Episode-1133- Listener Calls for 5-17-13 — 30 Comments

  1. My hope is that this week’s scandals will wake people up to the steady decline of our liberties and freedoms.

    The news this week sounds more like a Banana Republic than the United States.

    My ancestor who fought at Lexington must be rolling in his grave.

  2. I was with Waddell and Reed, and I advised my clients to put their money into Midas Fund or get out.

    I am saying the same thing right now. I cannot trade or if I do. Basically, I feel like the market is being manipulated tremendously. Trading with people like George Soros and Warren Buffet is like picking a fist fight with someone like Bruce Lee or Magic Johnson. You cannot do that!

    Survival Mom, my advice, if you can take those money out without penalty and buy either gold or silver. Stuffed it into the mattress. Just joking. 🙂

  3. I am sorry, I was trying to say I was working with Waddell and Reed back in 2007. I am no longer with them.

    Before the recession, I told my clients to pay down their debt. Moved their money into midas fund or get out.

  4. I just heard the call question/answer regarding the well in the basement, and I wanted to comment on something that I learned while looking for our house/property in Wisconsin last year. It used to be common practice to put the well in the basement, but it is no longer allowed (at least in Wisconsin). The reason is because of the possibility of the septic system backing up, and fouling the well.

    Like Steve said…what they don’t know won’t hurt…but if there’s any way that backed up toilet water can drain down into the basement, I would think there’s a possibility of contaminating the whole well…and that would be pretty harmful.

    • So Doodlefeather, totally off topic… but how do I import a picture into my leetle geometric square? 😉

    • 25 years ago I was seeking financing on a house with the well inside the garage. I thought it was a great idea. The bank did not. They were concerned about termite spraying in the house contaminating the well. I ended up getting the loan but it could cause problems at least with financing. Like Steve said: Check with insurance company. etc.

    • Code is typically 100ft between septic and well. The other thing to consider is that you *might* have a 275 gallon tank of heating oil which at some point *might* fail and leak all over your basement. If the well casing is sealed properly it should not be an issue. But a DIY sandpoint well could create a path for heating oil to leach into groundwater….once it hits water things become a lot harder to clean. Everything in life is a risk…do your research.

  5. Hi Jack! I’m a bit behind in listening to podcast episodes and can’t find the right one to comment on so I thought I would leave it here. Thanks so much for telling people about Zenni optical. With 4 out of 5 people in my house wearing glasses ordering from them will be a huge savings. I had just called my eye doctor to find out how much it would be to replace the lenses on my 11 yr olds glasses since she has scratched them up pretty badly. It would have set me back a couple of hundred bucks. Now I’ll be able to order some for her as well as back up pairs for everyone else for the same price as the lens would have cost. Again thank you so much for that tip!

  6. Safety [edit] WIKI

    Commentary published in Environmental Health Perspectives in April 2010 suggested that PET might yield endocrine disruptors under conditions of common use and recommended[17] research on this topic. Proposed mechanisms include leaching of phthalates as well as leaching of antimony.

    Glass is the best storage medium as far as extraction. Plastic is great in an emergency, but day to day use glass where you can.

  7. Wow! Stop beating around the bush, Jack and tell us what you REALLY think about the Commander and Clown. Lol. I tell you, Ive not seen Teflon so thick since Clinton was running about doing his thing. I agree with you though. I was for Obama at first, mainly because I was sick of Bush fiascoes. Being independent with Libertarian leanings, Ive known all of those yahoos in D.C., with a few exceptions, are out of touch with reality or part of a larger plan. (Opps, tinfoil hat slipped a bit)

    The fear/apprehension that I have is that in seeing he has finally lost his shining shield, (the MSM) he may be prompted to go rogue. I hope this is a foundation-less fear. A lot of my fellow Pathfinders /Patriots are also expressing similar feelings. What are your insights on the potential of this happening?

    Im also concerned about all of Obama’s mindless minions (sheeple) who are unable or unwilling to see whats before their eyes, and their reaction if he is impeached or at least nullified. Do you see a danger of severe unrest if not rioting? This is the first time I’ve ever felt concern for a President using a false flag or real crisis to establish Marshal Law as a prequel for superseding his length of term. OK, tin foil hat blurb is finished and I once again raise my shields to protect myself from the worse of the conspiracy theorists. Jack, or anyone else, feel free to wade in and tell me my fears are without merit. I hope they are. Great cast as usual!

  8. I’m hoping for your assessment of a neutered President. Impeachment would give us Joe Biden for the remaining term. Bring on the lame duck.

  9. Anyone else having problems with downloads? The podcast app on my iPhone does not show the last two episodes as available for downloading.

  10. We need to learn to apply permaculture solutions to problems like poison ivy; however, I was shocked to hear Jack recommend planting English ivy. Where I am from English ivy is as invasive as kudzu. It smothers out all other plant life and strangles trees as well. You may displace the poison ivy, for sure, but in the end you will have a monocrop that you will never get rid of and do serious damage to the ecosystem. I’m all for introducing non-natives when they serve our purposes and have multiple benefits, but there has got to be a better plant solution to the callers problem than English ivy, IMO.

    • Yeah, I agree English ivy is evil. Had a bunch growing on my house and tearing into vinyl siding. Serves no purpose except as stabilizer for something like a severe slope or whatnot.

      • Totally incorrect. While it may not be suited for vinyl siding it is wonderful on brick. It will extend the useful life of a brick wall by 100 years or more, cool the inner structure in summer and drop leaves and let low angle sun in during winter solar aspects.

        Plants are never evil it is only our failures to appropriately utilize them and understand their attributes that creates this illusion.

      • Yeah I have concrete blocks underneath vinyl siding, and the area is mostly shaded by trees. Didn’t mean it was literally evil like say china berries. Oh sure they provide a purpose like for shade, but those suckers are evil!

  11. regarding English Ivy as invasive, we had a large backyard full of the stuff. County ag agent, ag college all basically said weed whack, inject round up into root systems and expect it to always be coming back.
    We let me bro-in-law’s family stay with us for a while to help.
    I came home from work one day, found he had adopted two huge puppies, lab and lab/pitbull, incredible energy, 24/7 energy. We had to fence off the porch area to save our container gardens.
    Just like Jack and others have said regarding food forest prep/paddock shift, those pups totally destroyed the Ivy and it never came back, no herbicide ever.

  12. You mentioned a low flow, “miserly” pump – what brand, hp, etc are you using to do this?
    I’m looking to pump out of a pond to a tank atop a hill for irrigation purposes – about 55 ft of head from the pond to the tank.
    I’d like to go with battery (12v) power & solar charger.

    • Marlin,
      Go with a positive displacement pump. Shurflow and Sunpumps both make good quality, low power pumps for the purpose. Consider not using a battery, which is an unnecessary expense, unless you plan on pumping at night. Instead, go with a solar pump controller and a solar panel. They will last for 20 to 50 years with no maintenance.

      • That sounds interesting. I’m looking to replace an old irrigation system for my orchard that uses submersible pumps in a river. Have any links that tell more about this type of system that uses solar?

  13. I chopped & dropped my Christmas tree branches all around my blueberries back in mid-January when the tree went outside. We have alkaline compacted low-organic matter soil here in northern NV, and the blueberries were clearly not happy. This spring, the needles are finally brown, but the effects have been great: the blueberry bushes are bigger & have more blossoms than ever. It does work, but you gotta do it while they’re green as Jack said. Another thing is just because a blueberry might say ‘full sun’, keep in mind in general it’s a cooler weather plant. So, if you have brutal summer sun as I do, especially with low humidity & at high altitude, don’t be afraid to give them some shade. My partially shaded plants are doing much better than the ones planted in full sun.

    • Oh should also mention – the shade I have planted them under is shade cast by – guess what – pine trees! So they get the advantage of the shade + any green needles/branches that drop (either with or without my help). Good choice for companion planting & designing a mini-system.

    • I also keep the trunk & cut it up into pieces to use in my woody beds. I know pine might not be ideal for hugel beds, but wood other than pine and aspens are pretty scarce around here.

      • There is nothing wrong with pine, I just prefer hardwoods IF they are available. Hell, Sepp uses spruce.