions I’ve been a near-victim of home invasions. Let me tell you why I wasn’t harmed or even robbed. The first time, when my husband was working as a detention officer in a county jail, or perhaps because we had a lot of packages arriving for our impending wedding, three people tried to shoulder their way through the front door of our home ten minutes after my husband left for work. The door didn’t budge thanks to the security locks my husband had put in.

    They had these super long screws that secured long metal plates on the inside of the doorframe and the door itself. The response to their “knock” was the sound of three large breed dogs barking and snapping at the windows. The bad guys ran.

    In another home, in another state, I was in the shower and had, stupidly, left the sliding glass door unlocked because my son was playing outside with some friends. I heard the door open and waited for my son to announce himself. Instead, I once again heard our then only dog making her “I’m going to kill you” noise… then a chair getting turned over as someone scrambled to get out of my house… then the sliding glass door. Guns are great. Dogs get themselves into position.