Episode-2178- Listener Calls for 3-8-18 — 9 Comments

  1. +1 on the Hornet.  I would add that off the shelf Hornet rounds can be run through the K Hornet chamber to fire form brass.  Accuracy is still fine but there can be a POI shift.  One of my favorite things about the round is how quiet it is compared to most of the other center fires.  And yes, with proper shot placement, using properly designed bullets for the application and staying within reasonable ranges it works fine on larger game.  For a long time, it was a favorite of the Inuits and they were taking polar bear with it.

    For hand loading, the 40 gr. Vmax with Lil’Gun is a pretty potent little varmint combination.

    As good as Ruger  has been getting in the precision world lately, I would tend to shy away from the 77-22 for this round due to the 2 piece bolt.  The bolt locks up on the rear section instead of the front like the savage 10/110 2 piece.  There are some shim kits that are available that will take up some of the slop but it isn’t a very good system.  Plan on about 2MOA with the Ruger.  The TC Contenders are fantastic with this round if you can live with a single shot.

    • Thanks for mentioning fire forming, I should have mentioned it myself, that is how I made all my k-hornet brass, get a box and plink for a bit, now you have brass. Neck size and roll on.

      I have taken deer and hog with the hornet, Polar Bears? Not me bro, not me. If it can eat me we are starting at 338-06 and only going up from there.

  2. Back in the 1990 earlier 200os, blackhorse was used in the U.S. Army like  rumandcoke.

  3. Me either, the Eskimos were either a lot hungrier than we are or have much bigger kahunas than we do.    As I remember it had something to do with the value of the hides and the lack of pelt damage with that round.  But, for whitetails up to 100#’s or so, a high neck shot within 50-75 yards has always done just fine.

    Even though I’ve never lost a deer with that round and all have been quick kills, I still would not recommend it as a “deer cartridge” for anyone but seasoned hunters that have no problem letting a deer walk.

    When kept within it’s limitations though, the hornet is a fantastic little round.


  4. For the guy asking about patents, go to your library and get one or both of these books about licensing your ideas:

    One Simple Idea by Stephen Key

    How to License Your Million Dollar Idea by Harvey Reese

    Or order the from Amazon going through Jack’s link.

    The books might provide the solution to your problem. FWIW.

  5. You can file your own patent for about $50. The only further part that would cost money is the search to ensure you are valid. Pattern attorneys can often do that for a couple hundred bucks.

    Avoid the crap you see on tv. They just want to hose you by your fees.

  6. For trees on slope, I would also add Oak, Hickory, and chinese or hybrid Chestnut.  All acorns are edible, but there are also improved varieties of Oak that have bigger & sweeter acorns with fewer tannins and less processing to remove the bitter tannins.  Oikos Tree Crops is one source I have used and been happy with.  They have numerous “improved wild” selections.

  7. I’d be very surprised if the US is buying much steel from China for the defense industry due to DFARS clauses.