Episode-2129- Listener Feedback for 12-11-17 — 18 Comments

  1. In your browser you should have a reader mode that you can remove everything but the text and some pictures. Firefox even has it so you can have it read the text to you, which helps for slow readers like me. I know Firefox has it and Edge. Not sure about Chrome, but I would imagine Chrome would have an add-on for that.

  2. Sorry about not sharing the price I paid for my Aldi cast iron, Jack.  You’re going to be stunned! The grill pan and the 12″ skillet each cost around $13.  The covered braiser was around $25.

      • ALDI is the BOMB!

        Good quality and good price but a little less selection.  For groceries, we go to ALDI first, Google Express for anything that we can wait on, and then WalMart if there’s anything left on the list.

        A lot of the things like the pans though will be short term “opportunity” buys that aren’t regular stock, but show up from time to time.  I wouldn’t hesitate to buy cast pans there if I saw them though!
        ALDI also has some decent German beers at good prices as well.  🙂

    • I bought two of the Crofton 12″ cast iron skillets from Aldi last year for about $13 or so… They didn’t have the milled surface, but they are already getting smooth, and they work very well. During a power outage last weekend we used one to bake biscuits and fry sausage gravy on the gas grill, and both turned out very well.

  3. With regards to the school lock-up: The State Fire Marshall’s office should put a quick end to this – it does not have safe egress in the event of a fire.  They have the authority to close the school until the issue if removed.

    They are also not constructed to the International building codes so the Building code official for the school system should be involved.  If someone were injured he could go to jail.

    All and all, just terrible.  These are another couple of options for letting the State fight the State.

    • This would actually strengthen the case for a class action lawsuit.  Come on you ambulance chasing worms, one of of you do something useful please!

    • It’s almost as if some education administrators have been watching the part “Another Brick in the Wall” from Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” nonstop, and are really liking it for entirely the wrong reasons.  They probably get really excited when they see the part where kids are confined to the traincars.  F’ing sick.

      Also makes me think about these are the sorts of things that schools (and governments in general) entertain when things are RELATIVELY normal and stable. What kind of things will they entertain when really under pressure?

  4. Just wanted to throw out a couple of different options on a meat grinder.  I have the Bosh Universal Plus mixer and it has a pretty capable 800 watt motor.  In addition to the standard mixing bowl with the whisks, dough hook, cookie dough paddles, etc., there are many attachment available.  Relevant to this discussion is the available meat grinder attachment.

    I don’t grind a lot of meat with it, but there have been many times where I’ve ground 5-10 lbs of chuck roast and it works well.  You can get pasta extrusion dies that work with it, as well a berry press attachment (I have it and it works well – especially for making tomato sauce), and a nut/hard cheese grater.

    Other attachments I have for the Bosch include: blender, slicer/shredder, food processor, and grain mill.  There are even more that I don’t have (yet).  I like this unit because it’s Bosh quality, and you don’t have to store a bunch of separate, full size machines.

    Some of the other mixers (Kitchen-Aid, Ankarsrum, WonderMix, etc) offer this flexibility also.

  5. “In response to a complaint filed last year, department officials reviewed documentation for 455 incidents of seclusion in the Iowa City Community School District from Dec. 22, 2015, to Dec. 21, 2016.” (USA Today, June 2017)

    I rarely cite an article that I didn’t read completely, but I can’t get past the first couple of paragraphs of articles reporting this obscenity.

    What the hell is wrong with the parents of the kids who’ve been subjected to such cruel, sadistic behavior by public indoctrination camp “wardens?” This is off the charts disgusting !!

  6. One interesting thing I’ve heard (from a lawyer) about National Reciprocity is that it opens up states with may issue to lawsuits under the equal protection clause. If someone from PA goes to NJ, they now have greater rights than a NJ resident because PA is a shall issue state.

    The big things to watch out for are going to be local laws. If I go to MA with a 15 round magazine, I’m breaking the law. If I go to NJ and carry hollow points, I’m breaking the law. I also foresee states passing onerous no-carry zones. Also, how does CA’s handgun roster play into all this? If it passes, it will certainly be interesting.

    • So again you see my point, a federal license would supersede all local and state regulations.

      Though the things like capacity limits and ammo restrictions, that does complicate things.  Again this is why I think it is an unconstitutional law this way.


      Drivers Licenses and Marriage Licenses are equivocal in all states.  Where they were not, say Gay Marriage it took federal judicial power to change it.  Had congress passed a gay marriage reciprocity law, I would have supported it if I put preference above principle but as I put principle over preference I would have opposed it.

  7. Jack, I had never heard of seclusion rooms before this!  I called a friend who is a school psychologist (A real psychologist who works in schools) in Louisiana.  He apparently sits on the “unruly student” board or some such thing.  He said his school immediately vetoed such an idea.  He did point out that there was definitely a need to restraint students safely, as some could be incredibly violent and dangerous. (Can’t argue there.). That said – he pointed out there was certainly a great degree of catch 22 involved.  Federal law requires you to educate mentally handicapped (i.e.; Autistic).  Of course, they can also be rather violent.  He discussed a rather meaningful set of rules and procedures that they follow, explained training, etc.  He suggested I go to a place called that posts quite a bit on this topic. After conversation he pointed out people following solid policies would never end up doing such a thing.  He also noted that the most liberal areas were often the quickest to adopt and abuse such policies.