Episode-2173- Listener Calls for 3-1-18 — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Jack!

    Blender – completely free – incredibly robust. Not only Audio, but video and 3d as well. there are a ton of free tutorials out there both on how to use it and how to configure it for your specific needs.

    OBS – Open Broadcast Server – again completely free – video / screen / audio capturing device – can also do live streaming to youtube.

    MP3 – is not free, or was not free, still might be licensing issues –  the main licensing holder I believe dropped it – but for a long time MP3 was a problem for free software projects and they couldn’t bundle it together. I think that might be changing now, sorry it has been a while since I looked at this – but have a look here might help out

    Ogg Vorbis or OGG – been a round a long time – think of it as the free version of MP3 – pretty widely supported – might be helpful for some people

    thank you Jack!

  2. Have an idea on the inline water storage question.  Wouldn’t it be easier to plumb in an old water heater, or two?  Around here they’re free for the hauling and they were certainly designed for the purpose.  You wouldn’t want a corroded out tank of course, but that’s generally not the issue when they’re replaced.  The drain valve would allow you to pull water off if there’s no pressure and if something did happen, I’m guessing an insurance company would be a lot more likely to cover it.

  3. Regarding inline poly barrel, not a good idea. They are not designed to withstand that much internal pressure. A 55 gal. drum has ~3600 square ins. x 50psi average line pressure =blue bomb. Only use vessel designed and tested for pressure like pressure tank or hot water tank as mentioned.