Episode-1799- Listener Calls for 6-2-16 — 25 Comments

  1. I have only anecdata;

    I have had lilies at the past 2 apartments I’ve lived in. I’ve had cats at each one. Lilies planted as single showy plants. Lilies planted in clumps. Lilies planted in rows.

    In my current neighborhood lilies line the side of my house. We have 10-15 cats who roam the neighborhood. I have not heard of one incident where a cat has been suspected of having been poisoned by lilies. Yes they all are/have been hemerocallis genus.

  2. To the caller inquiring about insurance. I just bought $1mil general liability insurance for the grow space I am using for my Microgreens business and it was only $400/yr.

  3. I forage orange naturalized day lillies and quite like them. I use them kind of like a filler veggie to stretch the meals I prepare with them. Buds get stir fried with other veggies, flowers are fried (tempura style) into fritters. I freeze surplus buds, though I find fresh to taste better. I also dehydrate the flowers to use as a soup thickener (almost like corn starch) and also as a tea. They are super easy to grow, but are very abundant in my area of PA. A few hours spent harvesting can yield a year’s worth of lillies for the pantry and freezer. Great show Jack!

  4. The big issue that the Convention of the states is pushing for is an amendment to limit terms on Congress and the Senate…The last I heard they had 30 states on board and it’s being spearheaded by Texas

      • I don’t support it, I’m afraid they will take away freedoms…Just saying that’s what they are pushing for, I know a lot of people who are supporting it but I can’t get behind it

  5. I’m more interested in knowing which states have the best situations for preppers and life quality. Thanks.

    • I’ve been looking at this more. Love my home state (sports, family, hunting, etc) but way too liberal in government, and I’m not the biggest fan of winter…

  6. Also, the Constitution is currently being amended illegally almost daily. The Article V convention is a high bar, as is the passing of any amendments to come out of it. If not, our current corrupt congress would send amendments to the States to pass to do all the tyrannical things opponents of the COS fear. Only other option I see is Secession or violent revolution.

    • Well you might want to prep for the other options because a convention at this point will do no good. You people just can’t accept the reality that the majority of the people in this nation have made their choice. It isn’t a choice for anything approaching liberty.

      You all blather on about term limits with NO CONCEPTION of the party dues system. As though a new clown won’t be installed just like the old one.

      Okay I am going to make this simple, a democracy any form of it, including a representative democracy in the form of a republic will become a tyranny unless the people are informed, educated and engaged.

      Well once you are actually informed and educated you see that you are the vast MINORITY in this nation and you are too smart and value your time too much to be engaged politically.

      Hence now the most politically engaged people are the least educated and least informed and simply angling for their version of oppression. Here are your voters that will be represented in a convention.

      And I give you the largest likely voting block in the next ten years,

      You think you are going to get a balanced budget amendment in this nation right now? You think we will see a limit on the ability of the president to bomb nations without congressional approval? You think we are going to see term limits?

      If the majority thought that way you would not have had two Bushes, a Clinton and an Obama as president for the last 27 years. We have an entire block of entitled voters that have not even been alive that long. And we would not be faced with a choice between Clinton and Trump for the next 4-8.

      The work now is outside of and parallel to this system that is hell bent on failure. There is no reforming of this system there is only the opportunity to render it irrelevant at every conceivable opportunity.

      Everything that looks like a system reform will be but a concession by the system of its inevitable failure in an attempt to forestall the same for as long as possible.

  7. I have a much simpler take on the whole Article V debate. At worst, the people Jack pointed out would write the new constitution. You have to understand that once the convention is convened, there are no limits. It is NOT an amendment process. I will not go into this but for those interested see:
    This was written by one of the foremost authorities on the Constitution and on the Federalist Papers.

    At best, the balanced budget amendment and term limits would be put in. What makes you think that the Government will follow it? If Fed were following the laws imposed on it by the The Constitution we would not even be having this conversation. It makes about as much sense as passing more gun laws to stop criminals from illegally buying and using guns.

  8. Regarding cats and day lilies, I can only speak to my personal experience and observations, which is two outdoor cats that we had growing up (one just passed this year at 17, the other passed a couple years ago at 14) and they spent literally all spring/summer/fall long playing, running, sleeping, jumping, rolling, digging, etc, etc in a huge patch of day lilies we had along a stone wall in the yard. I’d have to think that if a bit of pollen licked off their fur was really that toxic, they never would have lasted to almost 15 and 20 years of age. They were never sick either to my knowledge, with the exception of the 17 year old over the past 6 months before she let go.

  9. We might be a democracy now, but before the 17th amendment when States appointed Senators we were a true Republic.

    • That is total nonsense. A republic is a form of government, it is quite simple that one can be a republic and a democracy and we always have been.

      States appointed senators but people elected state senators and reps and that was a requirement that every state run democratic elections for both. Moving the representative part of the democracy one off, doesn’t change that.

      Anyone that thinks that just being a republic guarantees anything doesn’t know what a republic is. For instance an oligarchy is a form of a republic. The USSR was a republic.

  10. I can see how credit cards are like guns in that only the mature ought to handle them

    • I do see how it’s similar, too. Both are tools. Both are dangerous if used incorrectly or by the irresponsible. One can cause death, the other can destroy your life. I thought the analogy was ok and I do agree that a lot of folks leave several freebies on the table. Then again, those freebies are there to attract people with bad habits so the credit card companies can make more money…
      Bottom line is, if you can handle your finances responsibly you can get a lot from those deals. If you can’t, it’s not worth the risk.

      • You want the simple version. The time to use credit cards is when you absolutely do not need them at all financially. When you are paying all your bills and saying 15-20% of monthly income like clock work and on a solid budge, sure go nuts. Until then, don’t do it.

  11. Constitutional Convention – While I agree with the concept, I don’t trust the people that would end up getting sent, or the people who decide who gets sent. I honestly don’t know how that is done at this point in time, I probably did once though.

    I think we would end up on the short end of the stick there. Maybe I’m too cynical when it comes to our “leadership” and what their actual interests are.

    Credit Cards – I got into a lot of credit card debt very similar to what Jack described. Consumables, nothing to show for that debt. Only after a few years of paying them off, rebuilding my credit which was a shambles. So, yes and no. Yes, it is a personal responsibility thing, but at the same time the companies aren’t exactly completely level on their marketing.

  12. About the insurance, I have a horse and carriage business in Central Oregon and carry a one-million-dollar liability and one-million-dollar property damage for about $1,500 per year. I work at several Resorts and the State Fairgrounds and they each require me to add them as an additional insured. It cost me $50 to add them to my insurance. What an additional insured means is that if there is an incident my insurance will cover them also.

  13. Thanks for mentioning the Lily’s, ikd if they are toxic or not, but we are watching my sister-in-laws two cats and just picked Day Lily’s yesterday. My brother-in-law is a figher pilot and was personally mentored by the Blue Angels pilot that died in the accident this week, so the last thing they need is to lose their cat(s) to flowers. thanks

  14. Timely as always. My youngest graduated last night and they gave each kid a white lily. Friend if my wife’s cat ate some and they are in the emergency vet clinic now.

  15. I listened to Thursday’s episode on Saturday. Had i listened on Friday I would have warned some of the 300 families about it.