Episode-1739- Listener Calls for 2-25-15 — 17 Comments

  1. Been working on a YouTube channel for a few months, I HIGHLY recommend “The art of photography” channel for learning video and photography, the host is based out of Dallas.

  2. There is a podcast called “serial” that is taking a serious in depth look at the birgdahl case if the guy who asked that question is interested it’s season 2. It is a very very well produced show and does a pretty good job at being unbiased everyone should listen to it.

    • Kind of what drove the question I asked Jack. (Yes I am the sneaky sneaky caller.)
      From what I can gather from listening to the Serial Podcast Jack probably hit the nail on the head on several points, without listening to the podcast.

      1. You don’t leave you buddies in a combat zone. Full stop, do not continue.

      2. He had some sort of mental defect at the time of his desertion (no one else in all the time of this seemingly endless war has done anything similar).

      3. (something Jack did not comment on but I believe is true) The Army failed him in making sure he understood how the Army works and why and how it can be crappy at times.)

      4. There should be a court martialed, but in my opinion he should be found guilty but with no real punishment. (he spent five years in the hands of the Taliban.) and he will never do it again and no one else will desert their post if they know this case.

    • Ditto. Highly recommend both Serial stories. The podcasts are thoughtful, engaging, professional and a bit addicting.

  3. Not being critical but everyone almost doggedly focuses on the very moment of Mr. Finicums death and that is most important. But if he had (foolishly) pulled a weapon I beleave it would have been justified self defence.

    These ranchers have been under attack and intimidation by the government for a very long time. Our government is by and large scum and while it is not time to fight with arms, that unfortunate day most likely will come. Armed civil disobedience will come but not before many LaVoy Finicums have fallen.

  4. Jack I love hearing about your business past and how you got to where you are. I am 27 and making good inroads into the IT industry. I have fallowed a tone of your advice and its gotten me quite far in very short time.

    Thank you,

  5. “Shitbag” is used in navy submarines too. My LPO used the term many, many times to describe another member of our division, to his face.

    I never knew it was an army term too.

  6. As to the Bo Bergdall case. In his own words, from the Serial podcast, he left his post to cause a dust-one condition or man outside the wire to highlight incompetent command. Nobody in their right mind would do this.

  7. Great show Jack. What are your thoughts on propagating rosa rugosa from seeds vs selected cultivars? I bought some red and pink rosa rugosa seeds and they are stratifying now.

    If anyone needs microlife and is close to Montgomery County, TX we have it. Contact me through for info

    Of course I will have some with me at the next TSP event I attend! It’s awesome stuff.

    • Go for it but when you can buy plants for 1 dollar or less each in quantity, it makes a lot of sense to do so, it propagates like mad from suckers too.

    • Was the product Jack talking about the MicroLife Ultimate 8-4-6 All Organic | Biological Fertilizer?

  8. To Maden in Wisconsin who wants to use existing clients to build a personal side business:

    Use discretion!!! I made the mistake of trying to open up with a vendor. I mentioned to her that I was building a side business. About a year later, she wasn’t happy because she thought that I was not spending enough money with her and talked to me about it. In a passive aggressive way, she said, “You know, I’ve never mentioned to anyone at your company that you have a small business on the side……”
    I made sure that I did not spend another penny with her company after that. But I was lucky that I was able to do that. In a different position, I may not have been able to do that and she may have tried to go over me.

  9. Jack, I haven’t built websites that made a whole lotta money, but I have built one that made a couple marriages.