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  1. Having spent 15 years working at Fort Meade, I can say that very few world events are as they appear. There are some truly dark corners of our intelligence agencies. Look at what the US was willing to do to provoke and blame Cuba in the 1960’s with Project Northwoods.

    I agree that the events in Boston don’t have an overall objective. The question is, why weren’t we on top of it and didn’t prevent it from happening?

  2. I just pulled a few thousand out of the bank, and the teller did a double check on the amount to see if I had to fill out special paperwork. When I asked what the limit was that triggered the extra paperwork, she said she was not allowed to tell me. It made me feel like the money wasn’t really mine until I got it out of the bank building.

    • I have not listened to the show yet, so I’m a bit in the dark, but it sounds like your special paperwork was just a suspicious activity report (SAR). you can look it up if you want to. It’s just big brothers way of using/forcing everyday people to keep tabs on eachother. there’s probably too many of us out here to watch without enlisting help.
      Tellers look for signals that trigger a report, they can get chewed out for not making enough reports and they can lose their job for telling you a report was done on you.
      My info comes from a teller who though it was a violation of customers rights. He was called onto the carpet a couple times and finally threatened with his job. He responded by completing a sar on everyone who came to his window. So he was called in again and questioned about it. He told the boss that he was not trained like the fbi and all of his customers looked suspitious.
      He didn’t last there much longer, but I give him credit standing ground.

      • oh yeah, and they aren’t just for banks. Gun shops, army/navy stores, hardware stores and any other place us crazy people might go are being “asked” to make reports.

    • Went to my local PNC bank last week, asked them about safe deposit box…I asked how secure, and under what circumstances will somebody other than myself access the box. The manager just said,” The government. Whatever the government says, we do.” Then he went on to inquire,” Why, thats a bit of red flag, do you have something illegal for you to ask, maybe we don’t want you to deposit in our banks…” Yeah. That didnt go so well. At the end, he told me that if its a “legal order” they will follow it, and 99% of them are signed by judges. I asked what if homeland security comes and doesnt have a warrant or paperwork? He said it has to go to my legal department. Point 1: I left a complaint about his behavior Point 2: They are very open about the fact that there are no guarantees for what you put in their bank accounts or safe deposit books, and Point 3 you’re a criminal if you inquire about who has access…God, hate the banks sometimes. (I have my bus accts there, not enough in there to worry too much in case of shenanigans, but still).

      *Update* Complained to the banks 1-800 number (Escalation Service desk), called over 4 times, demanded an apology or show of good will and waive the fee for a safe deposit box. They finally agreed to waive it for me to go away. They still act like pricks with your money, but at least you can demand satisfaction if they dont “cow” you into submission.

      • If I’m not mistaken, as part of the Patriot act, completely changed the safety deposit box situation.

        • You are correct. Prior to it a Safety Deposit box was just “secure storage”, sure they could get a warrant but it would be like any warrant.

          Buried as one of the many little gems in this unconstitutional pile of crap that we are told exists to “keep us safe” was a provision that defined a safe deposit box as a “financial relationship” and as such subject to the same scrutiny as any bank account.

          A safe deposit box though is still secure and what is in it is your own business unless you become the subject of an investigation. For anything outside of terrorism though they still need a warrant to look inside the box but you know they get pretty damn creative with what is “terrorism suspicion” when it suits them.

    • @Jack

      I can tell you from personal professional experience that the
      $10,000 threshold is 100% reported by banks as a Suspicious Action Report (SAR). Unless the teller/bank has any additional information or personal suspicions, this report does not contain anything but the amount of money transacted. If you want a “big brother” financial report on your “permanent record” getting SARs is a good way to do it.

      As I was implying one can actually get a SAR regardless of whether or not you’re pulling out 10k dollars, and in fact if you went in and consistently pulled out just sub 10,000 dollars and the bank took “notice” they could write a SAR on the activity as possible money laundering. (This isn’t conspiracy theory, this is what happens). The US Treasury Department, the FBI and all the other financial related departments most certainly acutely look for money laundering.

      But at the end of the day unless you’re laundering money, you’re not doing something illegal, and SARs (generally) don’t prompt investigations. Usually its used as corroberating information.

      • I should have added, what is now becoming even more troubling is that the CIA and the NSA (my bigger concern) are now pushing to get access to FinCEN data (SARs mostly). Currently they have no access other than a case by case basis and if I’m not mistaken must go through the FBI to get the information.

        • Last reply ha. I’m replying to this in real time listening to the podcast.

          Jack your final statement about how to pull it out, in my opinion is definitely the best. Tell the bank, be open, you want to withdraw the money out and want to keep it in cash. Absolutely nothing illegal. The only issue that might come up with bank policy.

      • I would recommend that if you want to pull out a large amount and hold it as cash that you put it into a safe deposit box in that bank. Do it all as a one time shot. Then the cash doesn’t have to leave the building and it’s security, very safe thing to do. Then if you want to access your safe deposit box and move items that are in it (cash) you don’t have to worry about physically moving all that money at once. It may also improve the tone of the report the teller files.

      • That was the good old days. Everything is now reported in a way and the amount that is subject to a SAR was lowered.

        It is now either 3K or 4K, I don’t remember which.

        • Really? I don’t remember reading SARs that low, but to be honest I haven’t the foggiest on that.

          I thought you were implying that they’ don’t track em, not, they have made them significantly more likely! The wifey and I have basically started doing a “take out 300-500” from the ATM every week or so policy. That’s been working out quite well. Actually we’re trying to switch to using cash in general, she’s much better at it than I am.


  3. So that’s why Alex Jones is so nuts – he’s under the influence of the gov’t psy ops! There’s really no other explanation for his lunacy 😉

    On a more serious note, great discussion on false flags. It was well reasoned and I’m glad you made the point that you can have questions or think an official explanation stinks without being a full-blown conspiracy theorist. Something about Newtown bothered me at the time (beyond the obvious fact that it was a horrendous tragedy).

  4. Good show, one small correction, I-95 goes nowhere near Atlanta. As a former resident of Jacksonville and the Southeast in general, I think many of us grimmest at this error. Not that I ever plan on setting foot near Duval county ever again. But never say never, right. Anyway, 75 and 85 go thru Atlanta. I know that wasn’t your point, but using that as a starting symbolism in your argument sounded really bad.

  5. Bitcoin Info

    The Wiki:

    Max Bitcoins: 21 Million

    Smallest fractional unit: 0.00000001 BTC (called a ‘Satoshi’)

    – Is throttled so that only 25 BTC are ‘discovered’ every ten minutes (the number found halves every 4 years, so in 2017 it will be 12.5 BTC every ten minutes)
    – All BTC will be found by 2140
    – Mining is more like doing Lottery Scratchers than ‘mining’..
    – Every 2016 ‘Lottery Wins’ the difficulty of winning is adjusted based on how many people are playing

    Buying Bitcoins expecting appreciation, or mining Bitcoins, is a SPECULATION.. do NOT speculate with a penny you can’t afford to lose.

    • Reading what little I have about Bitcoin, it feels late to the party, and isn’t worth the effort. I have read a few times that if your hard drive crashes or your wallet get corrupted for some reason, all your bitcoins are gone. The risk of something that is completely anonymous and has no paper trail. If you want bitcoin, best to get on off-site backup service for your computer files.

      • Your bitcoin ‘wallet’ can be backed up as many times as you like, in as many places as you like.

        And, as your wallet is actually just a couple of long numbers, it can even be printed out and stored on paper. The nice thing about the paper method is that its not really hackable. 🙂

      • Should add.. the common bitcoin wallet has encryption built in (so people can’t steal your wallet).. its just a checkbox in your wallet options.

      • One of the ways I ‘back up’ my wallet is I just put it in an encrypted zip file, and e-mail it to myself. Free, and secure. (I use a REALLY long encryption key).

      • That is good to know they have a paper method. My point in mentioning this issue is much like keeping cash/gold/etc. in your home, the owner is responsible for its security. Being a piece of electronic information, just as easy as it is to backup in many locations and as many times as you need; it just as easy to forget to backup, to refresh those backups, etc.

        • There is one nice thing with bitcoin about forgotten backups..

          What your ‘wallet’ actually contains is a set of ‘keys’. Each key can ‘unlock’ an amount of Bitcoins. Having those keys proves to the network that you own the bitcoin.

          When you pay for something, you tell the network ‘I’m transferring ownership to this person’ and what it does is RE-keys the lock, so that your key no longer works, and then passes the *new* key to the person on the other end.

          So your wallet doesn’t ‘contain’ any bitcoins, its just a ring of keys used to prove you have a right to certain bitcoins (exactly like a safety deposit box key).

          Because of this, if you forget to backup, all of the keys you have on your *backup* ring, are still good. So your only loss is any *new* keys you received since your last backup.

          [When you ‘protect’ your wallet, what you’re really doing is keeping a thief from making copies of your keys.]

      • Insidious beat me to it. Contrary to Jack’s advice, I’d recommend people at least consider bitcoin as a high risk long term investment. As some have put it: it’s “gold for nerds.” It’s the gold of the 21st century as far as I’m concerned.

        As a prepper it would be a very good idea to buy some coin, learn to transfer them, store them in various ways, spend them and sell them. Once you’re comfortable with those basic skills you’ll probably see why bitcoin or a currency based on it has tremendous potential. A BTC paper wallet is a billion times better than a few pieces of gold in your emergency bag. Hell, a “brain wallet,” is a great option too. This is where you literally memorize a 15-20 alphanumeric key which is used to access your funds. Imagine walking around with $20,000 USD equivalent in your brain!?

        As big online storefronts continue to jump on board and accept bitcoin the # of people who want a piece of it goes up and so does the price. Bitcoin might get replaced tomorrow with something slightly better (I doubt it), but the principles behind bitcoin ARE NOT GOING AWAY so it would be smart to acclimate yourself to the future. Don’t stand around afraid of it, learn to use it and benefit from it now while its still new.

        • I some what agree. Rather have a bit coin wallet than gold? No I’m good. I can assure you anybody on this planet would be willing to take gold, not so much bitcoins.

          However, I will 100% agree with the value of bit coins. Not only is there the privacy thing, but the ability to literally go anywhere in the world and carry nothing physical, and be able to withdraw somewhere else. I can’t remember the guy’s name but the other day on the Keiser report he aptly called it a banking system without no central authority. Literally you can go anywhere in the world, and so long as you can find a bitcoin dealer, you can exchange for X,Y,Z.

  6. HHO? Um…water? The only way to run an engine off water is to convert the water to oxygen and hydrogen. This is usually do e by electrolysis. As we have not become perfect beings yet any conversion of energy always results in a loss of some portion of that energy. If you use electricity to convert water to hydrogen then burn the hudrogen to convert it into kunetic energy then use that kinetic energy to run a generator to make the electricity to use to convert water into hydrogen you have performed at least three conversions of energy. As you lose a little energy at each of the three conversions steps there is not only not enough energy left over in your kinetic step to move your two ton vehicle you actually don’t have enough energy to keep the process running. Better to just burn a fuel for conversion to kinetic energy and only lose the energy from one conversion. For instance, just fill your car with gas and call it good.

  7. Just had to share. I was listening to this podcast with my daughter ,who is 8. She was listening to the response for the guy from TX with the cedar trees. When Jack said to put the swales in and plant legumes. When Jack said “Cow Peas”, my daughter looked at me and scrunched her nose and said “EWWW, cow pea, that gross”.
    I had to explain, not cow pee, but cow PEA. LOL. Guess what’s going into the garden now?

  8. you CAN run a car on hydrogen check out steve harris’s site and roy mcalisters car. the video for doing this in not a step by step video but it can be done.

    • Of course you can run a car on Hydrogen, duh! That has nothing to do with HHO rip off BS.

      • Running a car on hydrogen works just fine, so long as you aren’t trying to make your own hydrogen at the same time. Thats when you get into the area of scam crap.

  9. I’ve always had good results stopping chickens from eating eggs by blowing out an egg and filling it with hot sauce and placing it back in the nest. Normally one or two of those does the trick, particularly if only one bird is involved.

  10. Excellent bit on false flags. I have heard about the video of the sandy hook tragedy. I have not seen it yet.
    Good info about 9/11.

  11. I think this was the podcast that asked about soldier fly eating protein..

    I raise 600 pounds of tilapia per year in my 12.5′ x 13′ x 2.5′ pond. At the end of October when east Texas weather gets too cool I have a lot of fish guts that I feed to the soldier larvae and they eat all of it with no problem, including road kill. The key is to add lots of dry grass, hay, or leaves so that there is less stink!

    Tilapia can have some fatty liver problems if fed to many bsf, but it’s not often a problem if it’s a 7 month grow out.

  12. Great show Jack Spirko. I loved your take on the cover crop problem, you saved me some work.

  13. I have to dissent on the nuclear weapons use on Japan issue. The question is not so cut and dry. Sure, there were those who said the bombing was superfluous and that Japan would have capitulated anyway (like Eisenhower). But there is certainly contrary evidence as well. To this day it is a matter of significant dispute. Tell the men (and women) who had to deal with this and who were slated to go in like my late grandfather, and the balance will be pretty clear. Of interest is looking into the scope of bombing before the nuclear bombs were dropped. There were few industrial or military targets left for significant bombing. An analysis of this requires an understanding of the prevailing Japanese mindset at the time, which included bellicose training from childhood and a race superiority complex. What is beyond dispute is that war is hell for those trapped within it.

    • In your dissent you said,

      “There were few industrial or military targets left for significant bombing.”

      The irony of such a statement is palpable.

      The reality is by the time we dropped those two bombs we were able to bomb Japan at will and they pretty much couldn’t touch us. Yes despite what they tell you in history class that war was over when we incinerated two cities, just as the war with Germany was over when the Brits fire bombed Dresden.

      The reality is when you come up with certain weapons you want to use them while you can, make a show of force and all you know. Start an orchestrated cold war that will last 60 years, etc.

    • Killing another being is killing. And it is always a choice.. there is no such thing as ‘We had no choice but to..’

      We choose to kill because we prefer its consequences to those of not killing.

      When the military kills civilians, its saying to the leadership of a country ‘We will slaughter and torture your defenseless neighbors before your eyes until you submit to us. If you do not give in, you will cease to exist as a people (genocide).’

      When its done with nuclear weapons.. ‘We will incinerate your children. Your old people will writhe in unimaginable pain as their bodies disintegrate. Cancer and sickness will be plague you for generations. Your women will be sterile, and your water and your land poisoned.’

      Yeah. We ‘had to’ do it.

  14. As far as the conspiracy theories go you will never answer all the questions to everyone’s satisfaction. As for the problem with aircraft interceptors on 9/11 the New York planes were so short range and took us by such surprise that we didn’t have time to respond to those. Also, prior to 9/11 our focus on interceptors was still on the Soviets which have farther to travel and would generally come over the North Pole. There were unarmed interceptors sent up against the flight that crashed in Pennsylvania; here is a link to one of the news stories.–pilots-planned-ram-flight/

  15. Ok Jack I have to interject here because I’m sick of your constant bashing of Alex Jones. He does NOT believe EVERYTHING is caused directly by our government. I listen to him AND you every day and in regards to the Boston bombing he did say initially that this COULD be a lone, organic terrorist and not a government patsy or a false flag but chances are it isn’t and the more you read various eyewitness accounts, view raw footage, etc… it’s getting to look more like the two brothers were set up and they fought back to save their lives… False flag? Maybe, maybe not. Set up? Maybe, maybe not. As you said in this episode, if we don’t ask the questions we’d be fools. Is everything a conspiracy? No, and Alex says that.

    I understand why you do it, you don’t wanna look like a crazy, but then again when did you start caring what people thought about you?

    Keep up the good work otherwise… Love your show

    Chris H.

    • Alex does more to harm people with real questions then to help the cause. Yes everything that happens in the end, “the government did it”. I mean he said it could have been a lone terrorist when it happened but what is his story today? Tell me one thing the government didn’t do according to AJ. Swine flu? The government made it in a lab. Why? So they could kill us with another vaccine designed specifically to do so. You have had it with me bashing Jones? Well I have had it with that assclown making what I do so much harder because all preppers are associated with his loony toon antics. I am tired of him making an ass out of himself like he did with Piers Morgan and others then claiming “he won the debate”, when all he did was damage his own cause and made an ass out of himself.

      I am tired of this Alex Jones, the liar who throws his own supporters under the bus

      I won’t ignore this Alex Jones from Y2K either

      If you can listen to those two clips and especially the gun rally clip and see him screw over his own supporters, I don’t know what to say.

      Sure he brings up some very important stuff, I even credit him as a source when he does, but it is what he does after that is the issue. The MO is clear, find enough that is legitimate to sell that which is fabricated.