Episode-1483- Listener Calls for 12-12-14 — 9 Comments

  1. ‘The best that we could do..’

    This is important thought in terms of ‘what we should do now’.

    The goal, should not be to return to some past idyllic, largely imaginary, ‘better life’. It should be to use the resources and technologies available NOW to build the best life/world possible.

    How things are done NOW, is not indicative of how they COULD be done. Nor does it represent the ‘best possible’ use or method.

    When you say ‘a school is..’, ‘a farm is..’, ‘a nation is..’ remember to include ‘at the moment’ or ‘in the past’.

    Nothing is static.

    • Let me add in that Mark Shepard basically discusses this as concept vs observations. Observations might be discussing how learning seems to work or creating conditions that seem to facilitate it better or worse. Whereas “education is” or “school is” is a concept, that has its basis in some sort of observations. He discussed that Darren Doherty often times puts in a “forest” in his design “just because” which Mark referred to as a concept. A forest is X. It’s definitely an interesting way of grouping one’s thoughts and changing the way one view’s things like success or goals. Basically his argument was one more of functionality and integration rather than getting caught up in language.

  2. Just had to laugh during the intro part about King Richard and the current British royalty. While many readers of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition may hold her in high regard, I can assure you that Kate Upton is not the Princess of Wales. Kate Middleton is the Duchess of Cambridge and she is married to Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge (had to look this up on Wikipedia myself).

    Watching it rain/sleet and looking at an outside temperature reading of 35 degrees here in my part of Montana today.

  3. Anthony on Long Island,
    Check out Garden of Eve Organic Farm in Riverhead, Long Island and try their amaranth and /or millet flour for making bread. They have quite of other things to offer as well. I don’t think you will be disappointed.
    John R
    Long Island,NY

    • @Karim if a administrator told me the reasons under “why” on that page I would quote the movie Elf and say, “you sit on a throne of lies”.

      The why is ONE WORD, money!

      Funding is tied to attendance.

  4. Regarding the vaccu-canner, I added some fittings and a combination vacuum/pressure gauge to my All American canner and use it for both functions.
    Harbor freight vacuum pump and all fittings cost around $130.

  5. On the bread. Like all good yeasts, they can be aged to make better stronger yeast cultures. I have yeast that I use for HOPS sour dough bread. Hops sour dough bread is Awesome. Hops is what makes you sleep after drinking. eating hops has helped people sleep for years. Using Hops is a great way to eat bread. I do not eat much bread but love hops bread.


    I have learned that if you blanch some of your berries you do much better on getting the sugars out. I Make a Blue Berry Melomel (blue berry kings mead) and blanching the first round of berries > My Kings Mead is a open fermentation and I use pollen for yeast starter.

    So on the Fruit beer, I would add when the yeast is all most done with Fermentation for the fact it will start fermentation over and keep the fruit crisp taste and not bitter out. Blanching will get the good sugar, aroma and awesome taste out and then help with carbonation.

  6. I’ve been listening to older podcasts while sewing lately and todays answered one of my garden questions. I try to grow stuff in some are of the garden every year to improve the soil. Last year I had a patch with daikon radishes, I couldn’t figure out why the place had an off odder until you said they’ll put off a gas smell for a while after knocking them down. Thanks!