Episode-1964- Listener Calls for 3-9-17 — 12 Comments

  1. Great show today, enjoyed the Mexican American song bit. I never heard of the film before, anyone have a youtube link to the song.

  2. In Europe we have a tree called bog burch (probably a slang name) which grows on wet bog lands, it has a silver bark which often peels of by itself like paper. I t is considered a fairly useless timber because it has very little strength even if has not been attacked by woodworm. It is the only tree I know whick displays loads of woodworm holes even when it is young and still growing. Because it is regarded as useless therefore there was never a desire to cull it, it grows plentiful in wetlands and gets collected freely for firewood. Quite a useful timber for self reliant people. It is as though it is a resourse which is saw as too ecentric to tax.

  3. Hey Jack,
    This is IronTeaCup. I understand what you are talking about on the part of not going into the content making with a goal of making 100k a year or something. What I want to do is have ideas for when it gets going so I can kind of get some gears turning. To some extent, it is mental masturbation but I see it as a start to a business planish. I will continue making my progress in this area. So pretty much look at the niche and gear the monetization to that niche then?
    Thank you,

  4. RE: Hooking up natural gas to generator. This is an area where the learning curve can be fatal. There are codes because of post ka-boom investigations. Propane is heavier than air and will pond in low spots. Natural gas is lighter than air. Avoid copper fittings. Do some research into the rules, they are there for a reason and are a good guidelines for safety. If you are not experienced, when your project is finished, pay a plumber to come by and do a “pressure test” on all your work. Cheap price for the knowledge that it is done correctly. Also, if you burn your house down and it was installed wrong, the insurance company might not cover the loss.
    My 2 cents
    PS: unless you have a transfer switch, run the generator power into the house with extension cords only. If you plug the generator into a house receptacle, the main power line step down transformer become step up transformer going upstream. Not a good day for the linemen trying to get you energized.

  5. The first thing I done when I baught my house was to get the gas company to disconnect the gas supply,(and their standing charges), I ripped out the gas fire heater from the fireplace and installed a great big woodstove. I still use bottled butane to cook outside, I just don’t trust gas inside my home, I had a near miss with gas years ago because of an aged pipe breaking down. I agree with Jack where he advises to hire a qualified gas fitter to do any gas fittings work.

  6. All your food in your aquatic system will be poisonous because baby seal fat is high in mercury.

  7. FYI regarding the outside hookup for gas, it is not as expensive as you might think. I am comfortable working with gas because my father in law is a master pipe fitter and I’ve done quite a few jobs with him. So when I moved into my house I extended the 1″ gas line down the middle of the house and installed several T fittings to go to a stove, a clothes dryer, and an outside natural gas BBQ grill.

    The outside fitting is a Weber Grill quick disconnect, and would be perfect for hooking up a generator. In total though, it took me, with hand tools (including a hand-powered die for cutting the threads on the black pipe) about four hours to run three gas connections. A plumber will have an electric threading machine. So this is only a two hour job for a professional plumber. I’d be surprised if it costs more than $400 with parts and labor for a plumber to give you an outside quick disconnect.

    I absolutely love having a natural gas grill with that quick disconnect, and I’d definitely advise others to do the same. It’s great to never run out of propane while cooking, and having that quick disconnect for a generator would be great!

    One tiny note – black pipe rusts VERY quickly outside. As in just one or two weeks. So the day the work is complete, put some painters tape over the fitting and spray some metal spray paint to cover the black pipe pipe. It would take decades to rust through the pipe, but five minutes of painting will save you from having to get the rust off down the road.

  8. The Cheech & Chong clip was great. I’d like to see that as a segment of the show: “Politically Inappropriate Item Of The Day.” LOL

  9. Great show, but I don’t really agree with the response on cars. As self-sufficiency-minded people, it should be a priority to be able to work on your own car, and with most modern cars, that’s very difficult. I’d say to choose your car based on how easy it is to work on. Also, you should choose one that isn’t confined to nice, smooth, well-maintained roads. I’m not saying everyone needs a jacked-up V8 zombie-mobile, but you should have a vehicle that can handle at least a badly maintained road or a rough dirt or gravel road. Preserving your transportation in an emergency is almost as important as preserving your source of food, and I feel like that’s not really addressed in the show.

    Every prepper should own at least one vehicle that they can work on themselves, and that can handle rough roads.