Episode-1973- Listener Calls for 3-30-17 — 11 Comments

  1. To the caller in the high desert, there are some great books for gardening in Arizona. I live in the high desert of Arizona (about 4300 ft with lots of caliche soil and there are a LOT of farms in my area) look for books by David Owens he is a local Phoenix, Az guy who is an expert in gardening in the desert. He has a book called Extreme Gardening: How to Grow Organic in the Hostile Deserts and one called The Garden Guy. There is another book called Month-By-Month Gardening in the Deserts of Arizona by Mary Irish that shows what to plant each month and complimentary plants. I have a lot of other books but since I am at work at the moment I cant remember all the names but those few books should get you started.

  2. How you conceal it would depend on the firearm, an AK without the grip and magazine will fit into a smaller pipe, a smaller less interesting pipe. The magazines go end to end in another pipe. The cartridges should not be stored in the magzine.

  3. Jack,
    In your reviews, you had a great LED light for starting plants. I should have bought it when I saw it. Could you share the link for that for myself or anyone else who would like to buy it?

  4. My experience gardening in the desert was to swap my summer and winter mindset. I started my garden in February, grew to May, took summer off, sometimes pulled off a fall garden in late September.

  5. For the terracing, a few of passes with a set of disc’s behind a tractor followed by a couple of passes with a grader blade would be the way I would do it. As long as you’re not dealing with too many roots a mile or so a day would not be a problem for an experienced tractor operator.

    Self driving vehicles:
    I think the question’s the gimmiment is wrestling with are:
    How do we protect our insurance industry donations?
    How do we protect our fellow attorneys that deal with all things traffic?

    With self driving vehicles, accidents should go down dramatically and when they do happen, who do you sue? What would be the justification to require individuals to have liability insurance for their vehicle? To me, it looks like a secondary death of an industry due to automation.

  6. Forgot to mention, what percentage of time does law enforcement spend on traffic? How would the reduction of that necessity affect the local budgets? What percentage of the court systems is dedicated to traffic violations? Where will they replace that revenue.

    This whole automation thing is much deeper than we think.

  7. I am planning on going off grid as well. Unfortunately I don’t have a beautiful creek flowing on my property. I plan on using a tarp up slop as a hard surface runoff piped into a IBC Totes. Here is a YouTube video showing the concept.

    Then filtration would be a slow sand filter recirculating through a 55 gallon HDPE drum. This water will be for showering and washing. cooking and drinking water will go through a Berkey.

    check out the following website on slow sand filters.

    • I am also surprised I am not dead from the stuff I did as a kid. I would swim in the public city pool and as a kid learning to swim I would choke down some great chlorine with some water added in. Now it is difficult to think about how many kids peed in that damn pool.

      We also would play in the river right where a hospital was dumping crap into it. I don’t know how many times I would suck a little river water down playing and swimming in strong current. I still glow at night and have super human powers!