Episode-1154- Listener Calls for 6-21-13 — 41 Comments

  1. A good book that will give you a base of knowledge to start from is: Hunt Gather Grow Eat, by Jason Akers.

    If you want specific advice on how to catch a certain species hit me up on the forum. I’m not an expert on much, but catching catfish is a skill I have mastered in many different states and I do fairly well fishing for other species too. HTH,


  2. @Joe, I think Jack had Jason on the show talking about this book, could be wrong though

  3. I appreciate the statements about accepting incremental progress. Saying I won’t take a step towards liberty.. I’ll just stand here pouting and fuming until I’m teleported there is a bit silly.

    Kind of like..
    – I won’t store any food until I can store 2 years worth of food
    – I won’t store any water until I can get a 10,000 gallon tank
    – I won’t do any gardening until I can permaculture my entire ten acres
    – I won’t plant a tree unless its fully grown
    – I won’t save for retirement until I get (at one time) the $1M I need


    • You only need $1 million for retirement? 😉

      Agreed – the “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” yelling at incremental progress is actually counterproductive.

  4. How in the heck can Texas NOT have legal open carry, but WA state – the setting for 299 Days does have open carry?

    It was taught to me that open carry was legally necessary exactly for those cases where the wind blew back your coat, exposing your CCW.

    • Believe it or not it goes back to the frontier days and guys doing the old west draw bullshit. So many idiots were blowing the shit out of each other, Texas came up with a rule on side arms, carrying but conceal em.

      It is a by gone rule for a by gone era that is now being held back for totally different reasons. Keep in mind that until GOVERNOR Bush who I liked a LOT better then President Bush showed up even CC was illegal in Texas.

      I am pretty convinced Bush Jr. had a lobotomy or something before becoming president. That guy is NOT THE GUY that ran my state for like 10 years.

      This was made by a progressive with an axe to grind but the point is made none the less,

      That is the guy that we knew here before he went there!

  5. On lumber for chicken coops, I would encourage anyone to find a local sawmill that sells rough cut lumber, many times it is cheaper than the big box stores and all of your money stays in the local economy.

  6. Two things regarding garden frustration:

    1) Last year was my first “real” garden. It was the first time I put anything in the ground. I’d grown things in pots successfully but I’d never done a garden. Anyway, I spent a decent bit of money on plants, and we put SO much work in that garden. (We had to carry water to it.) We had a historic drought (less than an inch of rain over 3 months), so the garden flopped BIG time! I wasn’t disappointed though. I got to harvest a few jalapenos, one bell pepper, and a few tiny romas, and I just considered it schooling.

    2) For those of us who’re gardening novices, I LOVE this site:

    You put in whether you’re doing a spring or fall garden, your average last spring frost, your average first fall frost, and a planning date. Then it gives you a table that tells you what to plant when. It has rows for “Sow indoors”, “Sow outdoors”, “Harden off”, and “Transplant”. Then the columns go something like “new this week”, “ongoing”, and “last chance”.

    I just went and found the average frost dates for my zip code on the Internet, I plugged them into the site, and away I went. It’s a great first start.

  7. Jack. Your mini-rant about the “teacup chickens” literally made me laugh out loud! Loved it.

  8. Total light bulb moment from today show:

    “We have six primary survival needs: Food, water, shelter, energy, security and health / sanitation… How does the average person in society meet those needs right now? The answer is they purchase them ala cart, as needed; weekly groceries, monthly electrical bill, taxes pay for security, if you’re sick you go to the hospital… We buy what we need as we need it… The very reason that people are in jeopardy in any disaster, from the most mundane to the craziest thing you can think of, is because they are purchasing and acquiring the things they need for survivability ala carte on a daily basis rather than investing in systems that will provide them for them.”

    A lot of this stuff I’m already doing and thinking through, but suddenly giving it a concise meaning! So well put!

    • I really appreciated this too..

      The thing that popped into my mind was to use it as a checklist to evaluate the homestead or potential homestead.

      As in.. does this property meet, or can it meet my food needs? My water needs? My need for security? Does it support my health? Can it be made to produce all of my energy needs? etc.

      I can even see doing this at the level of the primary structure and taking it all the way up to the regional level. Does your home support your food needs? (at the house level) Your property? Your city? Your county? Your region?

      With security it would be the same, but you’d apply it to the PEOPLE in your region, not the ‘government’. Does your family have your back? How about your immediate neighbors? Your town? Your sheriff (the person more than the office)?

      As usual, you of course want to get your own house squared away and then spread your influence out.. but the thought process might uncover a long term problem that needs to be addressed.

      (no local food production, lack of water, serious security issues due to large numbers of people ‘on the dole’, etc.)

  9. One other point, for the caller from Australia, who asked ‘when you say canning do you mean jars?’.

    As I understand it, a ‘can’ as we know it today is called a can, because the food company does ‘canning’ with it. in other words, people have been canning for a LONG time, the most common ‘home canning’ of recent years being still done in jars. When food companies came along and they started processing food, they created a metal container that they could can with and over time that metal container became called a can. So canning is the process (basically independent of what you’re using as a container), not the container itself.

    Again, that’s my understanding, and a quick googling (why do they call it googling if you used Bing?? 🙂 ) of the question seems to support that understanding, but if anybody else has a different understanding of it I’d love to hear it!


  10. I loved the analogy of teacup chickens. I find a lot of this with beekeepers. People have TEACUP BEES that can’t take care of themselves.

    I have found that if you leave them alone they do a lot better than if you are in there all the time. I will be stealing this idea for a future blog post. Don’t worry I will give you credit Jack. Thanks for the common sense answers on the show.


  11. Speaking of gardening successes and failures, (this one starting off successfully) I just met Rory Beck up here in Prince Edward Island. He is friends with a neighbor of mine. He and is brother have a “Food forest” on 204 acres up here. He said his brother Darcy met Jack at the Sepp Holzer seminar in Montana. Man what a small world.

    Here is the FB link:

  12. I agree with a lot of the open carry options you mention.I would agree that firearms education for all would be good.People need to know some but not all laws i say this because i know that if some people seen you walking into the woods with a 44mag on your side they would say oh thats a person going hunting however the same person see,s you walking down main street they call 911 a scream man with a gun.

  13. Jack good info on the PT-1911. I have been looking at them. There is a good commercial out there with Jesse Duff shooting it.
    Also I loved the teacup chicken rant as well!

  14. Also about the shotgun vs kel-tec pistol . Between those two I would choose a shotgun. However one of the reasons to choose a rifle is for the greater fps and fpe. Getting a rifle in a pistol cartridge defeats that reasoning. That said there is prolly no right answer just personal preference…

    • Well again all in context. You want more firepower in a breakdown but we acknowledge said breakdown would likely be partial not full. So if you have a shotgun but it is ceased you have nothing. Additionally the display of said gun might get you relieved of other weapons. Hence for the application referenced the advice I gave is sound.

      Now if you just want more firepower period, yep the shotgun wins hands down every single time.

      Lastly this sentence is patently false, sorry man but it is,

      “However one of the reasons to choose a rifle is for the greater fps and fpe. Getting a rifle in a pistol cartridge defeats that reasoning.”

      How inaccurate is this? Take a Kel-Tec Sub 2000 with standard 40 S&W ammo and do you know what you get? Identical performance to a 10MM.

      Put a 357 Magnum though a carbine barrel and you get equivalent performance to a 357 maximum.

      Take a 44 magnum in a standard revolver you get about 14-1500 fps put it in a 16 inch carbine and you boost it to over 2100. That increase alone is a kinetic energy increase from about 11-1200 ft pounds up to over 2300 ft pounds.

      The belief that putting a round into a longer barrel doesn’t drastically increase performance is simply incorrect.

      Consider that the performance numbers above all three, constitute a BIGGER increase in performance (based on percentages) in the SAME round just by adding barrel length then you get from going from say a hot 30-06 to a 300 magnum. Run the numbers they tell the truth. You want to see no need for a 7MM Magnum? Run the numbers of what happens when you take a 270 out of that 22 inch barrel and put it though a 26 inch tube like most mags come with, you will wonder why many of the magnums even exist if you do.

      Lastly what you got right Matt was this statement, “However one of the reasons to choose a rifle”

      Yep one, the velocity and energy are but one reason. Others include greater control, greater accuracy, better follow up, etc.

      See I don’t think there is no right answer, when fully informed the answer is always it depends. You want something on your property, in the wilderness, etc. Yea the shotgun performs better but if you have to walk along a highway to “get home”, that shot gun will likely be taken by authorities the fist day a response begins.

      Oh the belief that there will be no response is kind of like the belief that a longer barrel doesn’t significantly increase performance, you can believe it all you wish, it won’t change the math.

  15. Oh I agree on barrel length. The standard barrel length used to be 24″, 26″ for magnums. The gun makers shortened our barrels down to 22″ and 24″” to cut costs.

    A good discussion anyways.

    • Is that why on most ballistic charts they have FPS matched up to a 24 in barrel?

  16. Killing fire ants: simple, safe and cheap. Cream of Wheat sprinkled on and around the mound will kill the entire mound. This is much safer than packing boiling water around the homestead.

  17. Is it possible to save these older fishing podcasts and convert them to apple format so I can listen on my Ipod. Reason I ask is that each time I click download the Quick time player does not give me the option to save, it only allows me to play. I do not know if I need a different media player or if these older podcasts can only be accessed from the TSP site. The reason I ask about using the Ipod is because I usually listen on my commute to work. Thanks for the help and Jack keep up the good work.

    • Well there is no apple format, all podcasts are MP3 which works just fine on an iPod, the thing you need to do is right click and save as.

      • Right click. Thanks
        Any grief I receive for not knowing to do that is well deserved.

  18. The book mentioned in the firearms question – was it “Getting Home” by Alex Smith? Anyone have any thoughts on that book or anything similar that’s better?

    • Ill try it but only to bust the myth, again I smell urban legend. Besides you can kill a million ants and unless you get the queen she will crap out replacements as fast as they die.

    • Okay I researched this, those that say it worked put it on a bed all season over and over and the bed didn’t come back next season, I am sorry that isn’t “working” that is ants moving. Ants do not eat the way a dog or a cat does they don’t just shove food down, it is cut up, macerated and combined with fluids before consumption.

  19. I was visiting my daughter last spring and we walked to the park with her little ones. She is in an open carry state and was carrying. Her girls where having a great time. My daughter got cold so I wrapped the blanket we were carrying around her.

    The park was not on school grounds, but close to a school. They had an early release date (we wouldn’t know as she home schools her daughters), and many kids walked through the park on their way home.

    Soon a police car pulls up. A few minutes later there were 4 more patrol cars in the parking lot. The first officer made a circle around the park talking to some of the kids who pointed in our direction. He came over to ask if my daughter was carrying something on her hip. Yes. Next they asked if she had a concealed carry permit, she did and they looked it up.

    I never thought about she was now carrying concealed with the blanket over her shoulders. Luckily she had the concealed carry permit. You didn’t need one for open carry, but I can see the wisdom in being able to do both legally, with whatever permits etc are needed.

    Otherwise she’d have been in trouble because her gun was now somewhat concealed. The officer said they had many calls, that she was within her right, that he could understand her desire to protect her little ones. But that they can many concerned calls, and that although she was within her right to carry, it would be best to conceal carry at the park as people get paranoid, less trouble for them.

    It seems to me they should have told the parents who called open carry was permitted. Many have no idea.

    Her husband was disappointed, he was open carrying the next day at another park and when they picked me up at the airport. Open carry is allowed until you go through security. Nobody said a thing. No big deal. Now the movie theater which had a large sign no guns allowed, would not let him carry. He should know and respect the owners right to make such decisions. Same time he had the right to not watch their movies.

    The lesson I learned was if you open carry you should also have concealed carry permit.

  20. concerning carry and your response jack, arizona would fit the bill.

    AZ has constitutional carry, so no permit is needed for either open or concealed carry. furthermore it is written into state law that no municipality may override that law and prohibit carry, so basically the only places you can’t carry AT ALL are federal buildings and schools.

    private businesses can still restrict the right to carry if they want and there are certain rules regarding establishments that serve alcohol.

    no open carry permit is required/available but you can get a CCW. i got mine for travel and purchases. also with a CCW you can carry into an establishment that serves alcohol if you don’t consume and it has to be concealed.

    this gives us here in AZ a tremendous amount of flexibility for how we carry. i can go from one to the other depending on where i’m going or who i’ll be around and really have no fear of having to leave my weapon in my car.

    • Nevada is virtually the same – statewide open cary, local jurisdictions (allegedly – mostly) cannot interfere, however they can require registration (pending lawsuit) – but only assbag places like Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City try that shit – no prepper with more than a couple brain cells wants to live there anyway.

    • In fact it’s funny to hear Jack talk about concealing in the car when we are quite the opposite – we are everyone open carries, need a permit to conceal. So, when we’re driving down the road, we don’t want to hide our firearms in the car, we want to make sure a LEO can see them! Diff’rent strokes….

  21. Your comments at the end were awesome. And great show.

    Obviously I’m behind a bid – working out a lot mostly swimming, because in NV in the summer, even up here in the north, it’s hot to do much else – can’t listen to you in the pool.

    My company does a smart libertarian thing I think – they offer a discount on health insurance if you meat healthy stats, like BP, BMI, smoking, etc. and if you don’t meet them, work with a coach & get a chance to meet them. Only thing on my list is BMI, so I’m working on it. How about that, huh? Free market employer offering incentives, no DC strong arm… who said it couldn’t be done?

    Now let’s hope I make it. I’ve been swimming my ass off, literally.