Episode-1072- Listener Calls for 2-15-13 — 22 Comments

  1. Jack,
    Around here, POA is Property Owners Association. Pretty close to the Standard HOA in that they can get into your business on land usage.

    Have a good one.

    • So same crap different name, guess it is used to make the concept sound better to some, as Wheaton says, “nooooo that’s just marketing”.

  2. POA = property owners association

    I have property in Davis mountains; West Texas

    Has poa which is fairly flexible

  3. Jack,
    I can validate what nicodemus commented regarding the POA. It is a property owners association, basically same as a HOA-ie a pain in the ass.

  4. The mention of cheap firearms training reminded me (don’t try this at home)
    of my training in Fort Dix, NJ getting ready for Viet Nam – we had battles in the field using BB guns and face protecting headgear. If you got shot you knew it!
    This was in addition to crawling on the ground just below live fire…

  5. My ten year plan is to move to TX somewhere rural that would be between Dallas and the Gulf. Wife wants access to beaches but my sister lives near Dallas. Was looking around Tyler but the earthship episode guy said they are not open to earthship building.

    • Keep in mind he made the mistake of buying land inside an area with an HOA. It wasn’t the guberment that cause the problem it was fellow citizens with a compulsive need for another layer of government in their lives. I keep telling you guys HOAs are the fricken devil.

      • Oh, I didn’t make the connection between the HOA site and Tyler. Now that makes more sense. Thanks Jack.

  6. Thanks for posting my question on the show Friday (this is Lisa from Oxford). Looking at applying your suggestions and maybe take a trip out in Aug. No better time to see the landscape of Texas then when it is “on fire” LOL. Love the show…been listening for 1 1/2 years. Thanks Jack!!!

  7. Im over 1000 tealights…. Love them. I have a few lanterns that are enclosed and hold them in a fixed base.

    Oh and a whack of candles from Costco. Dripless

    Did I say I like tealights??

  8. “Brent in PEI”

    Jack, my girlfriend is flying out to “Mission” Tx to visit her Aunt who winters there, but it looks like it’s too south from what you are mentioning. But hopefully she can bring back some nice hot peppers 🙂

  9. And a former co-worker of mine lives in Austin, he works for Tanysis. He raves about Lake Travis??

  10. I do not want to drop a towns name so I’ll try not.I lived in a town mile from Ok. line on state road 60 in the 80s.We drilled a large number of wells along the canadian river.Have been doing the research to go back.(have a H.S. kid waiting for him to sign a N.L.i.) then I gone.Found a town less than 1500 pop. and has a hospital with an trauma unit.Can’t make up my mind town or south of it where there are places to live than if you did not know a home was there could not find it easily.I know things are better in numbers.The layout of the land in that aera is very hilly especially all along the river.Spots on top of some of the high spots you can see/watch for miles.its @ 2hrs. off any interstate.I am torn on out of the way or in town.By the way houses are cheap.

  11. I am moving to Liberty Hill. I am building a home there. I have been told that at least 25% of the population is military and law enforcement, either currently serving or retired. This is a dream come true for me here. A very tight knit, conservative community. I have lived in the Austin, TX area my whole life. Austin is a great place for jobs, but it is too liberal. Liberty Hill met all my qualifying parameters.

    I consulted local law enforcement when I was visiting the area for the best place to live. I ended up buying the lot right next to the officer I spoke to.

    For people considering a root shelter, maybe one of these or something similar to it:

    It isnt cheap, but it can be easily integrated into your foundation if you are building and your hvac system can be piped into it as well as electricity to control humidity. You can put valves in the duct system to limit flow too.

    Jack also suggested Landwatch in a previous episode. You can find properties with spring fed creeks and ponds, etc.

  12. Caller named Lisa in Oxford. I too live in Oxford and am looking at relocation to TX. Just came back from a trip there and am planning a trip this summer for a few weeks with the family. Respond to my post and we can meet up and discuss NE living and TX living.

  13. Regarding micro-hydro power: One thing that you might want to look at for this application is “pumps as turbines”. Most water pumps that are used for high-rises in cities are constructed to produce power when they spin backward — which they do quite often when a demand for water on upper floors shuts off. This feature makes them just about perfect for use as a micro-hydro generator — you just have to put the pump in so that it runs in reverse, along with an automatic shut-off switch in the event that the flow drops to a level that the pump wants to start consuming rather than producing power.

    This is precisely the method detailed in an old, out-of-print book I read that was a case study for a man in Vermont who built his own small-scale hydro plant. It also has the advantage of being a fraction of the cost of a Pelton-wheel turbine, as well as being better suited to running at lesser flow rates.

    There’s even a comprehensive website dedicated to this setup:

  14. I currently live in a POA (property owner’s association). While the fees are less onerous (around a $100/year) and optional (no access to riverside recreational area), the “reach” of the board is just as intrusive, even down to architectural changes. So much for the “property” in POA. In my opinion its still a collection of wannabe bureaucrats, still tied to the petrol-dollar-propping, alternative-housing-denying, property-valuation scam of a system. Of course the county codes still apply.

    On the chicken issue, Prince William County, VA was entertaining the idea of more rules that would create special chicken “overlay districts”. Previously, you couldn’t keep chickens even if the zoning on your land was A-1 agricultural (don’t blow a gasket, Jack 🙂 Now the benevolent government has relented due to citizen requests/demands, and has created special “chicken districts” that will allow you to keep chickens even if your property’s zoning doesn’t allow for it. Sounds like progress for liberty, but I pity the poor soul that wants chickens and has A-1 land that doesn’t fall inside one of these chicken districts. So you still need to consult a bureaucrat somewhere or a consultant who will consult a bureaucrat on your behalf to know if you have “permission” to use your land to live your life. Granting liberties to one citizen and withholding them from another. More complicated government non-sense.

    P.S.- Here’s the chicken district article: