Episode-1488- Listener Calls for 12-19-14 — 47 Comments

  1. Hey Jack,

    You asked what to do for a Tuesday show, and I was hoping you’d do a segment on how to choose a water softener. I suppose you could also make the show about wells, pumps, filters, and all the other nuances that us “country bumpkins” encounter. It also could benefit those considering moving out to the sticks. The only information I really find about water softeners is from companies trying to sell them. Maybe one of the expert council members could lend their insight? Thanks for the awesome work brother!


  2. Hi Jack,
    My understanding of NFA items such as SBR’s is that the stamp for the SBR is registered to the firearm which in the case of AR’s that would be the lower. AR uppers are not considered firearms and don’t get stamps. That’s why when you get the SBR stamp the receiver to which it is registered must be engraved to indicate it’s a SBR. AR uppers with barrels less than 16 inches in length can only be legally put on SBR AR lowers or Pistol AR lowers. Also, any pistol to which you want to attach a stock, such as a RONI, must have a SBR stamp if the barrel length ends up being is less than 16 inches in the end.

    • Okay so then, you could do what the caller wanted but the Upper then would have to stay with the lower.

      If you want a short barreled SBR in AR though there is a much simpler solution out there.

      I really want to build one of these,

      ATF response to it,

    • Jack,

      Armatus Cive is correct.

      For rifles, they must have an overall length of 26″ AND a barrel length of no shorter than 16″. If either of these is false, it must be registered as an SBR.

      For pistols, they can have as long a barrel as you like, they just can’t have a stock. (few other restrictions like forward mounted pistol grips, etc…)

      So for the AR system, Uppers can be swapped around at will, as long as you are staying within the restrictions allowed for that lower. You can take your 7.5″ pistol upper, and put it on your SBR lower. You can take your 16″ rifle upper, and put it on your pistol.

      And yes the SIG armbrace has been a game changer for the AR Pistol market.

    • Jack, if you are going to Liberty Forum, I would love to do a machinegun shoot. I have two M-16s and a suppressor.
      The NFA does not regulate machinegun barrel length and it is perfectly legal to put a short barreled upper on a full length full-auto M16.
      I built a pistol with a SIG Armbrace and a 10.5” double chrome lined Noveske N4 that I also shoot on my M16 A1 Carbine. I also used a LAWS Tactical Folding Stock Adapter to fold the pistol’s buffer tube extension. It is a sweet, compact package, ideal for a backpack. Bryan Black reviewed it on his website. The extra weight of the LAWS bolt carrier extension helps with short barreled cycling.
      The Roni is sold by MSB supporter, Black Dragon Tactical. Devin is an excellent supporter of the community and a stand-up guy. There is a pistol-only version of the Roni (no shoulder stock, no NFA). Alternatively, one could buy an aftermarket 16” Glock barrel and make the carbine not subject to the NFA (if the overall length with stock extended is more than 26”- I haven’t measured).
      CAUTION – the ATF has a policy of “constructive possession” where they will prosecute someone for violating the NFA if they only have the parts that could be used to build a NFA firearm without the paperwork. Make sure that you receive your ATF approved stamped Form 1 and have it in hand before you order the parts to complete your project. Some parts are ok to possess without the stamp and some are not. Also, it is unlawful to assemble a pistol from a rifle receiver. I recommend getting very familiar with all the NFA regulations.
      There are some exotic AR/M16 uppers that the ATF regulates as Title 1 firearms, but those are few and far between. These exotic designs are submitted to the ATF for approval and, if they can make it fire without the lower, then it is considered a regulated firearm. The manufacturer of these custom uppers would know.
      I have only fired full-auto about 3 or 4 times in the past decade, maybe shooting 300-500 rounds, total. I only bring out the full-autos to impress my friends and when they are providing the ammo. I am thinking of selling one to start my business….nah, that’s crazy talk! My M16s have been a great investment – up 297% in 12 years!
      A suppressor is itself registered by the NFA and can be swapped around guns at will. I have a 5.56 Gemtech Halo that clamps onto NATO-spec flash hiders. I use it on my Steyr AUG, AR15 builds and M16s. My 5.56 suppressor was a mistake. I still have to wear hearing protection when using it and I damaged my hearing when I did not wear hearing protection. 5.56 is hard to load subsonic and won’t cycle the action. It is the ballistic equivalent of a .22lr. Also, you can’t fire .22lr out of a 5.56 suppressor or it will get filled with lead and debris, requiring ATF paperwork so that it can be returned to the factory to cut it open, clean it and re-weld it shut. Another mistake I made was a Lightning Link that shattered and messing around with manufacturers that don’t build close to mil-spec. Go for a quality registered receiver or factory-produced M16.
      I also recommend a NFA Trust. There are many advantages to holding firearms in a trust. Don’t put all firearms in a trust, if there is a mass confiscation. The regulations are expected to change in January and a CLEO background check on those on the trust will be required. A trust can be set up for $79 from 199trust and they take Bitcoins.
      Disclaimer- I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV. I just like guns and want to stay out of trouble.

      • Not going and it isn’t because I wasn’t willing to go.

        Carla said since I had previously spoken they were trying to broaden their draw and wanted me to recruit another speaker if I was going to speak.

        I’m sorry but that just doesn’t sit right for me. I love FSP and frankly I still love Carla but I feel like I have done an awful lot for FSP, more than most that are not in NH by a long shot!

        I gave them two years of free advertising, worth about 5,000 dollars WHILE I HAVE A WAITING LIST BY THE WAY for an open spot. I donated 1,000 dollars of my own money when I spoke the last time on a dollar for dollar match to spur donations at the key note dinner. No other speaker that draws as many as I do spends the amount of time with people at the event that I do, I have to be the most accessible big name that has ever spoken there. I do two sessions a day minimum at the bar with anyone and everyone invited, when I do I pick up several hundred bucks a day in tabs to buy drinks for people. Frankly while I love FSP and I do mean it, half at least of the speakers bluntly suck and are boring as shit.

        I don’t speak publicly much and don’t travel much. It costs me a LOT to leave home for the better part of a week so I have confined my willingness to do events to PermaCulture Voices and FSP, if that isn’t enough for FSP, well that is too bad. I hold no ill will and will gladly speak there again if asked to do so. But I won’t go out recruiting someone for the privilege of doing so.

        From what Ron Paul’s giant told me the first year I spoke, I am the most requested speaker they have, so if that ain’t enough, so be it. Again no ill will, no hard feelings, I just am not going to go to extra effort to make an appearance that I do only because it is mission oriented in the first place. FSP is a big financial loss even though they cover airfare for me and my room. It is way worth doing anyway, it is not something though worth trying to convince them to let me do.

      • Agoraculture:
        I was listening to this episode on the drive home from meeting with the family. You hit on just about everything I was going to bring up.

        I’d also suggest (for anyone looking to get into anything NFA related) taking a look at the NFA Handbook that the BATFE publishes. It’s not the most thrilling read, but it will help out with clearing up questions people have:

        I’ll throw in my disclaimer as well: I am not a lawyer, just a shooter and someone who has worked in the industry with a manufacturer with their Type 10 SOT since 2008. Staying out of the ATF’s crosshairs is an important part of the business (no pun intended).

  3. Jack,
    I would like to hear a segment on when, why and how to sell the gold in our investment portfolio.

    • If you have phyical gold take it to a local dealer and sell it. This is why I don’t like phyical gold for trading I see it as wealth assurance. It is value you can carry with you where ever you go, universally accepted.

      If your first question when you buy gold or silver is how and when do I sell it, BUY ETFs.

      As to when you sell it, you sell it when you want to.

    • Is a loss on the sale of physical gold tax-deductible? What is required to document the cost-basis?

      John Pugliano had a fascinating show where he said that it is not far-fetched to see $900 gold as the price of an ounce of gold is traditionally around 15 times the price of a barrel of oil.

      Stay away from those “Cash for Gold” places. They will give you pennies on the dollar. Shop around at reputable coin dealers, including the big online dealers.

      I vote for the 30 Businesses show for Tuesday.

  4. how about a show on:
    The ‘Adequacy of Loss-Absorbing Capacity of Global Systemically Important Banks in Resolution’ Bill!

    (thank you congress!)

    jk. not really something to think about during the holidays.. ;-p

  5. My suggestion for Tuesday is a show (perhaps with Nick’s input) on breeding fruit tree varieties for varied conditions.

  6. no better yet what to do this winter to get ready for spring planting. Winter Gardening Projects

    • I agree with shane on getting ready for spring planting and what to do now… good idea for a show

    • I’d also like to hear a new show about getting ready for spring planting, seed starting, soil cubes, new varieties of vegetables that you (or Nine Mile Farm) are going to try, and flowers/plants that attract pollinators and good bugs.

  7. What Shane said^
    Business ideas for streams of income for single women/older women/disabled/from the homestead. LOVE the Backyard Nursery idea and making plans NOW to make it happen. Sadly, I don’t feel I’m entrepreneurial at all/enough, BUT I think I can do the Backward Nursery! Thanks so much for ALL you do! My favorite podcast!

  8. On the subject of Cornish Cross, I’ve read of people online who raised them under free range minimal feed conditions and they successfully reproduced. Theoretically if one could pull that off over the course of a number of generations couldn’t they select a breed with similar qualities (minus the hybrid vigor) eventually the same way one stabilizes an open-pollinated variety from fertile hybrid plants?

  9. Isn’t lard or tallow a whole lot easier [and arguably healthier] cooking oil to produce than sunflower seed oil?

  10. About the NFA items:

    Machine guns have no regulation regarding barrel length. No need for an extra stamp there. If you want a short machine gun just buy a short upper or cannibalize a pistol AR.

    You cannot register an upper only as an SBR anyway. Only lowers can be registered as such.

    You can put a suppressor on a machine gun, but obviously the suppressor needs its own stamp for you to own it in the first place.

  11. About the aquaponics backup: If you already have a charger and inverter that will run your system you could hook them up to a “Go Power! TS-30 30 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch” which is hooked to grid power for primary. These run about $80 on Amazon. The Royal Power inverter is easier and looks a bit nicer though.

    • Another option Mr. Harris did not mention is the Tripp Lite line of inverter chargers. (Also available on Amazon in a variety of sizes) As a result of this podcast, I built a backup system powered by a Tripp Lite 750W inverter/20A charger. It costs $290, so they run a little more than the Royals, but are rated at 150% capacity for an hour, and 200% capacity for motor startups.

      Until the zombies arrive, the system’s day job is as a UPS for the home computer network. The transfer from mains power to battery and back is quick and smooth enough that no device realizes anything has changed. It has been in service for about 6 months, so far, so good.

      I have no affiliation with Tripp Lite, but it’s obvious I’m a fan.

  12. Talking about breeding Rangers for replacement/experimentation I’m hoping to do so this spring. You can actually see a picture of my Red Ranger rooster here we kept him and several hens to see what their offspring will look like, just like the experiment Jack described.

    • Good looking birds let me know how it goes just be on the look out for Rocky to be messing with your results. Also Rangers are quite variable, my birds were much darker, more reds, etc.

      • I will segregate them closer to spring to make sure we end up with unsullied results and I’ll be posting updates as progress occurs so I’m sure I’ll remember to email you with more pics and info then.

        Of our 50 male Rangers this year 2 were females and the rest were all very uniform in their red plumage. In years past I’ve seen females as light (or even blonder) than Goldie and as red as a Rhode Island Red on the other extreme. His distinctive coloring certainly made him a lot easier to keep an eye on but his behavior was what I was mainly worried about.

  13. Please do a show expounding on your formula for super soil which included ingredients like hort. molasses, straw, compost, leaves, cornmeal, etc. or just a show focused on soil health in general. Ooooh and please defend your choice to not include worms (worm castings) in your formula. Ahhhh the injustice! Haha. Or do a show on composting worms, please. Thanks!

  14. I could not agree more you Jack on the N. Korea and Cuba thing. The whole thing is just bizarre and I turned on the tv this morning and it was like some strange parallel universe. Weird in every freaking way!

  15. Suggestion for Tuesday’s show. On Episode 1418, you said might someday do a show called “30 businesses that could be established with little to no capital on a part-time basis” if enough people asked for it. Quite of few of us did. I’d still love to hear it.

  16. On Sony, public memory is short.. this is the company that discreetly put rootkits on music cds they sold so they could have a backdoor in customer computers. .. and they were never punished in any way. I for one hope everything is leaked and they go under, could not have happened to a more deserving (except maybe Monsanto) company.

  17. Steven Harris mentioned getting gc2 batteries from sam’s club. I only see a Duracell and an energizer on their web site. Both have negative reviews for longevity. Does anyone have experience or comments with these?

  18. I have a Suggestion for Tuesday’s show. I would like to hear an old fashion rant like you used to do on your 50 mile commute to work and back. I kind of miss them once and a while.