Episode-2197- Listener Calls for 4-5-18 — 10 Comments

  1. The segment on clothing was most interesting.  Yes, today’s Americans have too many clothes, by many a factor.  I don’t know how many T-Shirts I got rid of last year.  I had so many I could not close the drawer.  Worst part is, I haven’t bought one in maybe 15+ years, they just seem to accumulate, get them for free.

    When my dad died 2 years ago it took me literally all day to go through his clothing.  I think I kept 5-6 useful things for myself (ironically a few being T-shirts, still in package!)  It all filled up the back of my SUV.  My mother, daubba naubbala, she has the whole place filled now.

    Look at a 1950s or before house and see how little closet space was built in!

    I read that it is a very American thing to think clothes may be worn just once and then need to be washed.  Underwear and socks, absolutely.  Shirts more so than pants.  But if you just lounge around the house after work to relax, you really need just 2 sets of clothes to do that.  Jeans can be worn several times if you are not sweating or dirtying them up.  I do keep a few sets of “work” clothes for when I do painting or other work where they may get destroyed and I do not care.  Other than these kinds of things, CONDENSE!  You will be amazed what you do not wear.



  2. No matter how full your closet is, you will find you gravitate toward the same 3-4 items anyway. I have about 10 pair of summer shorts but have 3 “favorites” I wear for the season. Get rid of things you haven’t touched in a year and don’t worry about “what if”. I also find it can be overwhelming having so much to choose from, plus your taste changes in what used to look good on you. Purge out everything and you’ll feel lighter.

  3. Shooting range: might be able to help you out.  Frangible ammo should be fine.  Most 22’s rounds are bad to ricochet so I would avoid them if anyone else is around.

    With the height of the wall IF it is a nearly vertical wall and you also have high vertical sides, you should be fine but you don’t want to put your targets down low and you also don’t want to put them along the sides unless you will be shooting pretty square into the berm.  Look and see if there are any USPSA or 3Gun matches in your area.  If there are, they are probably dealing with the same type terrain and the RO’s or range master can give you some help.

    If you post your general location I may be able to point you to someone to talk to.

    Picking that first piece of jacket out of your leg, arm neck, etc. will definitely teach you the importance of high quality wrap around eye protection.

  4. You also need to follow the 180 Rule.  And it would not be a bad idea to set up a safe zone behind the shooter away from the side walls.  I’m not talking about building anything, just marking off the safe passage into the shooting area while the range is hot.

    If you can find a steel match in your area, go watch it or better yet enter it.  You will get a good idea of the spray patterns from the bullet impact while you paint targets between shooters.

  5. There is a chance that the debt is “time barred” which means that it is past the statute of limitations. Before you send them any money or acknowledge that debt in any way, you need to either do a lot of research or talk to an attorney. If you want to give a “gift” to the original creditor, that’s fine afterwards but don’t give them any way to show that it was repayment.

  6. Solar and charging
    A transformer doesn’t care weather it is increasing or decreasing voltage. It’s just a matter of what you hook to the primary or secondary windings. You MIGHT also be able to just hook it the panels in series. That would be a question for the manufacturer.

  7. a comment on bindweed: we have received loads of chips from crews clearing roadsides and right of ways in the area and made the mistake of using some of them as mulch in the garden.  I’ve resigned myself to a lifetime battling bindweed. If you get chips from a service like chipdrop, ask where it came from. the best stuff comes after storms when it’s only from downed trees. the roadside clearing stuff will have bindweed and haunt you forever.

  8. On the Debt:

    Jack is 110% correct. You HAVE to answer them or you will have your wages garnished.

    I was in a similar situation. I was being stubborn because the creditor I was dealing with wasn’t taking into account $1800 I had sent them. I will leave out most of the details because they are irrelevant, the important part is, I chose to be a stubborn guinea and ignore them. I ignored their summons because I was never properly served.

    They went ahead and got a default judgement against me – I continued to ignore them ( my position was until you credit me for what I paid you I am not sending any more money ).

    Then I started getting notices from the sheriff – and eventually they started taking every penny from my check including extra for administrative fees for the sheriff department.

    If I would have answered the summons I had a shot at getting the ENTIRE things dismissed, but I chose to be a stubborn childish asshat and it cost me over 10k

    answer the summons

  9. For the shooting range; Get a load of used tires and place them flat and fill with dirt. Make a wall of tires filled with dirt. That will stop just about everything and prevent ricochets.

  10. The first time I went shooting pistols at a Pistol range, my friend ended up with a sizable piece of shrapnel in his arm.  It didn’t go in very deep and didn’t change our mind about shooting.

    Wearing protection is important at the range, as Jack mentioned.