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  1. Regarding the question on methane and storing it in tire inner tubes: One other thing to keep in mind is methane is very flammable. Probably not the best idea to store a bunch of explosive gas on your farm in a container that is easily ruptured and is itself flammable.
    You might consider a small compressor pump to push the gas into propane tanks. It would take a little work to right up a pump and the fittings for the tanks, but it would be a safer, more compact, and more portable method of storage.
    Maybe Steven has some thoughts on doing something like this.
    I think an even better idea would just be to use the gas as its made (or from a single tube) to run a generator to keep a battery bank charged and store the potential energy of your biogas as electricity instead of gas.

  2. diatomaceous earth for the Japanese beetles? Not sure how many fruit trees we are talking about or the amount of beetles. But possible applications around base of tree, along branches and foliage? Where have they been observed? Any specific areas they congregate? Careful not to place DE on flowers as pollinating bees may also be affected by said DE.

  3. Topic Time Markers

    [10:19] The Year 1311*
    [12:44] Dealing with snails
    [18:01] Dealing with Japanese beetles
    [25:54] [Steven Harris] Powering your house with methane biogas
    [41:27] What are the tax advantages of a small business
    [52:14] [Ben Falk] Thoughts on small acreage maple syrup production
    [57:18] What is the deal with EMP threats
    [1:05:40] Why is the Euro still powerful against the dollar
    [1:15:33] [Michael Jordan] Bee friendly plantings to help protect bees from mites and other bee pests
    [1:20:00] Calculating rainfall from melted snow*
    [1:25:09] [Chef Keith Snow] Cooking with Okra
    [1:34:00] [Chef Keith Snow] Trying to turn an MRE into a decent meal
    [1:48:49] [Frank Sharp Jr.] Thoughts on benefits vs. risks in carrying a “clip knife”
    [1:59:39] Tanning rabbit hides
    [1:59:39] How to use willow to make rooting stimulator

    * – Added by me

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  4. To the gentleman that called regarding clip knife carry risk:

    A clip knife is surprisingly easy to appendix carry which is an area where the knife is very inaccessible unless the assailant is standing in-front you. So that may be an option to pocket carry.

  5. “I can’t do the conversion from cows to goats,” may be the funniest thing I’ve ever heard Mr. Harris say. Dying over here 🙂

  6. @Jack: The Steven Harris EMP clip is on Episode 1267, starting at 40:37.

    @The woman from NE Ohio (hello, fellow Ohioan!) asking about starting beds and mulching: I can’t seem to find the episode(s) where Jack said it, but I believe for no-till starting of beds he recommends putting a thick (think an inch or two) layer of newspaper down (plus maybe some cardboard on top) and soaking the crap out of it with water. To listen about mulch, I’d recommend Episode 1145, starting at 1:10:40.

  7. I was not sure how long my reply could be, I did not want to talk for hours on bees (well not for this one)
    Planting 5 feet from the hive gives room for the bees to make their way up word from the hive as well as giving room to come in for landing.
    I did make a mistake on the three sisters planting. It is sun flowers, sweet peas and MORNING GLORYS, with Russian sage. The sage blooms early when the sunflower grow….the sweet peas and morning glories will vine up the sun flowers….this make a wall to break the wind and feed the bees.
    I understand that you want to keep the mites out of the hive or the hive beetle, wax moth, or even wasp, but the truth is if you have bees over 5mm+ in size and keep them in a box with a bottom on it….you’re going to get all of this… is just what we have done when we made the bees bigger then 4.7mm in size. Mite has always been with bees, but we can control them, the others will have to be done with good hive management. Using lard with menthol mixes or big drone boards can catch the mites, then giving feed for your chickens, are ways to combat the bugs that you do not want….sustainable beekeeping is what you want. . . All bug have a place…we just have to find out what it is.

    Once more Jack thank you and See you April 2-6 (bringing blueberry mead this time for ya)

    O and if you want a guy to talk about rabbits one more time I have a guy in my prepper group that gave a class for me in Wyoming…..di d a great job, even showed how to clean rabbits in 5 secs and have a pair of slippers in the same time. So if you’re looking for a rabbit guy I have one…..(I KNOW NOTHING ON THEM, I JUST DO AS MUCH AS I CAN ON THE 20,000 KINDS OF BEES)

    Bee Whisperer Out!

    • Thanks for the info on the bees. I am greatly disturbed by how many beekeepers fumigate their hives for mites and moths, even fumigating the honey and then sell the honey as a natural food.
      We have a screen bottom on our hives, but I don’t know how to make sure the bees are smaller. Any suggestions? Is that just making the cell size in the foundations smaller? Thanks!

      • You have to see what the cell size is you have now and then start down sizing them with smaller backing. 4.9mm is a good size for bees and no mite problems….
        email me and I can send you info on how to down size bees……if you have 5.3 to 5.7 mm bees it takes almost two years to get them down to 4.9mm

        Screen bottoms are great…..if you look in the wild…bee have no bottom in the hives.. the mite just fall to the ground and cant jump right back in the comb.

        ya you ge wax foundation and it is from every place…has pestocides, smog, and every thing but what you bees needs…like putting your food in a food contaner found in the trash.

        One day I will film my RANT on bees and beekeeeping.

  8. for got I wanted to share a game that my company is giveing thumbs up for….if you have kids…this is the game for you.

    please check it out.
    (I am bring one to the food forest workshop for you guys to see)

    Wildcraft! teaches you 25 important edible and medicinal plants and their uses in mostly first aid situations. (Wildcrafting is the harvesting of wild plants)

    It also teaches team work, for you will rely on each other’s knowledge of plants and good fortune to make it to the Huckleberry Patch and safely back to Grandma’s.

    Wildcraft! includes a 20×20 inch game board, instructions, 4 player pieces, 52 plant cards, 52 trouble cards, 25 cooperative cards, and a spinner. It also comes with a downloadable story to enhance the story of the game. ages 4 to 104
    • Made in the U.S.A.
    • Box/board made with 100% recycled chipboard.
    • Printed with vegetable oil based inks.
    • Water based coating on paper, no varnish.
    • Forest Stewardship Council certified paper.
    • All material is 100% recyclable.

  9. @ beekeeper, that looks like a pretty cool game. I might had to look at getting one after the workshop….see you there!

  10. I’m sorry, it should be HAVE to look instead of HAD to look…..I don’t know if the typos are me (certainly not my style) or my stupid computer.

  11. I guess jack missed the difference between no agenda and waking up in the morning. Then again jack preaches value for value, but doesn’t have a clue on it. So I included a video from the pod father himself on true value for value

    • Oh yet another sniper loud mouth. First Adam Curry is awesome, the No Agenda Show is also AWESOME as I said but for your cheap shot at me as not knowing value for value, given I provide 100% of my income from people that have to see that I give more then I get and given I live pretty well doing so I likely understand it better than you do.

      The world is full of those who put others down but do nothing themselves. Said people always invoke others to make their point, why, they have no legs to stand on so they must stand upon the shoulders of others. Curry has enough to do for himself, perhaps you should stand on your own for a change, do something to prove you are right vs. post a video by a guy that says nothing to disagree with my point anyway.

      Again everyone has an agenda, having an agenda isn’t a bad thing.

      Agenda – noun formally a plural of , agendum but usually used as a singular with plural , a·gen·das or a·gen·da. a list, plan, outline, or the like, of things to be done, matters to be acted or voted upon, etc.

      • Please jack, you’ve said it yourself a few weeks ago that even you can’t speak out against your sponsors . You are bought and paid for. You have sponsors. That’s not value for value. I’m not hating on you for that. I just don’t like it when people shit on a term that they think they know something about but really don’t. If anything you are a value for value/sponsored hybrid. I think the You can agree on. But with your ego and rage I’ve notice it’s hard for you to have a decent discussion with anyone. Your almost as bad as Paul wheaton and his always right attitude. But I still listed to both and block out the nonsense.

        Have a nice day!

        • @Bob

          Well you are full of shit, I never said ONCE I can’t speak out against my sponsors and IN FACT I HAVE FIRED SPONSORS NOT ONE, NOT TWO but THREE TIMES.

          Solutions from Science was FIRED when they started marketing that solar generator POS and claimed stupid crap like the grid would fail in less than six months time.

          Silver and Gold Shop was FIRED when the owner began to market via a MLM and began emailing customers with a scam to sell silver at inflated rates so that members would get “free silver”.

          Emergency Essentials was fired (lowercase) not for doing anything wrong but for not being willing to be involved in anyway with the community. For ignoring and not responding to emails asking them to be more involved. In fact I would have kept them even if they said no we can’t do that. It was that any email asking them to do anything for the community was just ignored while any other email was responded to.

          So like most snipers you have no leg to stand on when you make claims about me. So no dude I am not bought and paid for, in fact the reality is sponsorships make up LESS THAN TEN PERCENT of total TSP revenue. MSB makes up about 92% of my revenue so even if we measure things just from a monetary level my loyalty is with the listeners.

          I realize that small minded individuals have a hard time recognizing real value and integrity but give it a try some time, you might just get a new way to look at things.

          Oh and Bob, I am more than happy to fire you as a customer, just say the word. It is very freeing to have your own business and decide who you do and don’t do business with.

    • Where the hell are these trolls coming from? I have no idea what they are talking about. This was a pretty straightforward show…

      • There are many, I should heed the advice sent to me by a dude named Jake (part of the No Agenda Show crew by the way) and just ban such people with no response or explanation necessary.

        • The no agenda crew Consist of Adam, John c Dvorak and Erik the shill runs the spreadsheet info. Who’s Jake?

        • Well not the one here, he is an individual that emails me from time to time that assists with audio production on the back end. This is all you need to know. You seem overly attached to Adam there Bob. I am pretty sure he isn’t into dudes, perhaps you should seek therapy to deal with your man crush or what have you. I mean I never sad anything bad about Curry or his show, not once.

          If you can make a logical case that the “No Agenda Show” actually has no agenda, do so, otherwise put a cork in it and move on.

          I mean when Curry uses the phrase, “You Will Obey!” He is referring to situations where he feels those in power are using their power to control others. In that case his AGENDA is to bring awareness to tyranny. He no doubt picks stories that are good to illustrate this point, why, to further his agenda. Now go crack a book, preferably a dictionary. I am growing weary of this nonsense.

      • Nah Jack do not ban them. Everyone has a bad day.

        But just pay them no mind unless it is an out and out snipe on who you are.

        The one you responded to, no one with half a brain took that a$8 clown seriously.

        But as a dude with combat ptsd and needing to deal with uncalled for anger and anxiety especially in response to other people–patience.

        Do not feed the anger monster. When I was doing really bad I found the internet and forums as a way to take out my anger on someone. I wanted fights. But like a bung hole customer when you work a retail job, just saying thank you, smiling and being kind seems to undo them.

        At least these are the things I am working on.

      • I read these comments before listening to the show and was pretty intrigued what all the fuss was about. After listening, I’m even more confused. Might as well have complained about the typos in the show notes than complaining about one phrase of Jack’s answer to that question. Who cares?

        • And that is why I responded as I did. Most of the time I now either ignore such comments or just remove them. This was clearly a sniper oriented comment. I just don’t get some people. As to Francis he has been picking a fight for a long time. I grew bored of him, if today was the only time he had done something like this I would not have banned him. I have emailed him and told him when he is ready to be a nice boy again to apologize and I will lift the ban. For now he is in the corner in a time out, act like a child and I will treat you like a ……

      • I’ve got your back Jack.

        You do a lot of things and you should continue to spend your energy positively.

        The ol’ saying success breeds envy.

        Poop on him for being a turd. Meanwhile I am more interested in homesteading, permaculture,becoming more resilient and trying to leave the world better than I found it.

  12. “They have no legs to stand on so they must stand upon the shoulders of others.”

    Jack, you might as well shut your entire show down with a sentiment like that. Everything you do allows others a higher view, then you smack them for it! On top of that your assumptions are always wrong. Every one I have ever heard or read anyway!

    Everyone stands on the shoulders of others, including your self. Are you really such a arrogant punk to claim you don’t stand the shoulders of others? Are you coming down on those who are smart enough to ask to stand on the shoulders of others when those times are needed, and you trust the shoulders you will be on?

    You are loosing it, and deservedly so. Based on your merit!

    • @Francis

      There is a difference in citing others for added effect and citing others because you have nothing of your own to stand on.

      Oh and insult me again in such a hostile manner or if you do it to any other member of the TSP community, I will ban your ass. It is amazing to me that people are so quick to use words like “arrogant punk” when separated by time and space and the internet. Everyone is a hero on the interwebs right?

      Anyway if I am always wrong, why are you here? Go elsewhere if you don’t like what I do.

  13. Well Jack it simple, take something from everything, and all from nothing. That is why I am here.

    In such a hostile manor? Jack, go read your own posts to your own listeners! LMAO!

    We will meet, and you will have no idea who I am, until I tell you. I will show you how much we have in common, how strong my legs are, then I will tell you I am Francis and watch your chin hit the floor.

    Ban me, you have been begging to…

    • Now you are talking like a fricken idiot! You want to be banned, so be it!

      • Let me add to others, this isn’t Francis’ first troll. He is pissed because I would not give him a full review of a product one sponsor sells or some such stupidity. As though I am supposed to know ever detail on every product every sponsor sells. I told him to lay off the weed and agree not to insult people and he is welcome back.

  14. “On top of that your “assumptions” are always wrong. Every one I have ever heard or read anyway!”

    Just to clarify.

  15. Jack,
    Would plum seeds benefit from the willow root stimulant or would it have no affect on a seed?

    Thanks, John

  16. Crispy Fried Okra: 1/4 inch sliced okra in egg wash tossed in cornmeal salt and black pepper to taste fried in peanut or coconut oil is Great. Also, pickled okra is a great way to prepare your okra.

  17. Japanese Beetle Repellant
    (for Rose bushes at least)
    I read an article about 10 years ago that lavender will repel beetles.
    So I planted lavender under my rose bushes.
    I never had a problem with beetles on those rose bushes for at least 5 years (I moved so I dont know how they are now).

  18. As to strength of foreign currencies- much of it has to do with interest rates. The LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate) 3 month rate is 0.23%; a US 3 month Treasury Bill is paying 0.04%. That’s a large spread, and just a simple illustration of how traders arbitrage the carry trade. The Fed’s distortion of artificially low interest rates has caused inflation all over the world, particularly in emerging markets where the spread has been much larger.

  19. As for Japanese beetles.

    Somethings. I have found useful. Depending on your property size or how you want to do it. There was a man who bought out all the lure traps from a few stores and gave them out to his neighbors. It was said they had them and he didn’t.

    I still think the lures might bring some but because it brings them into your sight then you think there are more than without a lure.

    But I put lures well from garden and crops. One near the chicken coop. I then feed the beetles to the chickens.

    Beetles are most vulnerable in their larval stage . Some species of nematodes supposedly will wreak havoc on the larvae.

    Milky spore over time as well. But check on what plants it works with.

    When placing lure traps near chickens. Place trap just high enough so a chicken would have to fly to get on it. Then the chickens are more likely to leave the trap alone. At the same time you want that trap just that height about three feet let’s say.

    This will bring the chickens by catching beetles that fall or land near. The chickens will sometimes jump up trying to catch the beetles as well.

    I understand the lures only bring the males. Correct me if I am wrong.

    Just somethings I have done to help manage them. I have acreage so I will pull the beetles a good distance from main crops.

    Great ideas about the birds Jack!

  20. I enjoyed your insight on snowfall towards rain totals. It made me think of an observation I made this winter here in MI.

    After several months of sub zero temps there are many places where the ground has NOT frozen!

    We have had snow cover since December 1st, that rarely happens usually we have several freeze-thaw cycles through the winter. After 2 months of extremely below normal temperatures I went and got my truck stuck in the field near the woods. You can imagine my surprise when I found that I was kicking up mud! There was actually mud under the snow.

    I know what your thinking, well I just thawed the ground under my truck by the friction of the tires. I thought that too so I dug around with my shovel and found that the ground all around me was not only not frozen but actually quite light, which is odd because it is almost entirely clay.

    I understand that it isn’t dramatically surprising that snow covered ground wouldn’t freeze, but what is really interesting are the places in my community where the ground did freeze and froze deep. You see my area is kind of divided into 2 types of zones, so to speak. One zone North of town is mostly small farms with patches of woods and old treed fence lines still intact. There are a few patches of commercial Ag but not many. South of town on the other hand the fields measure several hundred acres and the tractors are huge! It is commercial Ag city down there.


    Commercial Ag city is a frozen wasteland. Most of the snow this year fell in the light powder form because it was so cold. All that light powder blew around like crazy and drifted… well in the open flat fields it mostly blew away and the ground froze solid as a rock!

    Meanwhile up here in Oak Savannah country the snow stayed put, oh it drifted a little but for the most part it stayed, and our ground is not frozen…

    I wonder whose ground will have more water retention this spring? Who will have less run off? Who will be able to get into the fields earlier?

    It seams that these old fence rows and patches of forest that our fore fathers left in place where there for a reason.

    In snow country it would pay the farmer to consider not only ground erosion, but also snow erosion.

  21. I carry a knife at work in an office clipped to me. On numerous occasions I have had people ask to borrow my knife. The funniest one was at a company party, the VP of Engineering asked me to borrow my knife to cut lemons for the drinks 🙂 We were in a hotel suite with 25 people. I find it easier to suggest maybe they want to carry a knife from there. I have a friend he conceals his knife but clips his EDC flash light, so a clip isn’t always a knife.

    I look at the knife as my last resort for defense and I conceal the pepper spray which is what I’d go for if you are going to attack me. Now, if I’m carrying a K-Bar, I might look at that differently 🙂

    My thought is with Jack, at that point they are probably hitting me with a fist or their knife before pulling my knife. In fact, as I understand it unless you are trained with a knife pulling it for protection isn’t a lot of help, and if you pull it, you were better off pulling a gun according to the law and a jury.

  22. With respect to the answer about the perceived strength of the Euro, Jack makes the comment that money is an illusion.

    Before going into the main topic of the article – why Bitcoin is effective for mobile payments – Mantonis gives a concise explanation of how money is an illusion, and why it is one that may leave a bad taste in your mouth, in his open letter to the Mobile World Congress (via CoinDesk):

  23. well I thank you for the question. I am not sure why people get upset for one mans voice. if you do not like what you hear, turn it off.

    If you do not like to drink don’t go to a bar

    if you do not like to smoke pot don’t go to Colorado

    if you are at those places, and do not like what is going, your the minority so keep moving.

    if you understand what is said but unsure of spelling or sintex …. u got what is said, who cares how it was said.

    be cool and show awesomeness.

    • I dig what you are saying. No need to pee into someone’s cheerios.

      If you are the minority and do not like something find a positive way to make change or offer your best as an alternative. We all have that amount of freedom. Even if we do have the freedom to be a douche it does not mean our time is well spent being douches.

      But sadly it is often times the minority of the population in anyone place willing to use their brains, to stop and think about what they are doing our what is going on around them.

  24. Thanks for answering my question about snowfall Jack. We most often have very wet snow here on Vancouver Island, and rarely have frozen soil, especially when it snows, so we get great soak from it! The blueberry leaves are opening and some seeds are started, bring on spring!

  25. To the caller or anyone else dealing with slugs/snails: I garden in the northeast and these guys are some of my worst enemies. I’ve tried all sorts of different solutions, excluding chemicals, which I prefer not to use, and ducks, which I just can’t set up just yet. Not using mulch actually seems to work pretty well as they have less places to hide out during the day, but obviously there’s a lot of drawbacks to not mulching, so I rejected that option as well. I’ve also tried the sawdust method, wood ash method, both of which work pretty well, that is until your first rain, or even just nightly dew, at which point you have to apply new protection. Manually killing with a jar of soapy water works great, but is labor intensive. The single best solution I came up with is actually pretty simple: crushed eggshells. I would save up a few dozen egg shells from my breakfast and let them dry out. Once they’re dry, drop them in a blender for a few seconds to crush them into little shards. You don’t want to over blend them, otherwise you end up with egg dust which acts similarly to the sawdust/wood ash. Once you have a sufficient stockpile of crushed egg shells, simply create a defensive perimeter around any plants you want to protect: I found that about a one-inch circle centered on the plant in question, with enough shells such that I couldn’t see the soil, worked well. What you wind up with is a little slug-free oasis around every plant that you protect, and since the shells don’t break down readily or get soggy from water, they repelled the slugs through an entire season with very minimal maintenance. An added benefit is that they will ultimately break down and return some calcium and other minerals to your soil. Works great!

  26. Here’s a suggestion for something to add to an MRE or any mushy food – canned sliced water chestnuts. They add nice crunchiness without affecting the flavor. I’ve used them in tuna casserole, and in a stroganoff-like dish I used to make from canned mushroom soup and hamburger when camping. They’re not just for Chinese food!