Episode-1954- Listener Calls for 2-16-17 — 18 Comments

  1. Thank you!…for not picking Macarena for the song of the day. I was worried there for a sec when you said someone had suggested it. I am with you man, there is a limit and we have to stand up for it.

    And thanks for taking my call on the hammer less gun question. I am now more informed and feel more confident about the decision.

    • I was the one that brought it up, but as Jeebus is my witness it was NOT a suggestion… it was a warning (like “Road Closed – Bridge Out Ahead!”). That was the song that killed radio for me for the longest time, and remains a psychic scar for me on what was otherwise a pretty awesome extended road trip taken that year (long drives with no tape deck or CD player = I was radio’s bitch). I don’t look forward to the era of Disco coming up either, but IMHO that’s a mere Taco Bell fart compared to the lethal toxic cloud that was “Macarena” 😉

      – Nick in Mongolia

      • 70s are not all bad.

        70 – Let it Be – The Beatles
        71 – My Sweet Lord – George Harrison
        72 – American Pie – Don Mclean
        73 – Angie – The Rolling Stones
        74 – Kung Fu Fighting – Carl Douglas
        75 – I Can Help – Billy Swan
        76 – Dancing Queen – Abba
        77 – Hotel California – Eagles
        78 – Stayin Alive – Bee Gees
        79 – Heart of Glass – Blondie
        80 – Another Brick in the Wall – Pink Floyd

        Stayin Alive in there as like a token to the age of disco. The 70s were golden years of music! I have played three of the songs on that list without having to be forced into them by formula. All be it Kung Fu Fighting was sort of a joke but it was a fun joke.

        Plus there isn’t a 70/80s boy that didn’t watch lots of kung fu, listen to that song and play fight with his friends on the planet.

        The key is a lot of people think the 70s were all about disco and bell bottoms, but the truth is that was a sub culture with only slightly more influence than say the 80s Valley Girl thing had on the 80s. Growing up in rural PA there were a few girls that tried to look like say Madona but I never saw or heard a single “valley girl” in the coal region. And if anyone said fursure or gag me with a spoon, it was a joke.

        I was in high school from 86-90 and most of the music kids there listened was 5-10 years old.

        • Can’t argue with that. Some of my favorite bands… Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Steve Miller Band, ELO, KISS… did a lot of awesome stuff in the 70’s. I was kind of a weird teenager in that I leaned more to 60’s/70’s classic rock than to much of the current stuff of the late 80’s and 90’s. But I never “got” the Disco thing. I’d been told by older coworkers that it was more of about “the experience” than the music. Given what I’ve heard of the most Disco music, I figured that “the experience” must have been code for frequent sex and being higher than a kite… 🙂

          – Nick in Mongolia

        • Let me put it this way when I was young and single in Texas I went to Country Bars all the time. While I do like country music a lot of what they played there wasn’t really my favorite. But there were women there, LOTS OF THEM, and it was expected that total strangers would ask you to dance and it was just that a dance, but it was also a door opener.

          I met my wife at one of the biggest clubs of the time in Texas, it is no longer open but that is not why I haven’t been back in over 18 years, not inside any of them for just as long.

          70s Disco (apart from the drugs, drugs have always been everywhere) was like that. Unlike a lot of clubs where you took a date, you could walk up to anyone and say, he want to dance, and they might say no but they wouldn’t be offended, look at you like you were an asshole, etc. Even if they had a date with them, as long as it wasn’t obvious anyway.

          Like, hey want to dance, sorry I am here with someone, oh sorry didn’t realize that, other guy is like no problem man, hey her friend is here alone, etc. Country bars are the same way.

          Other bars I have been to something like this would result in a fight or worse. I think that is what made the “scene” popular. And it wasn’t 20 women dancing together in a mob either, it was a couples type thing even with strangers. In other words you could actually go out and meet a few people without paying for speed dating via a social website.

        • Wow… nobody actually explained it that way before. I always thought that the bar/club situation (somewhat dismissive, if not mildly mean-spirited) in the 90’s and 00’s was “normal”, which was a big reason why I didn’t like to go to bars and clubs much. Disco was way before my time, but if I’d known I would have given country music bars/clubs more of a chance.

          – Nick in Mongolia

      • I was about to blast this because of Jacks list, except the Eagles of coarse, but then I remembered:

        Molly Hatchet
        Lynyrd Skykyrd
        Danny Joe Brown Band
        Early Van Halen
        Peter Frampton
        ZZ Top

        and on and on

        Blue Jean Blues is playing now (ZZ Top Fandago 1975)

        • The best never make the number one of the year, requires too much broad appeal for that.

          Lots missing from that list of yours though, the 70s were the best days of music.

          Lets add

          Fleetwood Mac
          The Clash
          Jethro Tull
          Doobie Brothers
          Earth Wind and Fire
          The Who
          Bob Dylan
          John Lennon’s independent work
          Van Morrison

          And that is all off the top of my head. There is no other decade (yet anyway and the future ain’t looking great) with as many lasting greats as the 70s. Even a lot of people more known for the 80s really are 70s bands that hung on a little longer.

  2. I love the idea of a fishing kit. I was never taught fishing as a kid and now that I have kids I feel lost when it comes to fishing. Thanks for all you do Jack. 🙂

  3. 38/357 snub problem…. Every gun counter guy says you need to go hammerless for CCW. Last ccw class I took there was a petite older woman with her Christmas present from her husband who talked to a counter guy and got her a bobbed hammer because that’s just what you do.

    The issue was, after firing 5 rounds there were zero holes in the 7 yard badguy target. After some instruction… Still no hits. They hand her a hammered 38. 5 shot hand size groups. Yes… It was slower, but hits stop bad guys. Misses endanger innocent bystanders. IJS

    For those wanting to carry with an empty cylinder, modern revolvers have a transfer bar and will not fire even if dropped.

    • Okay I will buy that sort of but why the hell did she miss with one gun and hit with the other. A hammer is not an accuracy device, what am I missing here.

  4. She was a woman without much strength in her hands and that long slow fairly heavy trigger was uncontrollable for her. In single action she was a decent shot.

    If I were going to carry a revolver I would carry a hammerless but for that particular lady the tactical low drag application of a hammerless revolver made the weapon completely uneffective.

    My mom is the same way actually. She’s 66 years old and has a number of health problems and I wish i could set her up with an auto pistol bit I’ve yet to find an auto that she can rack the slide on. With her little 38 she can shoot the balls off a chipmunk in single action. Its less than perfect but its her only solution; and she looks like an easy target unfortunately. :-/

    In a nut shell all I’m really saying is fit the gun to the shooter, which i feel most gun counter “experts” fail to do.

  5. Ron.

    Maybe something like a Glock 17 or 34 with a good set of sites like:

    Yes its harder to conceal but the sites are durable enough that they can be racked against a stationary object and the longer slide will have less tension through the throw. My 95# pencil wristed wife has a much harder time with her G26 than with my 34. Can’t say enough for these sites, they are tough and with the wider rear notch THEY ARE FAST.

    Now don’t rush out there and buy a Glock, gun fit and especially wrist lock angle have a huge impact on how well you can shoot at speed. 1911’s, with their nearly vertical grip angle, for many are fantastic guns, for me, they are almost as worthless as scrap metal. For others, the same can be said about Glock because of their rake.

    Yes, you can learn to fit a gun to you through good practice but the more you can eliminate the necessity of fine motor skills and muscle memory, and depend instead on bones and tendons the better.

    Is she carrying this or is it for the home? For home, I would lean towards an AR for her. I know Jack will probably disagree, and I understand why. I will answer the door with a handgun instead of a rifle but I would rather pick up the AR to clear the house or defend my home. If pistols were better for CQB wouldn’t entry teams by using them instead of carbines?

    Or better yet, both.

  6. The discussion on vacuum canning jerky got me worried about vacuum canning with my food saver mason jar attachment. I just used my new food dehydrator and spiralizer to make apple rings/chips. After drying to leathery chip status I used the mason jar attachment to pack them in pint jars. Should I be worried about the vacuuming drawing out the residual moisture in the apple, carrot, zucchini, etc chips?

    • No you should not be worried. But I do think vac canning dehydrated foods is over kill.

  7. Is a striker fired gun considered double action? I would think it would be more like single action since the gun has to be cocked (ready to fire) and when you pull the trigger it releases the firing pin. Though something like a Glock when you pull the trigger simultaneously takes the internal safety off and releases the hammer. So I guess that may be consider double action? I don’t know?

  8. Mafia War…. that’s a great way to describe it, Jack. And a new Don that’s not quite part of either major house.

    Ya, didn’t mean to imply I think we’re looking at a shoot-em-up Civil War. And no, not afraid liberals will pick up rifles and begin it – as you stated, conservatives outgun them. And there are plenty of articles from liberals who describe how terrified they were just merely “holding” an AR 15. And I hope America doesn’t head down that road because I agree that a second American Revolution will be more in fashion of the French Revolution than the American Revolution.

    But there is clearly a political war going on in D.C., a Mafia War is a great way to describe it.