Episode-2391- Listener Calls for 2-28-19 — 6 Comments

  1. The other thing to consider on the bass pond is a wildlife guy told me a healthy bass waterway must have a minimum of 30% weed cover. Aquatic plants and weeds could be added on the shoreline to bring up to 30% of total acreage. That is over an acre of weed cover if he doesn’t have that.

  2. One way to help smaller cold sensitive trees is to cover them with NON-led Christmas netting lights. They produce enough warmth to stave off freezing as long as it doesn’t get to extreme. You can usually buy them the week after Christmas for next to nothing on clearance.

    • For people with a few trees or say only a few at risk, that is a great idea.

  3. Stefan Sobkowiak uses a misting system over his trees to protect against late frosts.

  4. For the listener worried about shotshell reloading: see the Taofledermaus YouTube channel (link below). Apparently you can load anything into a 12ga shotshell and shoot it as long as you measure an appropriate amount of powder and have a wadding in there. Bottom line, don’t stress over loading shotshell. If it’ll fit down the bore and you don’t over charge, you’re good to go.

    BEWARE: If you click the link below and are a “gun guy”, you will lose hours of your life.