Episode-1691- Listener Calls for 12-10-15 — 6 Comments

  1. To your point on us sort of stagnating technologically, Peter Thiel has a quote that I think sums it up pretty nicely: “We were promised flying cars, and instead what we got was 140 characters”

  2. I thought the topic of burn out and rage was very interesting, it helped remind me that ultimately one of the reasons its important to have liberty and freedoms is to have a good and happy life. Its too easy to forget that.

    Sometimes you can concern yourself with the attack on freedom at the expense of happiness afforded by the freedoms we still have.

  3. I thought your comments on body armor were great.
    One thing might change things. If it became cheaper I might consider it. The poor boy’s choice? Concealment. And don’t engage a vastly superior force. You don’t want to do Continental Line combat in this day an age.

  4. I had some rabbits already cause damage. Is there something I should do to help my tree for repair the wounds?

  5. To the caller Dave, with Rage/Burnout. I’m in the Sacramento River Valley as well if you desire like minded support systems here, or need a neutral person to talk too.