Episode-1751- Listener Calls for 3-24-16 — 11 Comments

  1. Jack, I completely agree on the fencing issue. We just bought 8.5 acres, and the previous owners had the 3.5 ac around the home perimeter fenced with some interior fences creating paddocks around the barns. After getting the appraisal, the cost of the fencing and outbuilding definitely did not show up in a meaningful way, so I look at that as a YUGE bonus on top of the already well-cared-for house.

    Unless you have a plan for 50 acres, or it’s a great deal, or you have a big plan for it, take the fenced parcel and figure out what you want to do. We were hoping to get 20+ ac, but now, planning out 8.5, I’m overwhelmed as it is and very glad to get what we got.

  2. Jack,
    It’s Richard Bach’s Book “One” looking at his future, and discovering his soulmate is who she is, among other things about life. It’s been a long time since I read the book, and I was way more impressed with “Illusions”.

    I think I’ve read 5 of his books all the way through.

    • Yea that is it! Decent but Illusions and JLS were the best he did, nothing else ever matched those two.

  3. Like the new format!

    About the first call on the clover, I just want to add this, I’m near the same biome he’s in and I put NZ clover out last spring. That clover lay dormant all summer long and finally germinated this past fall with cooler temps. It’s blooming right now. So he might initially think that it doesn’t do well if he sowed it now and didn’t see anything. It definitely was very happy during winter.
    I’ve had vetch do the opposite thing, lying dormant thru fall and winter and germinating when it heated up in spring.

  4. Another thing you can do for the protection of patent is put it in a sealed envelope and mail it to yourself. this shows a legal date via a govt entity.

    • Ack! Not a good idea… the seal on the envelope is your only proof. The moment it is opened, it is worthless. Far better idea: get it notarized. Then you have an official date stamp on the piece of paper describing the idea, and it generally only costs a few dollars a page.

  5. The beehive analogy is brilliant! You have been blessed with a lot of talent and you make good use of it. Thanks.

  6. There is another way to listen to TSP (or other podcasts) on your android or Apple product. Jack ought to let people know this option because many people (older peps like myself) don’t know. Podcast’s can be downloaded onto your phone and it is a way of saving gigabite’s off your plan if you are doing it near your wifi. All you have to do is go to your internet browser (Chrome for me), go to TSP, of course, hold down the Download button and five options come up. The one that says save link you press and hold, and in a a couple of minutes it will be stored on your phone. To play, go to your google app and go to play music and it will be located there, for me it’s under downloads, unknown. If ya are still having a hard time, have a young one help ya with its, cheers. jeff

  7. Listening about the law in Vermont and the food labeling, I think Jack hit the nail on the head. I work in the food industry and have for the last 15 years. I’ve worked for two large branded food companies and one very large private label company. Its a very competitive space and efficiency is the name of the game. Requiring two different labels drives a lot of cost and opportunity for error into the equation strictly from a production and distribution standpoint. However I would bet they just add a generic notification really small that states may contain GMO and go on with their lives and the market doesn’t drive them to go beyond that. I would bet that the people that really care about GMO are likely already avoiding it. If there is a change it will be a gradual change and in my opinion will result in increased food prices. That’s not necessarily a bad thing if it truly is better food and could help local food producers as well.