Episode-2396- Listener Calls for 3-7-19 — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks for answering the food storage while paleo/keto question.

    You R O C K.

    Keep it up, never let the descendants of unmarried couples get you or clan Spirko/ TSP community down.

    May wait deity you believe in bless you, help you stay motivated, focused and keeping on with GSD.

  2. I eat what I like to call a pre-industrial diet under a low carbohydrate umbrella.  I adopted Jack’s plan of “eat what you store and store what you eat”.  I rotate foods through, and I now have a 6-12 months supply of food on hand by adding 2-3 items at a time when things on sale or just shopping.  I have two upright freezers and two refrigerators – mainly because the first ones were 10 years old and I was afraid of break downs so bought replacements – you know one is none (smile). 

    In addition to what Jack mentioned (or I heard him mention) I freeze cream.  It won’t whip but can be used otherwise like fresh.  I freeze cheese.  It will be crumbly but tastes great and melts just fine.  I freeze lots of nuts – mainly to give them a long shelf life.  I have almonds, brazil nuts, cashews, peanuts, pecans, walnuts.  I keep several jars of nut butters in the refrigerator to extend shelf life. 

    I have a wide variety of meats frozen such as liver, beef heart, chickens, chicken thighs, chicken wings, turkey wings (to die for smoked), grass fed ground beef, chuck roasts, steaks, pork belly, bacon, pork roasts pork chops, individually frozen fish, lard, butter, coffee to extend shelf life, etc.  We eat from this using the oldest and replacing.  I also have powdered milk, beans and rice, canned tomatoes, canned pumpkin, canned fish, etc. 

    Canned pumpkin is an excellent natural diarrhea fighter and it is nutritious.  I have frozen veggies and fruits on hand.  I make homemade soups in bulk (beef veg, turkey veg, chicken tortilla sans any tortillas) and freeze in meal size portions.  I do the same with casseroles like noodle-less lasagna in the freezer in meal size portions.  Wish I did NOT have gasoline generators – but I do.  So, we have a 500 gallon gas tank treated with marine grade fuel extender.  We use most of it every 18 months and immediately refill it.

  3. One reason not mentioned to incorporate would be to insulate personal assets in case of a law suit. Or at least that’s my understanding. As someone very familiar with the entertainment industry, I would say there is a high chance of a law suit coming out of an event like the original caller described. If the event is put on by a corporation rather than an individual, then the individual’s assets should be safer than if sued directly.

  4. It is a thing, it is not the thing it used to be, especially with individual LLCs at this point. As the sole member (officer) you have full control over all decisions. It has made “piercing the corporate veil” far more common.

    In other words Mike LLC is run by Mike, not 25 board members with a fiduciary responsibility to 500,000 share holders and 300 employees.

    It makes getting to your personal assets more complicated (more paperwork) but doesn’t really protect them the way people that sell the concept of LLC tell you it does.

    Asset protection is a totally different ball of wax, corps, LLCs are only one piece of that. The real key is not personally own shit. IE your real estate is held by another, LLC, your money is in a trust, etc. They can still sue you, they can still say you own X but they can’t get to said assets if it is done right.

    In the end though this is what insurance is for, if you are wrong, but you have insurance, it is the “easy money” so that is what the lawyers go for.

  5. Regarding the caller with a concert/entertainment venue:

    One option is to contract with an event company like Live Nation.  They can not only run events and help shield you from liability,  but also drive attendance to increase revenue.  Just a thought.