Episode-1968- Listener Calls for 3-16-17 — 28 Comments

  1. A cheap large fishing net, a long pole, duct tape, a good flashlight a baited overpass or parking lot and a box in the back of the truck. Be ready to talk to the cops though.

  2. The hardware wallet that Chris may have mentioned was the Ledger Nano S. He has a review of it on his ‘The Cryptoverse” YouTube channel. I would suggest subscribing to this channel to build your Cryptocurrency knowledge; it has helped me.

    The hardware wallet that I own and like is Keepkey. Research the ones with great reviews and choose the one that seems best for you. The downside of Keepkey currently is that while it will support a number of Cryptocurrencies the Chrome App that you use with it currently only supports Bitcoin so for now my Etherium stays in Coinbase.

  3. “This morning I ate eggs and bacon for breakfast, and I feel pretty damn good about that decision.”

    I don’t know why, but that’s the best quote I’ve heard all week.

  4. Now Jack, wouldn’t that kind of response have the same effect as an Anarchist calling a Libertarian a boot licker. Yes, I agree that 99.999% of those guys are talking out of their collective asses and in the callers case, the friends comment is almost certainly coming from jealousy of the callers stability and some inner embarrassment of his own inadequacies. Instead of bitch slapping them, if they are good people who are just talking shit, bring them into the fold. The vast majority of these guys are standing on a wall, half way to where we are. You have three choices. Let them stand on the wall until they either fall on your side or the other. Push them over to the other side, or let them borrow your ladder to come over to yours and start teaching. (kind of sounds like the whole purpose behind the podcast doesn’t it?)

    Now, if the guy is an untrustworthy prick, well, it sounds like your kids will have an easier time with target identification on that one.

  5. I know this is only a very minor quibble, but before Star Trek, Sammy Davis Jr kissed Nancy Sinatra on US TV (“Movin with Nancy”) in December 1968 – almost a year before the more well known Star Trek kiss. Admittedly it was on the cheek, but the Kirk/Uhura one was pretty odd too with the way their heads turned away at the last minute.

    And as for TV in general (non-USA), there was also a black/white kiss on TV in Britain in 1959 (and again in 1962).

    As I said – all a very minor point as far as things go, but thought I’d mention it 🙂

    • Good trivia stuff there.

      So do you know the first couple shown in the same bed together on US TV?

      • First Couple sharing a bed was probably Lucy and Ricky…
        I bet they had to do some splainin’. LOL

        • Nope they had separate beds! LOL it was Fred and Wilma as in the Flinstones and there was actually some people upset about it.

          One can see how the 60s and 70s came to be if the prior generation was that tight assed.

  6. I know you are a busy man, but I think you would increase readership or even have more viewing if you took your excellent bullet points from your talk and attached the minute number on the podcast showing where to find that bullet point topic on the podcast. I don’t look at the site because most of the time, i don’t have the time. today, I wondered would I check out the podcast if I could stop at the topics I wanted to hear? Yes, I think I would tune in daily if I could do that. Whether it is possible or if you want to do that is a whole another question.

    • I think someone was doing that for him back in the day for tips but nobody tipped the person so they quit. Not enough ppl saw the value in it

      • Indeed and that is how I took it, if half a dozen people won’t tip a person doing this a couple bucks a month, well people don’t really want it enough to provide it.

        And everyone thinks oh it wouldn’t take much time for Jack to do it, well do it a few times and keep track of that time. Then multiply it by 5 days a week. Then 4.34 weeks a month.

        Now take the time out of my schedule and do you think what is lost in production, videos, contributions to the community would be made up for by some numbers almost no one would use or even those that would would even spend a dollar a month for?

        Some business decisions are hard, some are very very easy, this one is so easy it gets a third very.

  7. On Bitcoin and hardware wallets.

    So, there’s the publicly auditable ledger that is the blockchain. If I knew your address, I could tell you how much bitcoins you have in that wallet. In order to spend those coins though, you have to have the private key that unlocks them and proves you own them. Coinbase does that for you. It requires all the hoops you jump through to validate your identity to give you access to your private key. The criticism with online wallet services like Coinbase isn’t that someone could hack your account like they’d hack your Paypal account, but that someone could hack the entire private key store and have access to everyone’s private keys. They get the private keys, they can move your bitcoins. Far fetched, but possible.

    The next iteration of wallets are device wallets. These are apps or software like CoPay, Jaxxx, Mycelium, etc where the private keys are stored on a device like a laptop or phone. If the device gets hacked, they can access your private keys and move your Bitcoin. These are convenient and where I put walking around money.

    Next are the hardware wallets. The private keys are stored on the hardware wallet itself. You use an app or software on your laptop to create a transaction, then it passes it to the hardware wallet to “sign” with the private key and returns it to the app to be transmitted on the internet. Private key never hits your laptop, phone or tablet. Without it, the app is unless to spend those coins. The private keys are fairly inaccessible.

    Lastly, are paper wallets. The process is a bit complicated, but one can on a computer not attached to the internet, create a Bitcoin address and private key, print it out on a piece of paper and put it in a safe. Anybody can send Bitcoin to that address, but unless you have the paper with the private key, it cannot be spent. To spend it, you import the private key into an app that supports it and it’s just like it’s always been in the app.

    Backing up device and hardware wallets is easy. They generally will give you a 12 to 30 word backup phrase. This is the seed that the wallet (software or hardware) uses to generate the private key. If the device or hardware wallet dies, you get another or an app, input the backup phrase and viola, your private key is restored.

    I’m playing around with the Ledger Nano S right now. Only thing I don’t like about it so far is just a limitation of USB hardware wallets…. can’t use them on a phone.

    Hope this helps.


    • As to your open, um, not if I use zero coin to multiplex my transactions, they you can’t determine shit. And that is the complicated way because you can see how much is in A WALLET but you can’t know who owns it unless it is set up to where you can. IE coinbase yes, IE off the net, nope.

    • I’m assuming that the services like Coinbase are going to have a static IP. Given the rumor that the gimmement is compiling a database of massive amounts of traffic, how can we know that they don’t run a search of their database for devices that have accessed those services addresses, access those devices next time they go to that address and record their key’s realtime before encryption by the devices? Once they have done that, they move a bunch of coin around or just change the keys and kill the trust in the currency. From the standpoint of individual hacker attempts this would be nearly impossible but with the apparent size of the databases that are being compiled by the state it does not seem that far fetched.

      • Because it doesn’t work that way is why.

        Now if you want to be anonymous you don’t use Coinbase, Coinbase plays nice with the government, they are the Paypal of cryptocurrency. Hence not a likely target of the G-men.

        For instance if you receive over a certain amount or do over a certain amount of transactions they send you a 1099K for your taxes, just like paypal or any merchant account.

        The interactions between Coinbase and the government are about the same as the interactions between the government and your bank.

        But you can’t steal a key by intercepting a transaction and with how vaults work you’d not get the money anyway. Because the user would be told multiple times over 48 hours before the funds were freed up. This is why I keep 95% of my crypto currency in vaults in coinbase.

  8. Hey just gotta point out that Cream did not write the song “Crossroads” old American blues song I believe written by Robert Johnson in the 30’s. Man those old blues guys were ahead of their time! Eric Clapton did a nice job on the cover though.

  9. Just saying that given an address, you can determine the number of bitcoins it owns.. not the person that controls them or really what’s going on. But they can’t be spent without the private key… someone gets your private key, they can move your coin.

    • Yea I get that and hence the reason for a “hard key”.

      I really just wish there was one wallet that would do ALL currencies and one hard key that would work with ALL of them with that wallet.

    • May be YOU SHOULD FILL OUT THE FORM MAN. Learned more in these comments than from three guests that claimed to be SMEs on the subject.

    • I’ll do it man. By no means a SME, but did do research into different wallets, including why I might want a hardware wallet and some of the different use cases. If nothing else, maybe it’s a mini-segment.

      On the Ledger NanoS , they it supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, ZCash, and Dash.

      If you’re looking for an iOS wallet, take a look at Jaxx. It does Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and a couple of the Ethereum tokens. I chose it because it was one of the only Ethereum wallets on iOS at the time. I’m not a huge fan of the interface, but its workable.

  10. Brice, if you check these comments, where are you from in Iowa? If you’re from the north central part of the state, I would be willing to help you. I’m no where as knowledgeable as Jack, but can help you get going.


  11. Jack,
    Check out SOE for jerry cans. He’s out of stock right now but if he gets enough emails about it he’ll order a bunch. His videos about the ones he gets says they are really high quality. I think you have to buy 4 at a time though.

  12. Ohio Prep has the yellow 20L Jerry cans in stock. I wonder what it would take to paint them red?

    I got two of the 20L green ones the first time it was mentioned and so far have been happy.

  13. Interesting the link on the Ohio Prep site states:
    Refueling. You are required to design your portable fuel containers to minimize spillage during refueling to the extent practical. This requires that you use good engineering judgment to avoid designs that will make it difficult to refuel typical vehicle and equipment designs without spillage.

    I don’t know about the rest of you but I CANNOT use the new fuel cans without spilling gas. In fact I cannot get the nozzle to work at all so I use a jiggle siphon.

  14. Thx for Crossroads. I’M 66, saw them play at Dallas SMU. Didn’t see all that many big time shows but Cream? Heck yea! Your playlist is superb. I’m sure you’ll throw some Jethro Tull in too.