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  1. I was also having a hard time figuring out what to do with fortunately my google fu was strong this morning and I was able to view just the text of the page to get more info

    What is Spot it Up?

    Spot it Up is based on a simple idea: talk about what you like with people nearby, quickly and easily.
    How do I use it?

    Come to the site.
    Focus the map to where you want to look for discussions.
    Search for discussions (“spots”) tagged with you want to talk about.
    Click on spots, and speak your mind.

  2. I just wanted to comment on the leo body cameras.

    The very people calling for the use of body cameras will be in for a shock months later when they are issued a ticket on top of whatever they got pulled over for.

    Like video on the internet,the footage will never go away.

    The videos could be reviewed later for additional violations,perhaps by cadets as part of their training or by a for profit third party to generate low cost revenue.

    What people are doing is giving up their very anonymity and providing the government with an extra opportunity to tax them.

    • Ah I don’t think so, the shear volume of video makes that absolutely undoable.

      These programs are already in place and most video is deleted (just due to storage needs) in 30 day allotments. This provides plenty of time for any questionable issues to be pulled for review.

      This isn’t like text data you can scan for key words it is boring ass shit that just goes on and on. There is a line between alert and paranoid, we need to be mindful not to cross it.

  3. I had some friends over this past weekend. The husband is a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy. Lots of wine and beer into it, and the conversation turns to politics.

    I have learned my lesson a few times, expressing my opinion on public schools to teachers. It’s the same lesson when expressing an anarchist belief system to a government employee of any type.

    Don’t do it if you want to remain friends, or if you aren’t prepared to defend yourself when they’re floored at how “uncompassionate, ignorant, evil, and stupid you are”.

    So I kept quiet, mostly because they were my wife’s guests, and she had pretty much put the muzzle on me (She knows how I think, how I can lead folks into corners where they have to confront their mental programming, making them very uncomfortable, and she knows how liberal her friends are). So I stayed quiet.

    The conversation turns to where my wife says, testing the waters, “we’re minarchists, leaning toward anarchy. We just don’t really belief in all that….”
    Pilot says “you’re not anarchists. Anarchists believe in chaos and violence in the streets and lawlessness.”

    Jeez. This dude is entrenched, I thought. Way too far gone at this point to try to have a rational conversation. So I didn’t. I stayed quiet, up until he said “You shouldn’t have a problem with taxes. They help pay for the roads. Without government, who would build infrastructure, roads and things?”

    Oh my god this guy actually pulled “muh roads”.

    “I do.” I said. I have a problem with taxes.

    “If you don’t pay taxes, you go to jail.” he said.

    “And there’s my problem with taxes” I said. At that point, my wife knew where this conversation was about to go, so signaled to me the “we’re having a good time, let these folks keep their head in the sand” look.

    Long story, but during the show when Jack mocked the “MUH ROADS!” argument, up until then I had never heard it in real life and didn’t expect such a seemingly intelligent officer in the Navy to say it.

    • What is really funny (not in this situation) is when you say so oh roads those are your big issue, right?

      Yes muh roads.

      Interesting as income taxes do not pay for roads gas taxes do. And while I don’t like that either they are far more a usage tax, so how about we get rid of income tax and you can still have your roads.

      Red faced the muh roads usually becomes “muh schools”

      Oh schools, yea property taxes are awful but they pay for schools not income tax, so let’s at least get rid of the income tax right?

      Now muh social security, old people, poor people.

      Yes yes the ponzi scheme that is social security! Interesting though, income tax pays for none of that all those social programs are part of SSI, or payroll taxes, so um yea I don’t like that either but income tax doesn’t pay for that.

      Muh muh military, border patrol, etc, etc, etc.

      Okay well did you know 100% of that is being paid for with borrowed money and corporate income taxes? CONFUSION SETS IN, LOL

      Yes you see the individual income tax is almost exactly equal to one number every year, that is the deficit, within 10% or less like clockwork!

      That is all the new money we borrow and owe back to the federal reserve. Basically your income tax finances the Fed, all the other shit you are concerned about is paid for with other taxes or with borrowed money we then owe the fed. By the way we don’t need the Fed they were created in 1913, same year as the income tax, but, well you knew that right.

    • I was prepared to have the conversation with this Navy guy about the military. Cause, yes, it would have come to “muh military”.

      It’s assumed that if you’re against government, you’re against police, military, postal service, etc etc.


      I’m just against the guy that signs the front of your paycheck. Your boss. The government.

      But the idea of a privatized police force, or privatized national security, or anything else, is completely unfathomable to the entrenched statist.

      I’d also like to point out that if we privatize national security, we cease to be the playground bully. We make friends, not enemies, with other nations. And if we don’t like the way they _______, we stop doing business with them.

      But then we get to ‘who really cares right now HOW? can’t we just all admit that government is immoral, and needs to be abolished?!’

      Who would pick the cotton?
      Who would build the bridges?
      Who would _________?

      Who effing cares? Leave it up to private enterprise, private entrepreneurship, and get government out of the way, and then we’ll figure out a better way.

      “But, muh regulations!”

      • I fixed both your posts for you if you want people to read them put some spaces between the paragraphs, or it looks like a blob of text.

    • A small complaint about the “muh roads” discussion. First I am 99% with you on anarchy or at least minarchy, but it annoys me when you belittle or actually divert from the real problem of roads and other communal infrastructure.

      Yes, we all know governments do not build roads, they just steal money to pay companies to build roads, BUT those companies could almost NEVER do it on their own because they could never buy the land/rights of way.

      I know you know this, but probably because you have had to deal with too many people who don’t deal with things logically or rationally and the whole roads issue is probably some kind of third rail discussion in some corners of the internet, but getting rights of way will be an issue for an anarchist society, not an insurmountable one, but an issue none the less, that we will have to find a solution for. So I think it is disingenuous to keep repeating stuff like “any idiot can build a flat thing” when you know building the road isn’t the real issue.

      Just a friendly note, from someone who really wants a lot less government,
      Keep up the great work.

      • Sorry but even there I just hear,

        muh roads

        Really I do, again timelines though. There are so many other things to get government out of before we even worry about muh roads and that is the real point of muh roads.

        Let me add how many NEW roads do we need at this point. Not maintained and fixed brand new roads?

        • How many new roads? Well I could say roads are just a placeholder for rails, pipelines or power lines, but I’ll go with something that can’t be local and we both care about, the internet. You used to lay cable. Who owned the land? How much do you think it would have cost to buy all those rights of way?

          Again, not here to annoy you, just remind you of a point you already knew.

        • Those paths are also established. Any new developments will want those services. I mean people act as if this is complicated or you can’t have something like a utility or road right of way in an anarchy. Not to mention data cables will be pretty useless in another decade or so, way way way before we need to skin that cat.

          Google “the commons in an anarchy” you will find that common lands, roads, etc are an accepted part of anarchist life.

        • Consider in Arkansas my road all 6 miles of it was commonly owned by residents and a private road. We even paid the county to service it as a stand alone line item, we could have chosen anyone.

          It was pretty simple too, each resident paid an equal share, no one even enforced it. We just all agreed we need maintenance it costs, X everyone needs to pay in by date ___.

          No one held out or bitched because it came to like 250 bucks a head and the work had us good to go for 10 years at that point. We were about to sell and didn’t bitch because a fixed up road helps sell a house.

          These were not rich folks either, 90% of the residents had mobile homes. The developer even chipped in an equal share for each of the 10 lots he had yet to sell.

          What would we have done if someone said, I am not paying?

          Most likely asked them if the money was a problem due to it being tight right now? Covered it and helped them out.

          The alternative everyone knew was to ask the county to take the road over, they would have and the property taxes would have cost a lot more than 250 bucks for 10 years. A lot of little maintenance on the dirt part would occasionally cost us say 500 bucks split 10 ways for the guy that owned a dozer and lived down the road.

          When you give folks a chance to solve shit, they tend to. And yep the phone and power companies were happy to run their service lines on the private road as long as we the owners singed a contract granting them easement for 99 years. No government required.

          Ben Falk lives on a private road too and they pay almost nothing for it. He uses his excavator to grade spots as necessary, charges the neighbors nothing and just asks in return they don’t bitch during his workshops when there are a lot of students using the road.

      • Exactly, leads for finding handyperson to do something for you, and/or leads for jobs that need done.

        • That is SO NOT what I am talking about. I am talking about eliminating middlemen. This site does nothing but sell your info to a whole bunch of people then you get harassed for days afterword. If we ever we do anything like this we use a google voice number we deactivate after a few days and a throw away email account.

          The concept we are trying to get to here is people DIRECTLY CONNECTING, with no one taking a skim off the top in between or pimping your info out to 5 companies that you never wanted to talk to in the first place.

      • Then you might want to find a different company to reference because Uber is the very definition of a middle man. I drive for them, I know how it works.

        Perhaps the new upstart Arcade City? AC is decentralized and built on the Etherium blockchain. Once they have there App updated I’ll use Uber to lead generate and hand out business cards for the AC app. Use them against themselves…

        However, the Thumbtack thing is only a fee for the first contact for that job. Once you quote and are accepted for that job, you have the ability to develop your own relationship with that client without Thumbtack skimming any further.

        • Uber is in the middle but they provide a platform for a direct connection to a provider. I can see how many are in my area now, I can summon the level of service I want, I know the price before I do. I can talk directly to a driver in route, my information is not then sent to 5 other drivers to stalk me for future business.

          I am not forced to fill out a questionnaire just to become a “qualified lead” so that I can be sold off at a higher price.

          Would I like to see a service like uber with no one in the middle at all? Yep sure would that is what I am talking about here. But due to the nature of what uber does (competes in the regulated world of taxi driving) it isn’t possible in that niche.

          Frankly Angies List is closer to what I am talking about than the site you referenced even though “angie” is a middle man, once I find a provider I choose to or not to contact them. I can check their rep etc.

    • I get what you’re saying believe me, At the time of my earlier post Tmbtk was the best thing I had found.
      I think Fermat is a better attempt at what I understand you to be looking for. (I just found out about it this afternoon.) And will be looking further into it as I just downloaded the android alpha app.

      The new Uber is Arcade City.
      I’m really excited about this one as an active UberX driver.
      It will give the riders the option to pay however they want. Request specific drivers.
      It will give the driver options too, ability to change rates according to the market etc. Create an actual relationship with clients, get referrals. Accept tips and more. Like I said I’m excited about this and the future counter economy as a whole.

  4. Jack,
    I thought I heard that you use Skype for interviews and you back up your recordings (except for interviews) with your other computer.

    Isn’t it possible to have a Skype conference call with you on one computer, you on the other, and your interviewee? Then you could (probably) record it on both. There is your two is one, if it works… I imagine you would need two Skype accounts, but that shouldn’t be too hard to do.

  5. On the police body cams. I work in security and deal with police on a regular basis and have asked them their thoughts on the whole issue and to a person it comes out as “it will take away our discretion on stops. we will have to issue you a ticket. I wont be able to let you go with a warning.”
    To me these are excuses and almost seem like a line from higher up that they were coached to give.
    In reality discretion is written into the laws and I doubt that the officer that let the soccer mom go with a warning will get in trouble for it.
    Stop making up excuses for it and get body cams.
    I tell all the guards I have working for me that the cameras are your friend as you will be on video doing your job. The flip side is they are your enemy if you are a lazy dishonest SOB.

    • As I have actually received written warnings for speeding and for like a light that was out, that dog does not hunt.

      I also got a ticket for doing 5 over one time from a guy just being a dick to be a dick and clearly in need of making his quota by EOM.

      So bullshit on stuff like that.

      Like I said I do worry about discretion for minor crimes but traffic they always have the ability to issue a warning a camera won’t change that.

      • Yup I wish we didn’t need cameras. I wish everyone was honest and good. But there are to many people that will take advantage or be an a hole. The body cams should be in place.

    • This whole “it will take the discretion out of stops” argument is actually a feature not a flaw, but I can see why police don’t see it that way. I would rather see these stupid laws enforced evenly so that enough people get affected so that the laws get overturned. I hate people who can buy their way out of tickets with PBA/FOP cards or because they are police/government themselves. Police discretion puts police and the public into a oppositional roles where police have too much power. I don’t see that cameras are going to remove this but it is still the moral choice and maybe when a couple of mayor’s wives get caught the laws will be changed.

  6. Spot it up sounds great but I didn’t find any spots. I made a spot and then went back and it wasn’t there so not to sure how it is all supposed to work.

    any advice would be great.

  7. Not many dashcams will pivot to face the window. None of the good ones will. With so many assclowns in society, its a wise investment to have one.

  8. Jack,
    I ordered the Dr. Earth “Organic” Premium Gold product from amazon, but they sent me the exact item shown on your link, but instead of where it should say “organic” it says “Pure and Natural”. I wrote them and told them that they sent me the wrong thing. They apologized and resent it and they once again shipped the “Pure and Natural” label. I went to their website and they don’t even show a “Pure and Natural” label, but only the “organic” one. What does your’s say?

    • Label change? IDK, have not bought any this year. Mine looks like the listed picture.

      • This was Dr. Earth’s response when I asked them about the label.

        Matt: Thank you for your recent inquiry. Please not that Amazon is not an authorized retailer/seller of any of our products. Usually they have vendors that purchase large quantities of specific brands of products from other retailers, and then sell them on the website, however; that being said, yes all of our products that we have are organic, as well as being pure and natural. That label you see on the product you ordered is from a year or so ago. I hope this helps, and even though you purchased the product from Amazon, we are still here to assist in any way we can.
        Thank You
        Customer Care Specialist
        Dr. Earth, Inc.
        Phone: 707-448-4676
        Fax: 707-448-4760