Episode-2449- Listener Calls for 5-30-19 — 2 Comments

  1. Re: Investing Advice

    Just speaking from my own experience with myself and others, but perhaps what the caller is experiencing is belief-based thinking in conjunction with the dissonance between the financial reality THAT IS and the one that eventually WILL BE. What works for one may not for the other, so it makes sense to question the relevance of the current financial reality. And yet operating in the present using the framework of the probable future financial reality(s) is quite likely to bite one in the ass as well. Those who sold the farm to buy gold in 2010-2011 would agree.

    I came to my conclusion a while ago that it’s important to have one foot in both realities, operating by the framework of the current financial system now but always having an eye out to shift to the coming changes. It’s not always easy, and for those accustomed to black-and-white and/or belief-based thinking I can only imagine how difficult it is. But easy or not, the best path to success seems to be embracing adaptability and not being rigid in one’s thinking. Especially since we are only guessing at probable outcomes. Personally I think it makes a lot of sense to have significant liquidity to be able to move quickly, and cash and stocks ARE quite liquid…


  2. Nick: That’s one of the best ways to approach anything I think; one foot in how things are currently operating, and another in the future given those current procedures extrapolated outward. I argue add another: Another foot and mindset in critically forming a system that outdoes both; either for you personally or even for your community given that adaptability your spoke of.

    I have a wonderful gyno specifically because I have no qualms with firing a doctor (my former gyno); no one knows more about your body than you. Doctors are professionals and generally more knowledgeable than you, yes. But they advise you on how best to manage and treat your body, and if they don’t listen to you or care about your care, time to get another! Part of that includes each person being knowledgeable and responsible about their body like Jack mentioned.


    Nice show.