Episode-1354- Listener Calls for 5-27-14 — 45 Comments

  1. Jack-

    I am glad you played my message on the air. It’s good for folks to learn how not to be a victim. I just happen to be in San Antonio at a GM Summit at the time so my boss thought I lied and really went to the Philippines.

    I actually got money from a friend of the community in my pay pal account. I called him and explained it was a scam and refunded his money.

    If you are using a free email service please run it through outlook or keep copies on your hard drive. Don’t make the mistake I did. I lost two years worth of emails. Tons of data all gone. Another good prep is hardening your presence on the internet.

    The TSP community seriously rocks. You guys are awesome.

    • I’m glad the community was so helpful for you! One thing you might want to check – some email (like Gmail) has a backup email you set up. So if you want to reset the password, it’d send an email to the backup. I’d both check to see if they changed it to a different email, and change the password to whatever email was the backup. And thank you, I’m going to get offline copies of my emails right now.

  2. I had it happen to me a few and I almost fell for it, I had applied for a job with Shell Oil and a month later I got an Email saying they were giving me the job, I was very happy and returned his email, he offered me a job in Africa and I thought hell even better think of the pay!
    When he emailed me back I figured it out cause he was offering me a job there was no way I was qualified for, 25K a month, company car, house and food paid for with a maid!
    It even had a Shell oil website that looked so freaking real! but had a .af web address so before I emailed him back I called Shell’s main office and they told me it was a scam, they said don’t answer him back, the next email he’ll be asking you to pay your airfare up front LOL!

  3. I liked Revolution because it was Science Fiction, but you’re right, they left out tons of stuff like all the nuclear power plants melting down and how the fall out alone would destroy the country and in 10 years who ever was left would be sick as hell, but as a Sci-Fi it was better than most.
    Nothing is better than the BBC stuff and all of them are free on YouTube and I loved them all Edwardian Farm, Victorian Farm, The Kitchen Garden, Wartime Farm all of the rock!
    The Colony wasn’t bad either but if the end of the world comes and you wind up with 3 engineers a Doctor and Nurse count your blessings, that’s why the second season was better

  4. Jack, I watched Wartime farm as well. Could you comment here or on the next show about your thoughts on how the government of the day effectively managed agriculture during wartime. It was quite a rigid system of quotas and land management in order to reach a goal. It seems like this is one example of effective government in times of crisis?. I am biting at the bit here awaiting your response 😉

  5. I thought Alaskan Bush People had Promise, till it started snowing on them and they didn’t have their house built yet and they hadn’t been hunting, building up supplies or chopping fire wood and it was already 20 below!
    As David Allen Coe Said we spent the summer time chopping up wood for the winter LOL and he lived in your area back in the 40’s with no Electricity!

  6. Thanks for talking about Charlie on the podcast, Jack. He was my mentor, briefly, because I was a kid trying to straighten out my life and even one said that Charlie was the man to help me do that.

    The most important lesson I learned from him was that I deserve some praise and that’s fine, but should not accept more praise than I know I deserve. We praised Charlie too much and he liked it. He liked it a lot, but I think he knew he didn’t deserve that much praise. I think that is why he blew his brains out.

    I also realized that I was giving him too much responsibility for my life without evaluating whether what he was telling made sense for my situation. I was like a man who had taken his car to his mechanic and shouted, “Could you just fix this? I don’t want to be bothered with it. Just fix it!” I had handed my life over to Charlie so that he could fix it, and he could barely fix his own life.

    And that brings up another point. I learned that I should not compare my insides to another person’s outsides. Even when everyone said that Charlie was great, and he certainly looked great to me, in the end Charlie thought he wasn’t great. That is not entirely true, BTW. He was very good. He simply wasn’t Tony Robbins. It was wrong of me to burden Charlie in that way.

    So… nowadays I go to experts and ask their opinion but I remember that they are only my advisers. Ultimately I am the one who will have to live (or die) with these decisions. Even when I refuse to decide… not deciding is my decision too.

    I think of Charlie every couple of weeks and I speak of him every couple of months for over thirty years now.

    I hope that wasn’t too maudlin.


  7. RE: Founders and the high demand for those seats, perhaps there can be a secondary market for those seats. Of course the PDC is the PDC, and that certificate and knowledge can’t be transferred, but if the “Founder” status can be separated, people could trade their Founders position for the right price..

    Just a thought.

    • LOL when he said their might be a few extra I was thinking the same thing, but I haven’t checked Ebay yet LOL

      • I was actually wondering if some enterprising person bought two just to sell the extra one for $600 to get theirs for free, but, like Jack my mind thinks in profit at times LOL!
        Then I thought he prolly wouldn’t let them do it but it did cross my mind LOL

    • I’d trade an MT Knives 2nd edition and some $$$ to a founder who finds themselves with two ‘stakes’. By the time I go to a connection on Friday afternoon it was all over 🙁

  8. There are a few American shows that are good examples of non-modern life.

    The “House” Series

    Colonial (also Pioneer) House
    Texas Ranch House
    Frontier House

    Non-America “House” shows

    1900 House
    1940s House (still trying to track this down if anyone knows how to get it)
    Coal House
    Coal House at War

    Other Shows

    “The Colony” is pretty good, season 1 has overly talented people, but they show lots of good techniques. Season 2 is probably a better example of what the idiots would do, but it can be frustrating to watch

    “Out of the Wild” is a wilderness survival show, but also very good.

    • I loved the “Out Of The Wild” shows too, but to me it showed too many people had been watching YouTube videos or reading survival books in which people say you can go 3 weeks without food, yes you can, but, you’re going to be very unhappy!
      It always appeared to me me no one watched the season prior, because in every season they almost starved to death, someone should have non-stop been search, hunting or fishing for food!

  9. When I was a kid we had this low marshy area full of nut grass and I wanted to add it to my garden area. I sunk trenches and filled with logs, leaves and wood chips. I planted all kinds of stuff experimentally but blueberries, strawberries, mint and garlic evolved into the main crop. That became my favorite part of the garden. Later I found out about chinampas and hugelkultur. I always thought it would be cool to have a little marsh farm on that kind of model with ducks grazing through it on rotation.

  10. Hey, just wanted to give a big +1 for that callout to LEOs on their take of how to properly handle a threatening and abusive situation when an officer is truly overstepping his bounds and immedietly harming you. Any time I’ve gone through that scenario in my mind, it doesn’t end well no matter how I play it.

  11. Jack, good to hear the question about alternate AR calibers.
    300 BLK is made from 5.56/.223 cases and .308 projectiles.
    I would bet you have cases, primers, bullets and powder enough to reload for blackout right now.
    Maybe a show on silencers would be a good idea in the future?

    • 300 Blackout is really a slightly evolved and rebranded 300 Whisper, a very versatile alternate caliber for the AR platform that does not have a lot of the problems that other calibers do (such as horrible magazine problems like the 7.62×39)

      • All,

        300 AAC Blackout is in fact the same as .300 Whisper, in that both are loaded with similar powder loads, similar pressures, and similar projectiles, and that both have the same parent case, the .223 Remington. The difference is that the 300 AAC Blackout has a specification with SAAMI (Small Arms Ammunition Manufacturers Institute), who certify peak pressures. Rounds loaded to the SAAMI spec are arguably more consistent and safer. There are .300 Whisper loads with very high pressures, so be careful if you are loading them yourself.

  12. Jack,
    I have to agree with you on being honest and police with police officers. I have gotten out of 3 tickets by being polite and honest with police officers.

    • Agree. I once dodged a ticket by giving a completely honest answer after rolling a stop sign (where you could see both ways for BLOCKS). The cop asked me why I didn’t stop and I told him “Because I didn’t see your cruiser lurking behind that shrubbery.” He stifled a laugh and gave me a warning.

  13. Jack,
    You requested that your LEOs comment on what to do if you think you are being unlawfully detained. I’m a Michigan LEO, and what I can say is that in Michigan the courts have determined that a person can resist an unlawful arrest.

    You can quash the R/O charge if the arrest is determined unlawful in Michigan, however if the arrest is determined to be lawful, you could still be charged so it is a slippery slope and you would really need to be sure of yourself before attempting.

    The state laws are quite a bit different in each state so that may not be the case anywhere else. Figure out your state laws on the subject.

    Findings subsequent to an invalid traffic stop or search can be rendered invalid as well. “Fruit of the poisonous tree”.

    You suggested that you would comply with an arrest and then fight it afterwards, which is the route I would pursue as well. If you get a ticket for something unlawfully, fight it in court. It is much easier and safer to hammer them in court than on the road. If you feel a detention is illegal and threatens your safety at the time of the stop, I would calmly articulate your concerns and ask for an explanation in a non-argumentitve way as to what is happening and why. If you know what the officer is saying doesn’t match up with the law, asking for a superior or the sheriff to assist with the stop would be an option as well (might not always be one on duty) . Escalating the situation verbally almost never goes well and I would avoid it.

    Be prepared to articulate your concerns, what happened, and what was said to your defense attorney and to the court.

    I hope this helps. Thanks so much for everything you do.

    G. M.

  14. Thanks GSM for the info, especially as a fellow Michigander. Some of the wording in People v. Ventura, overturned by People v. Moreno such as: “the right to resist an unlawful arrest… (is) outmoded in our contemporary society.” is extremely disturbing! So glad that there is some better case law in place here in MI!

    A news article google turned up on this when I plugged in “people v ventura”. Explains the court case in English.

    Still though, when someone is being unlawfully threatened with bodily harm by a law enforcement officer and responds with appropriate force, how do you proceed at that point. We hear so many stories about law enforcement getting really hot when it comes to “cop killers” or anything coming even close. A 911 call telling the operator that you have “Officer XYZ subdued on US 123 North”…I can’t see that ending any other way than responding officers going in looking for blood no matter what you say.

  15. An upper in 5.45×39? You will like that cartridge better than the .223 if you ever shoot it. The BC of the Russian 7N6 round is impressive for its size, and its still cheap in comparison to other rounds. I have an AK 74, and love it.

  16. In reference to “what do I do if I feel my safety is in jeopardy during an encounter with the police?”
    Do what the police recommend you do whenever you feel you’re in jeopardy. CALL 911!
    1) Call 911. Explain your fear to the dispatcher, ask them to send a supervisor to the scene, and ask them to remain on the line.
    2)Tell the officer(s) you are on the phone with their dispatcher and have requested his/her supervisor be sent to the scene.
    The lines are recorded and the officers know it. The officer may radio his dispatch to confirm you are connected to them or the dispatch may radio the officer and advise him the same. The effect is the officer(s) now know there is a witness.

  17. Hey Jack — You mentioned an organic cover crop seed company that you use during the episode, but I was driving while listening and unable to write it down. Can you (or anyone else) give the name of that company again? Thanks!

  18. I think that you MAY have been a bit too strong about people who get diabetes. A number of years ago I ran across a Scottish study that found that rats fed a GMO diet had changes in the bacteria in the gut, but they had no idea what if anything that might mean.

    More recently, in another study, others found that changes in gut bacteria is a precursor to diabetes. This may have something to do with the surge in the incidence of diabetes quite apart from the eating of fast food. Not to say that isn’t an issue, but this is just another example of how GMOs may be causing long term medical issues which nobody is paying any attention to at all, just like 99% of scientists, including medically trained, were adamant that thalidomide was safe for pregnant women in spite of thousands of babies being born with flippers or no arms and legs instead of normally developed limbs.

  19. In regards to the caller asking for good TV shows to watch, I really liked JERICHO. Keep in mind its not a documentary…it is soley enterainment.

  20. A very good documentary for simple living is “Happy People: A year in the Taiga”. It is the story of people that live in Siberia with little outside influence. It shows them making their own tools like skis and canoes. I found it funny that they live under a very oppressive government but enjoy an insane amount of freedom.

    Check out the trailer

    You can watch the whole thing on Netflix or on the link below

  21. Hey Jack,

    If you’re storing oil for oil lamps long term, does the oil have to be treated the way gasoline does? Thanks.

  22. RE: Looking for TV shows about living without power or technology. It’s not exactly along these lines, but there was a British show called Castaway (now referred to as Castaway 2000) that put folks from around Britain onto a remote Scottish island for a year. It’s an early ‘reality’ show, but there isn’t any competition or elimination, just people trying to survive and make a community and filming themselves. I’ve not been able to find it recently, but here’s a wikipedia article about it: and the BBC One show page:

  23. On light without electricity, I use some replica roman oil lamps. They run off of any vegetable oil, but olive oil seems to smoke the least. They take a bit of work to get started, but once they’re going they put out a good deal of light, and if you do manage to drop them or spill them they just go out…the vegetable oil is much harder to catch. To see what I’m talking about do a google image search for ‘roman oil lamp’. I found a few vendors searching for ‘replica roman oil lamp’.

  24. I am a Deputy Sheriff in west Texas and I would agree with John, call 911 and tell the operator what is going on and ask for a supervisor. If the Police Officer tells you to get off the phone, just put the phone down, but do not hang up and verbally describe what is going on. Key things to remember is to remain calm and comply with the officers orders, remember you may not be aware of circumstances that have the officer drove up (ie. You or your vehicle may be similar to someone who just committed a violent crime). The officer should have his in car camera running recording everything, if you are connected to 911 they will also be recording everything. In Texas it is against the law to resist an unlawful arrest, if you do you have now committed an offence where there was not one before. Do not fight the officer, it will not turn out well for you. Responding officers may not know you are trying to defend yourself and any claims you have against the offending officer will be harder to prove. Try not to argue with the officer, courtrooms are for presenting arguments not on the side of the road. I believe that all peace officers should be held to a higher standard and the few bad apples out there give all of us a bad name. If you have a bad encounter with a peace officer you can always file a complaint later with the department, if nothing is done I would complain to the DA , then to whatever organization licences peace officers in your state.

  25. Jack, I didn’t quite catch where it is you said you get your seed for a cover crop. Can you post where you get it! Thanks!

  26. Got the Tudor Monastery farm series and my wife loves it. Watched the first episode last night. Thanks again!


  27. Regarding the woman and her actions with the LEO…

    I have not seen the video, but she provoked the escalation of the situation in my opinion. With that said, the officer did let his adrenaline kick in with someone that did not deserve it based on just being a snarky obstacle in his day. Clearly this woman was trying to cause a problem by being ‘passive aggressive’ for lack of a better term. At the end of the day she may have needed her window broken and physically removed from her car. But would it not have been better for him to stay calm and let the other officer (woman it sounded like?) talk to the lady while he took a step back? Just my thought when I listened to the recording. I’ll admit that dealing with a situation in person is a whole different ballgame vs. internet quarterbacking but I’ve seen/heard/read so many disturbing accounts of police stepping over the line. Maybe mine is a psychological knee jerk reaction…
    There are so many reports of legitimate police crimes being captured recently it begs the question on how this overall issue will trend and where a tipping point might be. I hope and pray that all LEO agencies will recognize the scrutiny. Even their moderate or arguably minor overreaches are making their way past the county paper and starting to piss a lot of people off. I can’t go more than a week without hearing about someone being ‘detained’ unlawfully, roughed up, dog shot, etc. Yes this lady was being a PIA but it seems to go from 0-60 a lot faster than it should have. Again though, I wasn’t there and maybe this officer is a great guy and felt it was time to end the BS standoff this lady created on her own.

    • @Ty you said,

      “I have not seen the video”

      Well you should have stopped right there. The cop didn’t get keyed up there was no “adrenaline rage”. He was more gentle putting that woman down and picking her up then I am with a two day old chicken! Watch the video.

      He also didn’t break the window, frankly she did by closing it on his hands. He was attempting to remove her mouthy ass from the vehicle by simply unlocking her door when she did that.

      He was aggressive for perhaps 4 second verbally when he said get to the ground, as HE WAS TRAINED TO, but again he was placing her down like a china tea cup while saying that.