Episode-1916- Listener Calls for 12-15-16 — 36 Comments

  1. I think that for your holiday shutdown episodes you should play all of the Steven Harris shows. That would be great. The TSP shows that Steven are on are very informative and very entertaining. Thanks Jack.

  2. I would also like to hear the shows where you talk about your Grandfather. I love those shows. You might think about doing a show fully about your Grandfather and his nuggets of wisdom. My Grandfather was born in 1900 and dug outhouse pits for most of his younger life. He was one of the most humble and intelligent men I’ve ever met.

  3. My favorites are the multi topic shows that you alone host. You’re very knowledgeable and I enjoy your input on varying subjects even if they aren’t “survivalist” topics. Love your rants too.

  4. Crescendo is a passage of music during which the volume gradually increases. TSO is known for starting out very “innocent” and working up to a frenzy. Went to one of their concerts last year and the light show that goes along with the music is mesmerizing.

  5. Jack,
    If you can do the rewinds and que them up so you can personally take the time off from TSP, then I would love to hear any show with an old school “Jack rant” (I have been listening since the single digits and felt like I was riding to work with you each day). Otherwise, take the time off, you have more than earned it.

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Bah Humbhg,

  6. Jack;
    I am familiar with the NICS delay… Had one from Nov 2015 over issue with move from IL to WI and records not caught up. I did the appeal, received the ‘sorry for the delay’ letter, so I filed a complaint at the federal court level under “18 U.S. Code § 925A – Remedy for erroneous denial of firearm”, to include any costs I incurred. 3 months later, I showed up at a pre-trial, and was handed a letter by the assistant federal attorney through the FBI/NICS that I was cleared and approved, plus a claim form for my costs (filing fee, service, mileage, parking). Still waiting for my UPIN though. And I do agree with your points on the .gov having to prove a denial within 48 hrs.
    As a note, I bought a pistol and 2 long guns that same weekend, and the check through the state of Wisconsin was approved in less than 10 minutes, as pistol purchases are run through the state DoJ, not the NICS system as long guns are.

  7. Regarding the plastic gas cans leaking – I had the same thing happen with a couple of mine, also purchased from Walmart. My leaks are the same as caller described, a very small pinhole size leak. I’m also in the process of replacing mine with the metal cans.

  8. Just a heads up, I’m been monitoring OlD Grouch’s site for milspec Jerry Cans for a couple of months now and though there are several listed, none I have found are in stock.

    I just checked again in hope he got more in but all I see are out of stock. Please let me know if there’s some place I’ve missed or if you know an alternate source.

    • Dang it you are right, I checked but didn’t drill down, they are listed and priced but when you go to order they are out of stock.

      These guys are 80 a piece but brand new and the real deal.

      Hang fire on the buy though I will hit them up on behalf of the MSB today.

        • I bought several from Deutscheoptik about 4 years ago. They are still fine. Then I found these guys:

          I bought a bunch of these, also 4 years ago. They are also $80 today which includes a spout. Back when I bought them, they had packet deals like 5 cans for $200, and I bought the spouts separately. No need to have a spout for every can. I admit I was shocked to see they are $80 now, but maybe these would do quantity deals without spouts again.

          I have stored diesel for 2 years and gasoline for 1 year in these with no stabilizer and no issues. I just ran through 3 cans of gas that I stored for 12 months. You know it’s good when you pop the top and hear the loud sound of vapor escaping.

          I have about 20 of them – yeah I know it’s a big investment but fuel storage is critical. I know these aren’t any cheaper but thought I would share my experience. The more sources we all have the better.

          Maybe this is a potential MSB discount?

    • The $80 jerry cans are Wavian and sold by a number of resellers. I have one but obviously can’t drop $80 for very many. They must have a MAP because the pricing is very consistent.

      I’ll hold in case you get a MSB negotiated.

    • One thing to keep in mind I noticed. The Wavian can specs at 12lb. The DeutschOptics says ~8.5. Assuming this is apples vs apples, that’s a big difference and I’m assuming the lighter ones are thinner gauge steel.

  9. I second the Steven harris rewind. A week of Mr Harris teaching us all things power would be awesome!

  10. I should care to remind you that a “gas can” is just a metal container with a spout and a preferrably threaded cap (sealed with rubber from a car inner tyre, or cork). What makes it special is the lettering on the side that states: “Poisonous. Contains lead, mercury and many other important industrial products.”, or perhaps “Fumes may be flammable. Do not f* up.”
    Back in the USSR days we just used a barrel, bucket and funnel both of the latter made out of zinc-plated steel; and the bucket could be redneck-mallet-engineered to have a crevice to aid in pouring. As far as leak- and spill proofing, just don’t shove the excess into the bushes (what had been left in the bucket after you had completed filling the tank); but that is not as important any so more since the price of petrol has thankfully stabilised and people as You, kind reader wouldn’t do it in regard to Your financial conciderations.

    • Say what you want, those after market cans fail generally in 2-6 months. Buying them is a fools errand. I have NATO cans that are 10 years old and still good as new. They were likely 20 years old when I purchased them.

      • My point was, that it’s not that complicated a matter in my view somehow. If you can’t get any (In the US; where you can get anything in the rest-of-the-world’s point of view), let it be fabricated out of DurAl or Stainless by your neighbourhood welder (*shrug*). I’ve seen things like that floating about where I live; ofc not for the purpouse of petrol storage, rather for beverages of the higher volatility kind; but those have been rugged and solid to the eye. One like that would last a long time.

        I’m suprised to learn that there’s an ongoing deficit of consumer goods in the US after all those years, the commies would of had made large headlines about news like this. Although—here one can’t get Edison bulbs any more, have to use NOS or go to under-the-counter. *grin*

        I can get non-NATO (need of refurbishment ex-USSR or EastBlock) stamped steel type painted fuel canisters. They are okay if you fill them with Diesel fuel, kerosene or TVO. Petrol makes those canisters rust inside (esp. with now EU-regulated mandatory inclusion of alcohol in fuel), sames goes with storing them empty. The trick is to use a funnel with a fine wire mesh inside. So, if you want to store fuel, just use a barrel, bucket and funnel and you’ll be fine…
        Btw. here they forbid to use plastic containers for petrol… officially. Then again I have seen those being sold at gas stations. Better ones could be suited for marine use maybe.

        • Growing up on the farm we used rennet jugs(5 gal water totes) from the cheese factory next door that we touched up with red spray paint every few years. Now I’m using the 5 gal pails that contained hydraulic fluid with great success. Important to note is that we have a multitude of funnels around the farm.

  11. Five days of Steve Harris may not be for everyone. In fact, one specific topic for an entire week may get boring too. Guess we can all go to archives and manually do our own rewind episodes.

  12. Background checks guy, have them run the check again. There is a good chance that it will go through just fine. They are busier than they have ever been and make mistakes like the rest of us. I’ve had checks not go through the first time and had it go just fine on the next call 2 minutes later.

    • I was thinking that and forgot to say it! I was turned down once and the guy immediately called it back in and I was approved.

      Another thing! Don’t know what state he is in but he said he got his CCL. In Texas once you have that there is no call to NICS, you whip out your CCL and that is sufficient. Perhaps he is still waiting on it to come and once it does he may no longer have an issue.

  13. Might want to look at sous vide again. The beauty of it is that the cooking time is MUCH LESS important (as in hours) because the temp is so tightly controlled. Set the steak in 110 deg water and it can only cook to 110.

  14. Jack,

    We all have traditions for a reason, so take the week off and enjoy the time with your family. If you do Rewind Shows that’s cool with me too. Either way, I’ll be catching up on episodes to when I started listening in 2014. #TSPmarathon

    Thanks for everything you do!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    • Well those are HDPE (plastic) so likely they are as good as any plastic can. The problems tend to be with the knock off metal cans. Those just look like your typical can in the shape of a “jerry”. If you like them, rock on.

      You might want to consider these as a modification

    • Already implementing those and buying some “regular” nozzles with each monthly purchase. Thanks looking into these. I was a little confused when you were talking about metal vs plastic in the podcast and wondering if I’d goofed big time.

  15. We use the Eagle brand metal gas cans at work. They are four years old and get used every day by people who don’t give a crap so they are not treated that great. Only thing that needed replacing was the funnel that snaps on to pour. The only downside is they are round and don’t stack as nice as the nato ones, but that’s just my ocd kicking in. Dead simple to use, pull the lever back in front of handle and that’s it.

  16. I’m a big fan of the TSP rewind shows.

    I listen on Podcast Addict so I can’t go back and listen to episode 1 if I am using my tablet. I’d like to hear more Steven Harris episodes if possible.

    Thanks for all you do!

  17. I like the rewind shows as long as they’re easy to put together ahead of time. The shows you’ve done on beer and wine and mead making have been cool, would be nice to throw those in the mix.

  18. On gas cans – a few years ago I started buying the NoSpill brand gas cans, I had 5 total. The cans felt nice and thick and they had 2 handles. They didn’t glug but were slow to empty, have to keep a button pressed to flow. I had one develop a small split in the side and start spewing gas, and recently a second one has done the same. These were about $35 each and only about 3 yrs old so I was surprised. They did sit in the sub a lot and ride in a rack on a trailer, maybe they got worn on the rack. I’ve switched to buying the $20 cans from Harbor Freight and adding the vent caps Jack recommends. I’m going to add a couple hi-flow nozzles and some regular caps. The nozzles on them work ok and better with the vents, it is nice when filling to be able to shut off the gas while the can is upside down. I’ll probably look into Jerry cans eventually but may stick to the more affordable plastic ones for now till I get my 12month rotation done, then add on with 15gallon drums and Jerry cans.

  19. For the rewinds, of course do what is best for your family. If you make a new show over the holiday week, I’d love to hear something inspirational / motivational for the New Year. Thanks!

  20. About government money for children… I lived in Germany for over 20 years, and they also have “Kindergeld…” It actually started during the 3rd Reich for families with low incomes. It continued after the war, and was first paid by employers, but then later taken over by the government through taxes. It wasn’t the low birth rate that started it in Germany. You can look at it as a kind of Child Tax Credit. (Considering their higher individual tax rate…)
    Later, in 1986 they started paying families for having children if one parent stayed home and raised the child. It started off with one year, and has been increased over time. THAT is more of a “we are being outbred in our own country and need kids” thing. LOL