Episode-2216- Listener Calls for 5-10-18 — 4 Comments

  1. All I could think about with what’s happening in Hawaii, is the whole bugging-in vs. bugging out debate. Sometimes you have no alternative to bugging-out.

  2. Jack – you are 110% correct — someone needed to get rid of that fill and I was the sucker. So much rock, glass, plastic, toy parts, boulders, asphalt – ugh.

    well no sense whining any more about it 🙂 back to work!

    thank you Jack!

  3. Interesting commentary about the Hawaii volcanoes and homeowners being allowed back in.  I can see Mt. St. Helens from my house and I am native to the Pacific Northwest.  On Sunday May 18th, 1980 the exclusion zone was to be opened around the mountain at 9am to allow homeowners back in to retrieve their belongings.  The mountain erupted at 8:32am.  Had it waited an hour longer the death toll of 57 could have been hundreds more.

    If you ever get to the Pacific Northwest, take the time to visit the Johnston Ridge Observatory on the mountain.  Worth the trip up the hill.

  4. I am currently building a home and have been following the suggestions I found in “The Secure Home” by Joel Skousen.

    I would suggest anyone wanting to add security & efficiency to a new or current home check it out.