Episode-2187- Listener Calls for 3-22-18 — 11 Comments

  1. How do we make absolutely sure about a seed before we buy it?   I wanted to plant intermediate wheat grass specifying even the strain.  Did a great deal of work on the field planting it only to find it was not the seed I wanted, when it grew to seed.

    Contacted the feed store, I provided photos and proof of the strain I wanted, they contacted the supplier and he got his back up about how it was the right seed.  Years later and hundreds of $ invested, I want to avoid this from happening again.



  2. On the topic of “bottles vs cans”, the other thing to keep in mind is that cans are completely airtight, whereas bottles may not be and depend on the seal

  3. Re the Moving to the Country caller. If she chooses to pursue firearms training, particularly defensive training, I highly recommend Cris Fry at MDTS. He primarily serves NYC.

  4. Ref the CCW and officers comment,I think he is thinking too much into it.

    I have said, and know many officers who also have said something similar. My go to was ‘lets keep them holstered’ in a light hearted manner.

    I am pretty sure the officer was trying to lighten the mood and make a small joke. Which in most cases (when I’ve said it) gets a smile or laugh returned.

    Be safe.

    • Exactly my thoughts, likely a delivery problem.  Same words from a different guy would likely have gotten that laugh.  As I said, sort of a “bedside manner” issue.

      In the end it is, thanks for telling me, you don’t need to disarm, just chill out and lets finish up here.

  5. Re: Moving to a new state without support or finding support

    I’ve been in that situation a number of times, and here’s some tips I can add to what Jack already gave:

    – New Hampshire isn’t THAT far from New York, so make a couple weekend trips to whatever town(s) or city you’re interested in.  Maybe the Free State Project people can give you some good leads for good areas to rent an apartment, potential employers, or whatever services you find important.

    – If one is a younger person (I believe this caller was), they probably don’t have expensive furniture or lots of large possessions.  So try to consolidate all your worldly possessions in what you can fit and take in your car (assuming you have one), and sell or donate the rest.  It sounds a bit extreme to some I suppose, but it makes everything (including going to a ‘Plan B’) SO much easier.  I was doing this up to my early 30’s… in a small Hyundai Accent of all things 😉

    – Line up a job if at all possible, even if it’s waiting tables or night-shift at a 7-11 (you can always trade up and don’t have to list it on your resume later). I found some landlords were hesitant to rent out an apartment to me even when I could show I had significant savings (a year’s worth of rent) and was actively looking for work.

    – Have at least 6 months’ living expenses (I usually aimed for 12 but that’s just me) saved up before making the leap. Make this separate and additional to whatever funds you anticipate using to buy second-hand furniture and stuff for your place.

    – Don’t let the idea worry you or stress you out…. for moves within the US, going back home is only a bus or car ride back.  Just go forth, accept what comes your way, and enjoy the freedom to explore whatever opportunity presents itself.  One of the best times I had was venturing forth with only a crappy $1000 car, a few thousand bucks in the bank, a couple duffel bags, and the desire to go someplace new.  🙂

  6. For Nick who called about moving to NH.

    I don’t see any obvious posts from you on walking to freedom  but it is true that it is quite quiet there.  It is also true that the legacy forums on the FSP website are pretty quite. Unfortunately the critical mass of people are on facebook. I don’t think anyone is particularly happy about it but it is hard to fight the network effect.

    We moved to NH from NY (moved from Clinton County, originally from Westchester County) a long time ago and are pretty plugged into various people around the state if you are looking for ideas. Feel free to reach out via email.

  7. Electronics and trolling motors:

    For electronics, you can sometimes get some screaming deals on new electronics just after a newer model comes out.  A good example is the Garmin 94SV GPS/bottom machine.  8 months ago  it was $1300, today it is $599 with all the same features except the new model has a touch screen.  (I don’t like fish slime on my screen anyway)

    Not recommending this for a 12′ jon boat for the same reasons but Rhodan is a brand to consider in GPS trolling motors right now.  They do cost more but if you are looking to stay within a few feet of your spot in seas, they are the only way to go.  The i-Pilot and MotorGuide may be great in lakes, I don’t know, but they don’t compare when it comes to holding a 20+ foot center console over a grouper hole.

    Skills for leaving NY:

    Electrical skills are good to know BUT this is one area where you can get into trouble quickly.  Changing out an outlet or single pole switch, sure.  Replacing light fixtures, of coarse.  But removing a light and installing a ceiling fan without proper bracing and the correct box can lead to injury.  Using the wrong gauge wire or incorrectly wiring an AFCI receptacle can burn your house down.  And incorrectly wiring a GFCI receptacle can leave down stream outlets unprotected.

    If you are not absolutely sure about what you are doing, call an electrician.

  8. I agree with the guy above on the comment about the CCW. Jack even said “thanks for letting me know you have it so leave it right there”. That’s basically what the officer said to the guy. Some light humor saying, “don’t pull yours on me, and I won’t pull mine”. If the officer was cordial and polite, then there would be no reason to assume he is meaning it with any aggression.

  9. For Nick who called about moving to NH.

    There are tons of us in NH to help your move go easier. Actually, the best contact person is Chris Lopez, who gets the contact e-mails from the Free State Project website. She has a ton of information and contact names for whatever you are looking for. If you have any other questions, contact me