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  1. Re. Solar water pumping. 80ft. lift requires 36 psi which can be achieved with an $80.00 rv pump ,a 100 watt panel, and a linear current booster. You will deliver 3+ gpm with that setup.

  2. Per David’s call regarding WiFi signal for a crypto miner, I’m not sure if he’s using an ASIC or GPU miner, but I run my GPU miner out in garage using a $10 Amazon USB WiFi dongle and get same results as with Ethernet cable. With an inexpensive outdoor WiFi signal booster at the house, that might give you sufficient signal to your barn run your miner with less investment than P2P.

    Or you could simply run a prefab 125’ Ethernet cable from house router to Ethernet switch in barn, you can use some black 1/2”-3/4” poly pipe as conduit and bury underground if possible. That’d all cost under $100 and no reception issues!

  3. For David and Jack on the WiFi

    I have used EnGenius EnStation 5 A/N Kit – $147 on Amazon to share my internet with my neighbor.

    I also use some other EnGenius access points with good success. with one caveat, under heavy usage the provided PoE injector ( and even my netgear PoE switch ) would not provide enough power. I purchased the EPA5006GAT injector and all my issues settled right out.

    Once and a while I would have to reset the receiver switch – but I think that was more because of something the neighbors were doing – but the nice thing with these is you can schedule a nightly restart if you want

    The transmit dish on the outside of my house works as a basic access point so I can connect my phone directly to it  and even off the backside of the dish I can connect outside the house 50 feet away.

    I went with EnGenious mainly because it was the cheapest option that did what I needed and had good management options.

    I also went with a single band because I had a very specific purpose and didn’t want to spend the extra money.

    I am probably going to pickup and EnGenious ENH710EXT as well.

    feel free to reach out to me on MeWe if you want to chat about other options.


    thanks jack!


  4. Re Crypto miner in a barn 100ft away.  Buy a direct burial Cat6 Ethernet cable like this, 150 footer for $80 ( other lengths available.  No conduit needed.  I’ve had similar cable in use between my house and outdoor kitchen and fireplace for ~8yrs now, no problems.  

    At that price, buy two for redundancy or buy a 500ft spool and crimp your own ends if you prefer a real custom job.


    • Yeah, I agree, I would go wired every I can. I used the wireless because I had to cross a road.

      My barn is about 100ft away and I will run cat5 for it.

  5. Just wondering if one accidently consumer the above mentioned fruit worms in nectar fruits, then could those fruit worms live inside the body or even breed inside the body.

  6. Wireless Point To Point:

    For only a 100 ft, I would try to direct bury some Cat6.

    I have a barn that is 200 yards away from my house and I use two Ubiquiti NBE-5AC-19 High-Performance airMAX Bridge NanoBeam AC units. They are rock solid and at 200yds I get 600Mbps of throughput. That is enough to handle security cameras that stream 24×7, remote access, and all of the other sundry stuff that runs over the network.

    The only thing I am do not like about them is that they use a proprietary POE adapter. My network switches are all POE for my cameras and raspberry pis that I use for automation. Having to have another wall wart to power this proprietary adapter is annoying. I heard the newer version is supposed to move to the regular POE standard.

  7. RE: Getting wireless Ethernet to a out building

    I currently have Ubiquiti gear in my house and am actively working on the deployment to my metal clad barn. I wrote up the house part on my website a while ago. It has performed flawlessly.

    I’ll be using another AP AC Pro at the barn to another Unifi Switch 8 inside. My initial tests show that it works well, I just need to run the cable through the exterior wall in the barn.

    Note that you don’t need the router, controller, or random other components. The APs will stand on their own quite well. I wanted a more robust controllable system so I bought the whole stack. I’m very happy with them.

    Background: Cisco Certified, network specialist, IT Architect by trade.  I do this kind of thing for a living and just want a simpler version in my house.

  8. I wondered whether a windmill + pump would be a good solution instead of solar. I have the exact same requirements in SoTex as well and need to be better educated on the solutions

  9. Similar background as Derek, and I prefer to keep it simple…Run a damn cable!  Cheap, easy,  buy a switch for the other end

  10. Cci Quiet 22 caliber 30 grain ammo. Hits harder than almost any pellet gun. $3 a box.

  11. To run Internet to an outbuilding that is connected to a central power Network on the property what you need is a powerline adapter this is a device that plugs into an outlet and has an Ethernet connection that connects to a port on your router. The power line adapter converts the internet signal and sends it anywhere that is connected to the same electrical Network. You take the second adapter plug it in in the barn and connect the two then you have ethernet in the barn you can then plug in a local wireless router and the mining rigs. Powerline adapters are between $10 and $25

  12. You can run network (ie internet) through existing AC wires, no new wiring  of any kind, no burying; very easy.  I’ve used in my last two houses for about 4 years; zero problems. With this, you end up with an ethernet port plugged into AC (in your remote location), from which you can run an access point to give wireless.

    One limitation is the AC must run from the same circuit box in both the source and remote location.

    4 stars 5000 reviews on Amazon.

  13. I know I’m super late here, but I wanted to give you my recommendation for connecting the two buildings together.  The FCC offers two signals ranges for free to anyone, they are 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz.  Just like any other radio frequency, there can be interference that almost completely shuts the frequency down.  I’m simplifying it a bit, but 2.4Ghz can have 3 simultaneous devices, and penetrates buildings a bit, and 5Ghz can have 24 simultaneous devices, but has almost no penetration through solid surfaces.

    I have two cabins, separated by about 700 feet and THICK forest in Northern Michigan.  I have them connected with two Ubiquiti Nanobeam M5-16 Wireless Bridges.  100% of the year I can sustain 400+ Mbit/sec, which is 10x more than your Internet connection.  And they were $60/each side.

    The key is to disable 2.4Ghz on the bridge, and only use 5Ghz for the site to site link.  I pick a specific frequency that not used in the area, and blast that at maximum power between the two antennas.  Then once I’m on the other side I use a plain ole access point or home router to give the signal to the other cabin.

    The FCC limits the total amount of power that can be output by an antenna.  But a typical antenna broadcasts that in all directions.  The above wireless bridge has a fairly narrow beam that it broadcasts in, and has LEDs on the actual antenna to tell you the signal strength while you are dangerously balancing on a ladder.


    You need a point to point solution because they are directional, and then an access point at the other side for users (like laptops or phones) to connect to.  One big problem I see people do is put a super powerful bridge pointing at an area and wonder why performance sucks.  The bridge is projecting enough power for your laptop to see 4 bars of signal, but your laptop can’t project enough for the bridge to pick it up.  So even though your computer says the signal strength is great, it can’t actually transmit anything.

  14. Regarding “Getting wireless Ethernet to a out building”, I will talk about installing a guest router without a password to mitigate wireless interference.

    EricM is correct that wireless is subject to interference. I was called by a friend to help her with an intermittent wireless problem. Looking at my iPhone Wifi connection app (See iPhone Settings->Wifi), I noticed that there was ONE HECK OF A LOT OF WIRELESS ROUTERS within range.

    There are a limited number of wireless channels available to the router. (That is probably why Jack’s get-togethers get slammed by people accessing wireless at the same time.) The solution for some applications (such as a bit-coin miner located in a barn) is to run an Ethernet cable direct. (100 meters or 328 feet is the maximum length, but don’t push it.)

    Regarding Jack’s problem with multiple connections slamming his network, I have something to try. Hook up a dedicated wireless “guest router” to your home router and remove the password from your guest router. THIS IS INSECURE. However, without a password the guest router will use a shared signal instead of separate channels for each wireless connection. This is what Starbucks once did. (I’m not sure what they do now.) This is like connecting your laptop to a wired hotel network. Everyone can see everyone else on the network. Tell everyone who connects to your guest router that it is INSECURE. If they start doing online banking or ordering the complete boxed set of Game of Thrones from Amazon without first using HTTPS they are cruising for a bruising! But just texting the kids should be OK.

    Don’t know what https is? That is an encrypted connection. If you connect to a website using https:// your web browser will attempt to connect to a website securely. Will it really connect securely? For major sites like Amazon, yes, but your bank is hit or miss.

    Alex Shrugged

  15. Regarding Wicking beds and gray water… please note that the State of Texas has strict rules regarding the use of gray water. However, everything that Jack said on the podcast regarding gray water is well within those laws as I read them.

    In other words, if you try using gray water in a sprinkler system, the Texas Rangers might storm your compound… oh… wait… maybe it would be the ATF or the FBI. The Texas Rangers have more sense.

    Just FYI.

    Alex Shrugged