Episode-2386- Listener Calls for 2-21-19 — 7 Comments

  1. About going on Rogan’s show, I don’t know. Joe’s a big hunter/outdoorsman, so you guys could swap hunting and fishing stories. But Rogan’s very left field on most issues, plus he tends to tippy-toe around conflict when it comes to hot button issues. He has a conservative guest on? He puts on his conservative tie. Left wing liberal? Same strategy, new tie. I don’t see how a decent level of topics could be discussed without it waffling into NPR territory. Rogan just has too much of a ‘lets’ stay cool and just get high, bro’ vibe about him. Like many ppl out there, he is firmly entrenched in the 101 Cali mindset. Big problems require big government. We’re never going to get out of this without huge taxes, and don’t forget about all those regulations we need to save our environment! Same old, same old.

    Unless you went on to discuss swales or building bio mass or permaculture, I don’t see any point. Then again, ambushing him with some lean, mean voluntary-society talk might just make for an interesting hour or two. Rogan can at least get credit for having a variety of ppl on to talk about many different things. He’s kind of a modern day Dick Cavett, so long as you made Dick an ardent UFC fan and loaded him up on DMT.




  2. Regarding Joe Rogan’s show…  Bottom line N of 1 example, but I found TSP because one of Joe’s guests also did an interview show with Jack.  I can’t remember who that guest was, but I’ve been here ever since as an MSB member.  Considering other TSPers have mentioned Joe’s show to Jack, there must be some demographic overlap, and therefore opportunity to expand the TSP base.

    I agree with Ethan’s take regarding Joe’s non-confrontational get-along vibe.  Joe is self-admittedly left leaning, has cognitive dissonance on how his leftist notions conflict with his many and correct stances on liberty, and tends to avoid going deep enough on the difference to admit to a logical conclusion.  Maybe Jack can get Joe to “go there”.  At the very least, having airtime for liberty and rational preparedness is a good thing.  Why concede that space to guests who dislike freedom?

    Joe’s platform has huge reach.  If even a small percentage migrate to TSP, I’d call it a win.

    Jack,  How about targeting an appearance during summer and extending your stay further south (Joe is in LA) in OC or San Diego and call it a vacation, er, I mean business trip.   Get a little deep sea fishing in when the Yellowtail are running, maybe have a TSP So Cal Resistance party?  I’d pony up a few hotel nights for you and Dorothy.  Not at all kidding, I have tons of hotel points from “evil” credit cards.  Tempted?


  3. I think Joe Rogans strongest skill is that he stimulates his audiances to think for themselves.

    I think that is so much better than many other interviewers and talk show hosts which tend to preach their idea as if is gospel, because realy there producer has a political or commercial agenda,  example cnn, fox etc.


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  5. Re: Appearing on JRE podcast.  I think that ultimately, it would be a good idea.  To paraphrase Paul Weatons philosophy, the goal is to infect as many minds with the idea of modern survivalism as possible.  Most peoples only exposure to the subject is from that silly Doomsday Preppers  show.  His podcast gets literally millions of downloads.  If you could get 100 or maybe even 1000 of his listeners started down the road of preparedness, that would be a huge win, in my opinion.  His podcast is about 2 to 3 (occasionally 4) hours long so you could give “the masses” your take on lots of topics (preparedness, permaculture, aquaponics, politics, entrepreneurship, hunting, cooking, your expert council, etc).  Best case scenario, they influence their friends/family/neighbors and the message snowballs.  Worst case, you get a free trip to L.A. (I believe Joe pays for the plane tickets).  Use the previous posters idea and time it right to make a vacation out of it.

  6. +1 for going on Joe Rogan. He does tend to lean left as others are saying, but he is very open minded and loves to hear different opinions and viewpoints.  I really think you’d have a lot to offer him and his audience. I don’t think you’re in need of promotion, but I really believe liberty, self reliance, all the things you teach does. The TSP message needs to be spread as much as possible. Besides, he’s a fun guy and no way you wouldn’t enjoy it.

  7. A solid +1 for going on Joe Rogan.  He has had to bug out two or three times due to forest fires and self admittedly was completely unprepared.  He left the house with just the clothes on his back.  So he will definitely be receptive to basic preparedness, go bags, etc.  He will probably see it as a public service to spread the good word.  He is also a avid bow and rifle hunter and literally lives on the elk and axis deer that he hunts, so I could definitely see you touching on cooking or sausage preparation.  He’s done a couple shows on CBD, so you also have that in common.