Episode-2011- Listener Calls for 5-25-17 — 8 Comments

  1. The guy enquiring about the soil around an artesian well has an Irish accent, just curious was the call from Ireland or from the US?

    • Nope if you listen he said Michigan or Minnesota or Wisconsin somewhere in that area.

  2. I too have always felt Weird Al Yankovic was far more talented than he gets credit for. To be able to write AND make music in so many styles and do it WELL is amazing (his rapping in “White and Nerdy” is scarily good IMO)… but because he does parodies I think it isn’t appreciated as much as it should be. On the other hand, he IS still pretty popular after close to 40 years where so many artists fade away or crash & burn. Perhaps his staying power in the business is proof that his talent/genius is appreciated to some degree…
    (And if anyone’s looking for another great example of a style parody, check out his song “Craigslist”)

  3. On my way to work, so no time for an extended explanation, but if you want the mechanism of action for the Clorox on poison ivy bit, search “Substance P”.

    In short, it is the molecule that activates the receptors for pain (and itch). Once this molecule is depleted, you will have itch/pain relief for a period of time (I personally find 2-3 days with mild itch).

    Instead of Clorox, you may want to tell your uncle about Capzasin Cream, often used for arthritis. It will be hot for a period of time, but depletes Substance P without skin damage.

    I’m a pharmacist and use this method, but would not recommend it for the weak of heart!

    • Actually I would be happy to see that particular uncle set himself on fire so I won’t let him know about the alternative, but thank you for explaining it.

  4. I guess to my way of thinking terrorist attacks may affect your life more than anything else. Everything bad in this country that has been spiraling down all started with 9/11 terrorist attacks and many bad things are happening in England and Europe. if you wake up and find yourself living in a police state it will be most likely because of government or military responses to terrorist attacks. without those terrorist attacks it would never be possible is how it seems

  5. There’s actually tracking devices for kids. I suppose if they are old enough you could use tracking on cell phones. You can also use devices like this

    Of course, it isn’t released yet – well looking a little more it looks like it is or at least another version of it. But there are other ones that are released. Kind of expensive though. Hopefully the monthly charges on the one above won’t be that expensive.

    Here’s of short list that I found online of different trackers. I would have to research more to figure out which one I would prefer.