Episode-1949- Listener Calls for 2-9-17 — 15 Comments

  1. Have not listened yet, but those god damm new gas caps. I just struggled with one trying to fill generator and snowblower. Can we please not safety the fu**k out of everything…

    • I started Jack’s 12 gas can rotation about six months ago, and last week there was a blizzard and my car was a little bit low on gas, and I had a 6 gallon can that was about 6 months old… So I figured I’d kill two bird with one stone and dump the can into my car, throw the can into my trunk and fill it up on my way home.

      Well, in the process of using 3 arms to twist the gas can safety, lift 50 pounds of gas, angle it just right, and hold it there for the half an hour it takes without a vent I managed to spill enough gas to make my garage smell like gas for over a day. The same thing happens trying to fill the riding mower and the snow blower…

      Good job EPA – your cans designed to prevent leaking causes me to spill more gas than ever before. The next two cans I got I put the vent and custom spout on.

      I’m guessing there is no drilling the cans that have already had gas in them right? It just seem too dangerous, but maybe I’m wrong?

      • Sure you can drill them ONCE THEY ARE EMPTY. Just leave them drain 100% and open for a day or two and go ahead, remember it is gas vapors that go up easy. Vapors also GO UP INTO THE SKY EASY, so what I am saying is over kill but there is no rush in doing such a thing. So give it 48 hours to drain, then 48 to off gas and drill away. Remember also you are drilling plastic with metal, not metal with metal.

        I have done this many times with no problems.

        To get any sort of ignition you would have to get vapors in sufficient amount I guess into the internals of the drill. As long as the can and you are both on the ground you won’t have any static sparks.

  2. It was the same in Texas back in 1983 when I took the test, you could pass every thing with flying colors but if you couldn’t parallel failed, I remember friends being super nervous just because of that

  3. Jack,

    Please extend my best wishes to Alex Shrugged’s family, that he has a healthy and total recovery.


    At least let them know that some one else out there cares.

    Thanks for all you do.

    Bright Blessings for Alex Shrugged.


    • I just picked up one of these at a Buc-ee’s (TX gas station). Seem like a great option. Mine included the “deluxe filler hose” for $29.99

  4. Just caught this show today… Here is a resource for determining how well a given plant fixes nitrogen:

    Now, I know it’s the dreaded Federal government, but it’s the only place I know that tells you HOW WELL a given plant fixes Nitrogen.

    Use the search to find your plant, and, once selected, the ‘main’ page has a table called “General Information.” In this table there is usually a link for “Characteristics,” select this and it will take you to a huge laundry list of info for your plant.

    Under the first header, “Morphology/Physiology,” the fourth item from the bottom tells you about the N-fixing ability of your plant (e.g. none, low, medium, high)

    Hope that helps somebody out there as it certainly guides my decisions from time to time.


  5. In Texas they are requiring all kids to take a driving test after driver’s ed now, and it includes parallel parking. (unless the officer decides to delete that part)

    • In PA if you have even a backup camera, they’ll cover it and make you parallel park without it, and if you had self-parking, you wouldn’t be allowed to use it. And if you fail the parallel parking part, you’re done, come back another day.

      • That is weird cuz I took my test in PA all the way back in 1987 and didn’t have to parallel park. What we had to do was a 3 point turn. It was a pretty tight area, you had to pull in and well ya parallel park but the easy way, just pull in to the curb not back in between shit.

        You then had to do a 3-point u-turn and if you hit the curb or didn’t get out in 3 back ups you were done, I did it in two but it was pretty tight. About half my friends failed the first time. We also had a curved course you had to stay in the lines, above 25 and below 35 the entire time. None of this was on the road it was all a state facility.

        I accidentally let my license expire more than 60 days about 15 years ago in Texas. Had to take all the tests again to get it renewed. I sat in a group of kids waiting for my road test. Lady skipped about 15 kids and called on me, said, I am so worn out, drive down the road and stop at the convenient store on the left we will call it your test and my break. She went in and got a coffee and a few items, signed my shit and I took the slow and long way back, I could tell 8 hours a day of young kids trying to park a car was wearing her down. LOL

  6. Re drip irrigation – I totally agree with Jack that the box stores are not the place to get drip irrigation supplies. Not only are the personnel not likely to be knowledgeable, but they don’t keep a steady supply of all items, and it’s likely that the one you need to complete a job will be out of stock. If there isn’t a local business as Jack mentioned, or even if there is, this is a terrific resource: Get their catalog, or spend some quality time on their web site, and you can learn a ton about what products are available, what might be best for your situation, and how to put it together. Also be sure and check out their blog at I have no connection with them, except that we put together a drip system for 9 raised beds, complete with timers and filters, from DripWorks products, and were very satisfied with our interactions with them.