Episode-1814- Listener Calls for 6-23-16 — 18 Comments

  1. In some 401K plans (such as the one I’m in) you have to first open a self-managed brokerage account, and then you’ll have access to a money market or other investments not available otherwise. All the money in this brokerage account is still within the 401k vehicle. I believe that you can also shelter more money per year in a 401k than a traditional IRA, and the income limits for being able to contribute are higher for the 401k. I know that’s true in my case.

  2. In Europe what we call a Truck is usually 40 or 50 feet long, weighs about 15 or 20 tons and has 300 or 400 horse power. Something like a Dodge 150, Ford Ranger, Toyota Hylux we call a ‘Jeep’ regardless of who manufactured as Jeeps were the and still have an iconic status over here. Great show, very useful ideas, especially introducing me to comfrey for treating injuries, keep up the good work.

  3. About 32 Remington – Jack, your googlefoo must be weak today. There are several boxes of ammunition for sale on The problem is that they are all > $70/box of 20. Mostly they were older boxes but there was one for sale from Colorado Custom Cartridge. It looks like CCC is in the business of loading obsolete cartridges including 32 Remington.

  4. The factory distributor for my 1985 suburban is set up for 87 octane. And you haft to do a lot to a motor for it to perform and or get better gas mileage and its not really worth it due to cost vs having to buy a lot of gas to get your money back. I had to install a lot of after market parts and i mean a lot because where i live at the auto part stores dont carry a lot of factory stock parts anymore and i only have one vehicle. However they do carry a lot of Accel – Mallory etc so yes everything from my timing chain plugs plug wires the complete distributor and headers etc have been replaced and even with all of that once i go past 89-90 octane my gas millage does not increase i know i tried it with 91 octane and only got 54 extra miles in between a fill up but at a cost of a extra $15.

  5. In regards to bug bite relief i make a salve with jewelweed that i collect in my back yard along the Potomac river. Originally i made it for stringing nettle relief it works great for that. But my wife thought i was going hippie crazy when i was making a mess in her kitchen. Untill she got ate up by bugs and i gave her my salve. In a few moments the swelling and itching went away. Now she doesn’t leave home without it. Look up and identify jewelweed and if its near you use it it works great by itself rubbed right on the skin.

    • ^^^ This^^^
      Jewelweed salve. Often grows with poison ivy along low wet areas and is used to treat said ivy exposure BEFORE skin eruption. We swear by it.

  6. I enjoyed the short segment on pickup trucks and formally request you do an entire show on considerations for purchasing trucks and the whole shebang cradle to grave.

    Can I get a second?

  7. There is not to many country songs I haven’t heard Jack but that one was good. I didn’t look it up but sounds like Hank Williams Jr sang in that song as well as the main artist. I will enjoy it thanks. Brent

    • I think you are thinking of Long Haired Country Boy by Charlie Daniels or perhaps A Country Boy Can Survive by Hank Jr.

      I believe Lewis not only performed but wrote this song about his own life.

    • I think the voice you are hearing in the one part of the song is that of George Jones. He does the voice-over part of the record producer.

      • Yes George Jones, Charlie Daniels and Chris Young are all featured in this version. There are three versions, this one, one with just Aaron alone, and a safe for radio version.

  8. In regards to Fluoride, we have been making and getting our friends to try an alternative to toothpaste called Tooth Powder in which the main ingredient is activated charcoal. You can check it out here: