Episode-2233- Listener Calls for 6-7-18 — 10 Comments

  1. Jack,

    You’re link on the GLOCK 22 was showing $299.99 as of 4:18 MST 7 June 2018.

    • What the actual fuck?  LOL, it absolutely was listed for 100 more this AM.  May be it was an error?

  2. For the gentleman who asked about squash: to defeat borers, look for any squash that is Cucurbita moschata. That is what Butternut is, also Seminole Pumpkin, Tromboncino, Long Island Cheese, Futsu, and many others. All have the solid stem that Jack described. Tromboncino is the only one of those that’s a summer squash (unless you let it mature and get a hard skin). I really liked the flavor but haven’t grown it in a few years because it’s a real space hog and needs a very heavy trellis. Common summer squashes and pumpkins are C. pepo or C. maxima. Those species have soft, hollow stems. The seed catalog should usually list the species name but you can look it up on line if you have just a common name. It is worth checking the species name and picking C. moschata if you are in an area with lots of vine borers.

    You can try checking the stems if you are growing the other kind: if the vines look a little wilty and you see some sawdust-like stuff, that’s frass (caterpillar poop). Slit the stem very gently and try to find the grub and get it out. Then bury the stem in the soil; it might form roots to help in recovery. That works maybe half the time at most, but you might be able to salvage some plants that are growing now.

  3. On your segment on tariffs. Tariffs usually harm individuals more than anything else, countries governments don’t notice their impact that much, but consumers sure do. You being from the states won’t notice too much of a price increase, maybe a couple cents here and there. But up here in Canada it seems soon as both sides start threatening prices go up. All tariffs are is another act of aggression against the individual and all our government does up here is make it worse by retaliating. I love your show and thanks for all you do.


    • Dallas, what you are ignoring in all this is from our view, the reality is YOUR GOVERNMENT already tariffs the shit out of imports and we assess almost zero on them. When Trump says NAFTA is a shitty deal this is one part he is talking about. Free trade goes two ways, in any event until you guys get rid of Trudeau and his ilk, I do consider Canada to be moving from ally to threat nation over time, and I feel the same way about the majority of the E.U. by the way.

      Trudeau seems to make Obama look like fricken Reagan! When you guys start jailing people for what they say, and you have, well, the potential for Canada to become a threat to U.S. interests has been realized. Not that Canada is, but I now see the potential.

      I think on the original point, Trump is making a clear and fair point. You don’t want us to heavily tax your exports, stop taxing the shit out of ours. It is amazing that people think it is wrong for the US to impose a tariff but they don’t seem to think others responding to it is wrong. In the end that is what we are doing, and for all his faults that is because we finally have a POTUS with the balls to respond to this imbalance that has existed since about WWII.

      • I completely agree with you, I hope Trudum (miss spelling intended) hits the road in 2018. It would be nice if our government would drop tariffs on American goods as that’s where pretty much everything up here is made or comes from. I have practiced some agorism while cross border shopping by getting receipts changed a little so I could get tree seeds and other stuff across the border and home. It would be nice to have actual free trade between our countries, but we’ll never have that with SJW morons like Trudeau in power.

  4. The absolute best weedeater out there is made by Shindaiwa. Check out their line replacement ratcheting system.

  5. On weedeaters, it’s worth looking at a battery powered one especially for a homeowner especially if they already have tools that take the same battery.  I have an Oregon.  (Shares batteries with my pole saw)  Around the yard it is pretty happy for 30 minutes to an hour.  I like it because it’s low vibration and quiet.  Not to mention no pull starting.  It will get tangled in fescue stems if it has gone to seed, but I imagine that is not a concern for most homeowners.  LOL

    I’ve also used sheep to keep things trimmed up around farm equipment.  Worked good, but I did not have the time to learn sheep care then and sold them.  Will probably try this again in the future though.

  6. For weedeaters you really need to think about what you will be using it for.  If it is the trimming grass every week around the lawn that you mow, I love my ego battery operated weedeater.  Starts every time, don’t have to deal with gas and so on.

    However, it does not have the power to take down the tall grass and weeds, so I’ve also got a gas powered one that I paid several hundred dollars for.  I’m pretty handy with small gas engines but I’ve had to take it into the shop a couple of time because it wouldn’t start or stay running.  However, it will take down anything that won’t grow into a tree.  So for the ditch and creek banks that get done a few times a year, it is great.