Episode-1978- Listener Calls for 4-6-17 — 34 Comments

  1. Jack the links that we click to listen to the show from the blog are missing…I always use Play in Pop-up and it’s not there..

  2. Everyone lays it hard on the younger generation until it starts to become an economic force in the economy, then everyone praises them because by then they’ve their customers.

  3. Yes I can’t find a way to listen either. Click on title. Nothing. No arrow to start it. Isn’t awesome and wonderful that we all want to hear your programs!

  4. For the guy who has 12 acres, the Dorper sheep may work with an Anatolian shepherd guarding them provided he can visit them every other day. Otherwise, I think cattle are better. Four animal units (4000 pounds) may be possible with aggressive rotation and supplemental hay and feed. He probably won’t make money selling the animals at the local barn auction, but if he can get past the hurdles of selling to the public, it may be profitable. Perhaps a neighbor has a few acres that he can rent. An acre goes for $20-30/year, i.e. 40 acres can cost between $800 to $1200, depending on how much the land offers to the tenant.

    • Seems as if it may get old starting each show on a negative of death every time. “Great people we lost this year”.

      • The list for 2016 is very long and depressing!

        Perhaps people lost that we wanted gone? LOL

  5. I would seek Amish or maybe Mennonite guidance for scythes.
    Peining also hardens the metal the only way to harden soft steel.

  6. My Veterinarian does not re-test for heartworms if still on medication. My dogs love going to this vet.

  7. Re: Grazing land that is about 20 minutes from home

    Read every Greg Judy book you can get from the library.

  8. Vet recommendation: – There is a vet I learned about through Marjory Wildcraft by the name of Dr. Patrick Jones – website is:
    He’s also an herbalist who works with humans.
    While I haven’t worked with him, I’ve listened to several interviews/talks he’s done and feel that he may be a good fit for what you’ve described.

  9. A Satoshi is actually one one hundred millionth of a bitcoin which makes your argument even more valid.

    • Not my only screw up this week but at least this one works to my favor.

  10. Can we make it aware to anyone listens to this podcast; ivermectin is used off label for heart worms in dogs AND is a common ingredient in persciption dog wormers. BUT there is a gene (specifically ABCB1) in hearding breeds that causes life threatening allergic reaction (convultion and DEATH) so any dog who has ANY possibility of even a little bit of herding breed in them should be tested for the ABCB1 gene before using this drug. This is part of the reason why things like this require a perception. If you are going to use anything off label for yourself or an animal be sure to do ALOT of research first.

    • For entertainment purposes only:
      This is absolutely correct, specifically Collies or many collie mixes. Ivomec was recommended to me by a vet over 30 years ago and is all I have used ever since. the dosage I use is .1cc per 10# of body weight so .8cc for an 80# lab. I just squirt it on top of his food once a month. The chance of overdose is minuscule, dosages on cattle and hogs at 300 times the recommended dosage had no adverse effects. IMPORTANT do not use this unless you KNOW that the dog does not have heart worms, it kills all the worms in the dogs system. If there is an infestation in the dog and this is used, severe complications and death can occur due to a clogged up circulatory system.

      • DO NOT INJECT THIS, just squirt to on the food. If you go to the link and read the reviews you will find some good info.

  11. About millennials: Jack said the magic word, “learn.” Comparing (from personal experience) Gen X with Millennials as college students, the former went through the maturation process typical of college: big jump in maturity from first to second year (leaving high school behind) and again in senior year as post-college plans need to get real. Therefore, I don’t recall seeing GenX as particularly problematic. But IME, Millennials over this age span seem to sink deeper into “failure to launch” and clinging to childhood. Talking to an AF Chaplain a couple of years ago, he was seeing an increased incidence of similar difficulties. Of course it isn’t everyone by any means, but it is concerning. People who have internalized the need to learn make the transitions they need to make; those who don’t really struggle to mature. The connection sounds obvious, but apparently not obvious enough, at least to schools.

  12. Journey also had an arcade game, which was probably even more absurd than the Atari version. Even at age 9 I was thinking, “this is one of the dumbest ideas for a video game I’ve ever seen”. Great band, but ridiculous game…

    Speaking of ridiculous, if you want a laugh pull up the old Journey “Separate Ways” video on Youtube. Love the song, but the video is so incredibly cheesy. Just like many of the hair band videos from the 80’s, it’s hard to believe any of us ever thought some of these music videos were cool. Young and clueless, that was me 😉

  13. Regarding the choice of grazing animal options.
    I would definitely recommend the cattle over the dorper sheep for a few reasons. The biggest one being fencing, the little buggers are second only to goats for escaping, if however you are set on sheep you will definitely need wire net fencing. Also the fly strike problem needs close monitoring during the wetter months and that can get very nasty quickly. Sheep get Foot rot in wet winters, this needs closely monitoring and treating, my neighbours have some Dorpers and they have more issues than the other english breeds.
    I have found that 10 cattle are easier to handle than 10 sheep with less pest issues and are tastier to eat. If the caller wants to p.m me on the forum I would gladly help with more info on my experience.
    Cheers Finster from New Zealand
    (p.s don’t get me wrong we eat lots of lamb But Beef steers are just as tasty

    • Ah he is a brit. The UK has gone nuts with socialism but as a people they are harder than most in the US. Sadly!

      My business partner Neil from the UK has told me I am one of the few people over here he can talk to with out offending them or hurting their feelings.

  14. The guy who asked about planting trees in 2 by 2 holes: I recommend he go for 3 by 3 instead. It provides better growing root zone. The other thing he mentioned was filling holes with wood or bark chips. I recommend he avoid using more than 1/3 of that to fill the holes for fruit trees. In the dry regions, I always try to put waterer on surface of the ground and then best to heap up 2 feet of dry matter on top. Biological breakdown will happen with the improved moisture regime created by the mulch and limit the dry winds from June to September from drying out the roots. We did this in Wyoming and now in Pugetopolis.

  15. In regards to grazing, IF he were on site, I’d say 100% sheep, due to the size of the land. It would support a small breeding herd.

    Being off site, 100% cattle. I’d recommend buy heavy stockers in the spring and fatten them up for fall butcher. Animals in the winter is more work with providing feed and keeping water liquid. Don’t try cow calf, not enough acreage to support a bull. Maybe sheep if the equation includes an experienced guard dog or two.

    Great points made already. All I can add is a pack of domestic dogs can be worse than coyotes. They’ll kill for sport as opposed to food and can DECIMATE a flock quickly. At 11 acres, sounds like an area of farmettes to me. Domestic dogs could be a concern.

    Taxes advantages apply to anyone filing a schedule F. Some push the rules harder than others. Some eventually get audited or labeled “hobby farm” which is the worst case scenario as your postive income is taxed, but losses are not allowed as deductions.

    I’d also check plat maps to see if adjoining land could be leased. Cheaper to lease than buy. “Cattle will pay for land, but land won’t pay for cattle.” (If Greg Judy didn’t start this, I know he would repeat it.)

  16. As a millennial, I’m no longer offended by talk. It drives me! I think “say what you want, I’ll so you my deeds.” Paying off my mortgage this month. Will be debt free this quarter. House, goat herd, a few pigs, sawmill, woodshop, reliable vehicles, a nice homestead, good day job, four kids and a wife. About to really suck the marrow of life!

    At the same time, the talk is not completely undeserved. I recall trying to talk my wife through hanging a towel bar. Ended up showing her how to use a drill. (understandable) Then how to use a screwdriver (unacceptable, had a talk with her dad). She has come a long way though recently assisting goat birth (just kidding :> Ha) and freezer cleanout on short notice required by our inspector for on farm sales while I’m working crazy hours at the day job.

  17. @Bruce from Michigan. I live in south east Idaho (USDA zone 4b) and although there are mostly western Juniper and Pine you will fine lots of maple and cottonwood up the canyons. We grow peaches, apples, cherries, apricots, and even pistachios. I’m wanting to try Paw Paw but need to research and prep land a little before I get that started.