Episode-851- Listener Calls for 3-2-12 — 25 Comments

  1. Be safe with all the weather down there Jack, thanks for putting up a show regardless

  2. FYI stun guns are law enforcement only in Massachusetts. NO no civilian use or purchase.
    one of the reasons we were in new Hampshire for the free state project

      • Sorry I just got to the part in the podcast when Jack was talking about this. Probably should have known the context before commenting.

  3. I always felt this way I can learn the how to/ techno side but I live relationships and experiences. It’s the human touch /connection that is so important. Sad to say it is lost in so many businesses along with common sense.

    YES would like to have an occasional “Pro” answer some questions. Long as that does not prevent them from coming on the show for interviews. I do really enjoy the interviews also. Don’t have any ONE person in mind you always find great connections. Variety is good even when it pushes the envelope and makes us think.

  4. Hey Jack,
    Love the show. Yes- having some ‘experts’ respond to questions when warranted is great. And I love the guest interviews recently also.

    • I second that second comment.

      For an audio format, it’s a brilliant enhancement to the show. Heck, even Jeopardy has audio questions (and video questions) from time to time, just so we don’t have to listen endlessly to Alex Trebek and ONLY Alex Trebek. Another voice breaks up the monotony of the monopoly.

      The regular gallery of guest experts you have amassesd on the show is familiar enough to the established audience to where they will welcome those trusted voices of your past guests. And for first-time listeners, it really punches up ther interest factor AND the crediility factor a lot.

      And speaking of the credibility factor, I have to admit, Jack, it sometimes bothered me when you would answer a phone call or email question on a VERY obscure topic, and yet you never cited a source. I was sure you knew what you were talking about, but it always came down to your word. And you only sometimes backed it up. Again, it’s not an issue of not trusting Jack so much as it conjurs images for me of the condemnatory finger wag my eighth grade Engkish teacher drilling it into my head that any claimed presentation of fact needs a source. So your having a guest expert chime in on those specialized topics really boosts credibility and confidence in the professionaliness of your show, and it also makes that nagging voice of one of my favorite school teachers quiet down.

  5. To cool, I like the “guest spots”. You strive to be as accurate as possible, but you can’t know everything. We as a community coming together to teach each other, freely provided and freely practiced by listeners. Having someone who knows more or is more familiar with current use, shows that you give a shit.


  6. hey Jack, just wanted to let you know that I quoted you today on my FB group.
    “Well, you may not be dead but you’re still gonna have a bad day!”
    I laughed to hard not to post it up somewhere. Love the show man, keep up the good work!

  7. Great set of quotes by yor guest expert from the original Ghostbusters movie:

    “Don’t cross the streams!” and of course ….
    “Dogs and cats living together!”

    Ha ha! Too funny!

    (That YouTube clip is only 22 seconds long and perfectly safe for work.)

  8. Hey, what was the link to the great website on cheap glasses. I need to get some soon and this would really help.

    Thanks un advance.

  9. I like the idea of bringing in subject matter experts as needed. I’d like to put out Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy’s name to be brought in for medical questions. When it comes to ‘collapse medicine’, they’ve put more thought into it than any medical practitioners I can find.

  10. People are important, but the technology side has some important aspects also. Not to say that Jack would disagree with that, but as an example: any discussion about the difference between a shotgun and a rifle or how to start a fire is a technical discussion on some level.

    Another example is as a computer programmer, I feel the Ruby programming language has many advantages that makes it easier to do software development and makes my job easier and more enjoyable. Some management people don’t always understand those kinds of things very well.

    If I get a job say doing PHP, then I put that on my resume. If Ruby is the technology that I feel gives me the edge, but I go out and try to find another job, the fact that my resume shows I did PHP at my last job rather than Ruby can put me at a distinct disadvantage.

  11. I was listening to the show driving home, heard the question on the 24v wind generator with two 12v inverters. I agree with Steve’s reply but had something to add. Unless you keep the amount of discharge on both 12v inverters/ batteries very close to being the same, one of your 12v batteries will be at a lower state of charge. When your wind generator starts charging your 2 batteries in series, one battery will hit full charge before the other and may end up producing gas (hydrogen & oxygen) in the battery with the higher charge. If your batteries have vent caps to add water you will probably have to check the electrolyte and add water more frequently. If the overcharging is often enough it may eventually damage the battery plates. If the batteries are sealed maintenance free types their life will be reduced from loss of electrolyte. There are a lot of variables, so you may want to do some research and if you can, see what your battery manufacturer says about over charging and battery life.

  12. I don’t wear glasses, but I do practice redundancy with sunglasses due to having light colored sun sensitive eyes – more than about 2 hours outside on a sunny day without sunglasses and I’ve got a headache. I have found a couple styles I like at a fleamarket for about $10 each, so I always have a few pairs at home, and an extra pair at work, in my truck, etc. And I stock up every 6 months or so due to inevitably breaking a pair here and there-hence buying cheap sunglasses to begin with.

    I also like the idea of the mini guest spots for answering listener questions or bringing someone on to talk about a highly requested topic for 15-20 minutes. I think having different segments to the show would be cool.

  13. Being a Sci-Fi fan, I was able to use that “skill” to help find my glasses when I miss place them with out having to stumble about to my back up pair.

    Use your iPhone (or smart phone). Sort of like Lt.Commander LaForge, todays phones have cameras and by holding the display a few inches from my face it is very clear and auto-focus’ as I look around. I’ve found my glasses several times like that, just turn on the camera and start looking.

    For some reason I never misplace my phone.

  14. I like the expert guests. I wonder if we could get an expert round table? Have some really good questions
    and the guests take a turn giving their opinion.

  15. Jack, I thought those expert guest answers were really great. Whenever a listener question would lend itself to this sort of thing, I think it would be worth doing. My 2 ¢.

  16. Re: windmill and 12v vs. 24v. If I were to go to the bother of building my own windmill, it would be in the 1500+ watt range. This would require a big enough battery bank justify a 24v inverter. RVs and very small houses are typically the only systems still using 12v systems. I use a 24v inverter and a 24-12v converter to run my 12v loads like led lights, pressure pump, and older Sunfrost fridge.

    • I agree, a 24 volt setup is better for higher power loads. For the batteries, 12 or 24 volt would require the same capacity battery bank, but the 24 volt system could use smaller wires, and draw about half the current out of the batteries. That should give you a somewhat longer run time and maybe extend your battery life some. Of cause, if limited to a 12 volt system then 12 volts it is.
      I’ve never looked into it, but what are you using to convert your 24 volts to 12?

  17. Jack thanks for the link to the optical site!

    Coming from a guy who used to make and sell glasses I can attest that the advice for glasses was dead on! I checked out the site and I wouldn’t hesitate to order single vision glasses from the site. That said I would hesitate to order bifocals or progressive lenses from the site.

    After playing with the site for a bit I found that the segment heights for the near vision were fixed and couldn’t be adjusted. In my experience getting the best results out of bifocal and progressive lenses required me to fit the frame to the patient before cutting the lenses.

    Of course the easiest way around this for backup glasses is to order your script in single vision and pick up some “readers” from the local pharmacy.