Episode-2002- Listener Calls for 5-11-17 — 18 Comments

  1. Interesting that Jack mentions Kim Kardashian when talking about the song of the day.

    When it comes down to everything, I would suggest that the OJ trial is largely responsible for the Kardashians being who they are today.

    I’m sure they watched their Dad defend OJ every day and saw just how easy it was to be famous – even if it was for all the wrong reasons – if you had the right connections and resources.

    Had OJ been convicted (or not charged in the first place), we might not even know who Kim Kardashian is today.

  2. For the father and student in the last story: Jack is right on all the points he mentions. (I’m a retired Chem prof.) Usually local college faculty will be asked to be judges, and they will look for the points he mentions. It’s like a sports game or competition: if someone beat you, what is the difference? Study what might have given the other the edge, based simply on what you can see, not guesses about behind the scenes. And there is more than one way to make this a win: does your local community college do a sustainability day or event? Help her to follow through with an organizer and see if she can present her poster again, with a bit of help from a professional scientist who would really appreciate her topic.
    I hope that after the disappointment fades there is not a takeaway message that the system is rigged and there is no use trying. If she really enjoyed doing the project, and it sounds as if she did, there are many ways this experience can be an asset: not least learning that one setback is simply a learning opportunity. If she internalizes that, she’ll be ahead of 98% of her generation, a generation that appears terrified of failure.

  3. Regarding the poison ivy call: what works best for me if I think that I’m starting to get a rash or already have, is to thoroughly wash the area with Fels-Naptha soap and hot water. I’ll continue doing this once a day or so until the rash resolves. Fels-Naptha is pretty heavy duty stuff, so it’s not something you want to do every day of your life I think, and I’ve only ever had small areas of rash from ivy, but it works wonders at reliving the itching, drying it up, and getting the area healed for me:

  4. It was painful to hear Good Charlotte referred to as “punk rock”. Never have been and never will be. Is the message of the song true? Sure, but it aint punk.

    • It is punk, sanitized for main stream the same way Quiet Riot was “Heavy Metal”.

      These are more derivatives of their roots than the true roots of what they purport to be.

      Some call it selling out, I call it smart business. By the way since you said,

      “Never have been and never will be”

      Though it ain’t punk I think you will like today’s song.

  5. As a guy who worked for a Firestone for almost 10 years I can say I’ve patched countless tires. It was not a company policy not to fix tires that had holes in the tread area. They did have a policy that we could not patch a whole that had been previously fixed either by plug or patch. This of course was a lawyer thing. If a patch failed and someone got injured the company was as fault so we just didn’t do it. Just like we where not allowed to mount used tires because they had been sued after a used tire one of the stores mounted blew out. As a tire store the judge felt we should have known the tire would blow out. Like you can always tell.

    Just thought I’d share that. So others know, it’s not always because it’s actually bad many times it’s a lawyer thing why shops won’t do something.

  6. Fleas:
    Expensive, but worth every penny. It’s a once a month chewable that will eradicate fleas and ticks.

    Probably a combination of problems from flea bites and as Jack said, diet. The best food I have found is (even though it is made mostly from people food) again on the expensive side but if you are going to have a dog you have the responsibility to feed it a good diet.

    Poison Ivy:
    The cotton glove over the rubber glove dipped in roundup and hand applied to the leaves should work beautifully. I think this came from one of the “expert” shows dealing with bermuda grass in a garden.

  7. DC Sniper:
    We lived about 75yds behind the Shell station where Ms Lewis-Rivera was shot vacuuming out her minivan. My wife was home studying for her graduate degree and heard the shot ring out. I hate to say we succumbed to fear, but for a few weeks, there wasn’t a moment when we were standing outside that I wasn’t wound up tight with my head on a swivel, never stopping and standing in one place, or even walking in a straight line/constant speed. We went 100% to filling up our cars on base and getting groceries at the commissary – not that convenient on the MD side of DC – but it was nice to be behind the guard gates.

    The things I realized when everything calmed down were that a) you never know when it’s your time to go… so always be ready and b) work to improve your situational awareness all the time so that the things that improve your chances of not being the target become a regular part of your life and not a “worry”.

  8. Thanks for answering the dog training question, i guess i was just over thinking it. My German short hair is is used to a training (shock)collar already, in fact he gets excited when he sees it because i trained him to associate it with doing something fun, like going for a walk or hunting, when he was young. I agree they are very valuable amd and in certain situations lifesaving. My dog’s mom was killed by a truck because the was so focused on getting a pheasant that she ran into the road after it despite being well trained and my uncles calling her.

  9. I think this was the episode where you mentioned using bantam chickens to brood quail. While our banty silkies didn’t hatch quail they did successfully hatch out almost a dozen ducks for us. Can’t imagine they wouldn’t do just as well for quail.

  10. Regarding poison ivy. If you think you’ve been exposed then rub mineral oil all over the area and then wipe as much off as you can with an old cloth rag. After that, go wash your hands soap and water. It’ll be hard to get the oil off but it’s better than having poison ivy.

    The reason why this works is because you’ve been exposed to an oil (urushiol) which is a non-polar substance. In order to dissolve it you’ll have to use an oil, like mineral oil or some other petroleum based product. Water is a polar substance and will not do the trick. The motto here is “likes dissolve likes.”

  11. On poison ivy relief.
    something I end up having to do almost every time I get it bad (on top of steroid shot and steroid cream) is to shock the nerves in the affected area when the itching gets unbearable. I do this by running shower water very hot (not enough to cause a burn but close) and let it run over the affected area for 30+ seconds. get out of the way of the water and turn it to pure cold and wait for it to get cold, then let the cold water run over the affected area for 10+ seconds. This is incredibly unpleasant but it shocks the nerves in the area and relief lasts for hours.

    I am not a doctor and if you are covered in poison ivy you should probably not do this over large areas of the body, I typically have it only on a forearm and hand or lower leg.

  12. On Poison Ivy

    Within an hour or two of exposure, wash with a wash cloth and Dawn dishwashing soap. Dawn breaks down oil. And friction removes it. Just pretend you are covered in grease as if you have been working on an engine.
    Friction and Dawn soap and there should be NO itching.

  13. On Poison Ivy that has already started to swell get Zanfel. It seems insanely expensive, as it is about $40 for a tiny jar, but it is like magic. It actually works in minutes and I have tried everything and nothing else works. Every time I feel cheap and get anything else, it is a waste of money. I have no association with the company, but my sister and mom are now converts. Best to follow all the suggestions, gloves, change clothes, soap and water, but if you get it, this stuff will have it gone in minutes.