Episode-1081- Listener Calls for 3-4-13 — 17 Comments

  1. I have the PowerDome and have used it 4 times in 2 years. Once to inflate a low tire, enough to get me to the tire repair place. 3 times to jump start a car both mine and others. It is much easier to pull out the PowerDome instead of putting two cars close enough to get jumper cables to work.
    It is a faster solution than AAA and cheaper.
    My only issue with it is I wish they had put a storage compartement for the charger so it can be kept with the unit.

  2. Most people that I talk to in Austin are stocking up on ammo for 2 reasons. One is that they are wanting to purchase it before the price goes up due to potential new ammo taxes or just due to supply. Two since ammo is in short supply they want enough to be able to practice with in case that it gets even harder to purchase.

    • Three. People are fearing an (economic) collapse and riots, etc and planning accordingly. I might add that #1 needs to be modified to include the word ‘inflation’.

      I live in a very urban/suburban area of East Phoenix. I stock up on my ammo supply for the third reason.


      • And (some) people (me for example) are ‘panic’ buying since they fear (and are probably right) the next Sandyhook.

        All IMO.

    • And possible ammunition registries or background checks on the purchase (see New York state).

  3. Jack, loved the future of TSP question/answer. Any chance of some bigger video projects coming along? I’d love to see some kickstarters related to bigger video undertakings, for instance, get a small kickstarter going to bring Steven Harris down and set up some alternative energy on the homestead. I know you have some plans for workshops. Let us pitch in for the costs and in return we get the vids? Thanks man.

  4. Another great show! I like what you are saying about no till. My tiller was passed down to me from my great grandfather so I’m not going to sell it on Craigslist, but I think I will turn it into a garden ornament, and maybe plant some pole beans or cucumbers on it.

    I recently saw a great video that demonstrates it very well on vimeo called back to Eden. The guy on the movie has been gardening that way for years with awesome results. It really explains it well, and it’s free. Here is the link.

    • Wow, thanks for the link. Watched the first five minutes. Can’t wait till I get some time with my wife to watch the whole thing. Photography is excellent, looking forward to watching it.

      • Yeah, I think it’s an excellent video for people to begin to transition from conventional gardening to a more permaculture approach, besides being very convincing on the no-till/gardening with mulch method.

  5. I heard a great program about how messed up campaign finance, I think this summer. Its bad when you hear others talk about it, your blood will boil when you hear the congress-clowns themselves talking about it. Its a challenge to listen to the whole program and not throw your computer/mp3 player across the room but I think its worth it.

  6. Pottsville vs Pottstown. Jacked I was laughing yesterday when I heard the caller mistake Pottsville vs Pottstown. I always loved everything about beer and I read an article about the Yuengling Brewery being the oldest continuos run brewery in the country. I decided to take a road trip with some freinds that loved beer and visit the brewery. Having lived in Northern New Jersey, Yuengling at that time was kind of an exotic beer you didn’t see too often. I borrowed my dad’s fold up PA map and took off with my freinds. I figured once I got to Pottsville, I would ask the first person I saw where the brewery was. We drove for about 2 1/2 hours, passing by Philly, arriving to the town where I thought thought the brewery was. I saw a guy walking his dog, rolled down my window and said, Sir, can you direct me to the Yuengling Brewery? He said, I can tell you it is about an hour and a half, maybe longer Northwest of here. He must have noticed the confused look on my face and said, you got the wrong Potts. You want Pottsville, your in Pottstown. After taking a good natured beating from my freinds, we drove to Philly and found some good bars to hang out in.

  7. Jack,
    Really liked the answer on the Steelers and the reason you like football. I played college football and then was fortunate enough to play for about 3 years in the NFL. Playing the game is the toughest thing I have ever done – physically and mentally. Nothing else comes remotely close. I agree with what you said 100%.

    You had a guest on awhile back( think it was Rory) that said one of the best things that can happen to a young man for self defense is when he gets hit so hard in high school football it completely rocks his world. Then he has to get up and face that again. Football teaches you a lot about yourself and is a great game.

    Really enjoy your show.

  8. I was born and raised in Nevada. The best I can say on Harry Reid is that he claims to back the 2nd amendment rights and has vote for them in the past but there is a wonderful bumpber sticker with a picture of Harry Reid and it says “Reid Tarded” He is a retard for lack of a better word. I will not call a mentally challenged person that but for him it is very fitting.