Episode-1756- Listener Calls for 3-31-16 — 20 Comments

  1. The circus song is perfect for this presidential election. Its also perfect for nearly every job I have had.

  2. I actually recently ran into the two-layer identification system. Don’t recall where, but some site expected me to verify with a text or phone-call verification… and then rejected my phone number as ‘non-viable’ for some reason [perhaps because it’s a VOIP number.]

    I do get kind of sick of the assumption so many seem to have that everyone has a cell phone. I’ve had one at various times in my life, but I’ve been without a Wireless Leash for a few years now and it’s pretty nice. Able to just focus and get shit done without several interruptions per hour.

  3. You frequently say that a big problem with “kids these days” is the lack of a solid male role model in childhood, I agree with that but I think the problem is deeper and more multi-generational that that.

    Example: A man who never had a strong father figure, who then has a kid, and decides “well, I need to put a foot in his ass because that’s how you’re supposed to raise kids, right?” When he really has no idea what the heck he’s doing. That’s even more damaging.

    That’s what happened with my family. Fortunately I had a step father who was a solid person, and when I ended up living with my friend for my senior year of high school, his father who was an amazing example of how to live.

  4. I Think I will make the Circus song my morning wake up Alarm LoL *;*
    Daily Brain Box Check

  5. On the song, great selection. Another that comes to mind is “Born in ’58” by Bruce Dickinson, with a very similar theme ( I almost thought that was the song you were going to introduce from your lead-in description).

    Born in a mining town in ’58.
    When black and white TV was up to date.
    And men were still around.
    Who fought for freedom. Stood their ground and died.
    That I could be alive and see the damage,
    that we’ve managed since.
    In this septred isle. Is nothing sacred.
    Just a one square mile.

    Justice and Liberty. You can buy, but you don’t get free.
    In a world of steel and glass. We bury our past.

    On and On. We slept till dawn. When we awoke, we hardly spoke.

    My grandfather taught me how to fight.
    Old fashioned stuff like wrong and right.
    But all around I see his morals buried in a mess
    Of money troubles, Born in a mining town in ’58.
    When black and white TV was up to date.
    And men were still around.
    Who fought for freedom, stood their ground and died.

    On and On. We slept till dawn.
    When we awoke, it was, all the same.

  6. On your DEF comments: DEF is used to filter out the exhaust particles like 99%. It’s still a pain, but for semi trucks is cool. I didn’t know it was law for regular pick-ups.

  7. Will you consider putting a police officer on the “expert council”?

    I’m clueless when it comes to my rights while dealing with cops.

  8. If I remember right, Ultra low sulfer fuel requirements started in 2007 which is about the time DEF started being used. I scrambled to buy a 2006 Dodge to keep from have the emissions changes.

  9. Since my nephews and nieces were born every year for their Birthday I buy them the current year American Eagle. When they get older they will have a nice little collection of Eagles. For Christmas I also buy them some sort of silver as well. They get excited every year when they open their silver, just as much as they do with gifts. I know they will have it years from now and besides the value its a nice keep sake from their aunt.

  10. On the DEF in trucks, the Fords prior to 2011 are non-DEF (when they switched to the 6.7). The 7.3 (99-03), 6.0 (03.5-07), and 6.4 (2008-2010) were non-DEF but the 6.0 and 6.4 trucks had some emissions equipment (DPF and EGR).

    IIRC, the Dodge Ram/Cummins trucks lasted until 2012 and the GM Duramax trucks switched over in 2011 (though, same as Ford, they rolled in various emissions controls from 04 on in the way of EGR, Cat. convertors, DPF from 04-ish on).

    As far as the availability of DEF (and I’m not condoning it . . . I curse this crap), it’s available at most truck stops now and at just about every auto parts store. My father manages an O’Reilly’s and they sell the hell out of it. Several diesel guys I know that have newer diesels keep a gallon of it in their trucks behind the seat or in their toolbox. For range on a refill, most have said they refill the DEF tank every few thousand miles (one fellow said he refilled his when he changed his oil) and it burns about 1 gallon per thousand miles.

    Personally, I’m looking for a pre-emissions Ford or Dodge for a diesel truck and if that doesn’t pan out I’ll just look for a nice F-150 instead.

  11. Hey Jack, Yooper over on homebrewtalk is absolutely a very switched on brewer, and definitely a female. Just FYI.

  12. Jack, you mentioned about posting a link to 6 anarchist (groups/movements) that have worked i am not seeing so in the links? Would love to read that thanks