Episode-2206- Listener Calls for 4-19-18 — 12 Comments

  1. To the cancer patient in WA state. Call me. 206-510-0408
    Can talk to you off line.

  2. Jack, there is an overlap with your audio during the answer of social media and the question of Ark. I wasn’t able to fully understand your answer.

  3. James, the egg guy in MEMPHIS. Fellow anarchist and MEMPHIS is area tsper. If interested in getting together for a beer let me know

  4. I love the technical gremlins on TSP! Seriously, this is what makes me come back for more over the past 6 years…knowing this isn’t some canned BS show from a “high production, sanitized for teacups, safe space trigger friendly, corporate mass media outlet”.  At exactly the time when you mention the analogy of not taking someones phone call because their an assclown (referring to the next evolution of social media platforms) the next user call mixes in. Please don’t fix this…it’s TSP Gold.

    All the best,

    Brian from Oregon

    • I actually agree with you about the gremlins being sort of a sign of raw quality .
      When I was a kid I used to struggle to contineously keep in tune old valve radios and old transistor radios to tune into distant radio stations such as Radio Moscow which our goverenments in western Europe were trying ti block snd jam.
      You see, to try and see past the propaganda of our own governments we had to listen to the propaganda of distant governments then figure out the truth whick was somewhere in the middle.
      I have noticed that as radio and video quality technical quality has vastly improved over the last 40 years, yet the knowledge quality of mainstream media has inversely gone to shite such that I don’t own a tv any more and I rarely ever turn on a radio now.

  5. Jack, I know you have an extreme bias against them, but brussel sprouts and bacon are a match made in heaven. Give it a shot.

  6. I have a funny story about water storage.

    A few years ago, I had a clear plastic Nalgene water bottled that I carried with me everywhere, it was the only thing I drank from. Had it for months, never washed it. Spent a lot of time outside.

    Well, clear plastic plus sun plus never washing it, know what that equals? Algae, of course.

    I ended up with algae growing in the bottom of my water bottle.

    I never got sick. I actually said fuck it, if I was going to get sick I would already be sick, so I didn’t wash it. I wanted to be closer to nature.

    Never got sick, even with a little bit of algae literally growing in the water I was drinking.

  7. To the cancer guy .. first .. that sucks, sorry man 🙁

    second .. Stefan Molyneux went to the Oklahoma surgery center .. he has talked about it before in a very positive way.

  8. Hi Brian,

    Will give you a call this coming week.

    Thanks for the tip, Tom from NY.

    Appreciate it, fellas.  I’ve had a bone to pick with “Big Medicine” for a while, and now I’ve got to play their game (or not, if I can avoid it).  Generally, I’ve found the docs are great, but the lawyers, corporate accountants, dot-gov busybodies and c-suite parasites just piss me off.  I ***know*** there’s graft and kickback going on that would make Goering blush. The “consent for treatment” I had to sign was unreal.  I barked at the office manager, who didn’t even understand why anyone would object to signing a blanket financial consent-to-screwing agreement.  I signed it with the words “signed under duress”, because, you know, cancer.  I’d like to do an end run around the government-enabled monopoly clowns in our bad joke of a health care system.  Nothing at all against the actual meat engineers, those guys have been sterling.

    Thanks again,