Episode-2603- Listener Calls for 2-20-20 — 8 Comments

  1. Ace2 would be the protein down in the bottom of the lungs that cov-19 and sars affects.
    Death from kung flu is specifically acute respiratory distress syndrome.  My PhD is a made-in-china post hole digger, So this is just stuff I heard on youtube.  Not professional training or something like that.


  2. So it isn’t the super flu, or what ever they are calling the flu that is also in China right now. One more reason Zero Hedge moved off my trusted source list long ago.

    • I understand your skepticism regarding the coronavirus reporting as many of the outlets do have incentives to embellish with speculation and building fear-based or anti-authoritarian (*cough* Zerohedge *cough*) narratives to drive clicks and readership. But given the recent rapid spread outside of China we’ve seen and how those governments have responded (South Korean and Italian cities/towns put under lockdown), I think this may be at least a “stopped clock being right twice a day” sort of deal. At least in terms of social and economic disruption (but probably much less so in actual body count).

      Here in Mongolia they just closed the roads in/out of the capital for several days to keep people from traveling for Mongolian New Year. And we don’t even have confirmed cases here yet. If nothing else, gov’t actions in response to the virus is likely to have bigger impacts on the average person than the virus itself as they try to keep it from getting in or spreading.

      I simply think it’s worth reminding ourselves that our community here is the exception… for a lot of us this might be a minor inconvenience at best. But most other people are not prepared economically, mentally, or materially for extended work absences or job loss due to potential economic ripple effects, much less a quarantine-at-home situation more than a week or two.

      If anything, I think too many people and media outlets have their concerns misplaced, worrying only about the flu itself and not seeing the economic impacts that are much more likely to affect them. Sure it’s extremely contagious and substantially more deadly than the flu (~2% vs. .01%), but the Zombie-Biker-Apocalypse-Flu it is not.

  3. Jack,

    I wanted to comment on your story about your wife’s father and grandfather. I totally enjoyed that story and agree with you 100% about the awards of that type going to non heros.  You and your wife must be so proud of that heritage and I am glad you shared the story. My dad received a purple heart during the battle of guadalcanal in the South Pacific in WWII. He’s been gone for 22 years now and you are right about the folks from that generation regarding how much they gave, how willing they were to help others and put their life on the line for their brothers and sisters. Also, how modest they were. We really do have a better life thanks to many of the sacrifices of the greatest generation.


    Thanks for everything that you do.


    Chuck Boylan

  4. Rockwool in soil:  Totally agree with Jack.  I’ve done it and it “works”, the plant did fine and the rockwool pretty much disappeared into the soil, BUT…  I won’t do it again, and completely switched to other grow media.  Any bits that floated to the top and dried out had a tendency to blow in the wind, not good considering you should wear a dust mask when working with the stuff, so having it blowing around out in the open can’t be good.  For seed starting, the high PH issue is a pain in the ass, presoaking with PH-Down was necessary to reliably start seeds.   Please use growplugs or the like instead!

    Re Strategic moving:  Within California, also please consider moving to OC!  We need you!  :). Too many LA folks are moving here, running away from the crappy schools, quality of life, etc. and then voting for the same crap that caused them to flee to begin with!  They are like human viruses, moving here and infecting a healthy body.

    Growing indoors, and blocking light leakage:  Pot industry and capitalism to the rescue!  Pot is extremely sensitive to light leakage messing with their flowering cycle so light-tight grow tents have become widely available and prices are reasonable.  Ex: $70 will get you a 2’x4’x5′ with pre-cut and light-tight holes for power cords, cooling fans, etc.  A full indoor kit could include…

    A shelving system of your choice, metal baker’s rack, plastic storage rack, mini-greenhouse as Jack has previously listed

    A light-tight grow tent:  Plenty of size options from 2’x2′ on up, here’s a 2’x4’…


    An adjustable temperature controller:


    Quiet 12VDC fan:


    Simple 12VDC 2A power supply:


  5. Re: COVID-19 and the surveillance state

    Here’s a disturbing thought… using the principle of “never let a good crisis go to waste”, how many power-hungry sociopaths are going to start pushing legislation for increased public surveillance under the guise of “public health” and “tracking and stopping epidemics ASAP”? The whole terrorism angle is getting old after almost 20 years and many have (rightfully) developed skepticism and constructive apathy over that, but this is a brand new form of fear they can sell to the public to get us to give away our remaining freedoms. The virus doesn’t even have to spread widely inside the US, just the threat of it is enough.

    Again, I think the peoples’ (and our governments’) reactions and responses to the virus are going to be more damaging than the virus itself.

  6. I’ve been following Chris Martenson’s Peak Prosperity for many, many years.  He has been doing a fantastic job reporting on this.  In conjunction with “never let a good crisis go to waste” and the US refusing to do testing has me very concerned about the direction taken after this event is over.  I’ve also kept an eye on iceagefarmer, putting it all together Is giving me bad vibes right now.