Episode-2122- Listener Calls for 11-30-17 — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks for your comments on that Alexa video as I saw that earlier and was wondering about it (and I don’t have my own Alexa to verify).  I rather like Crowder’s stuff so I’m disappointed he would stoop to this level and make such an obvious and easily provable fraud.  He doesn’t need to; he has lots of funny good stuff.

    Anyway, I tried some of the questions with “OK Google” as well as Siri on my iPad… it didn’t do anything too interesting or surprising in response.  Although when I asked Siri if she was sending this to the NSA, she said “Who me?” which I thought was funny.  (I’m guessing she is… LOL…)


  2. looking for a great can opener?  It scores around the sides of the lid leaving a perfectly smooth lid and can.  Also allows the lid to snap back on the can to save. I’ve had mine about 7 years does not dull, loosen, or warp.  Still as new as the day I got it.

  3. can opener.. we have been using the kuhn rikon it’s been the best one we have got by Far. It is on amazon

  4. I’ve had two of the Harbor Freight jerry cans for several years, and have been quite happy with them… until one of the plastic caps split open. When you tighten the cap down snug against the rubber gasket, it creates a tension around the perimeter of the cap between the threads and the gasket. This tension, perhaps aggravated by the presence of gasoline on the inside, proved to be too much for the material over time. If it weren’t for this weakness I would be recommending these cans and buying 10 more. Seems like a non-choice to revert to the plastic cans at Walmart, etc, since they also feature plastic caps. But I don’t recall the caps splitting on the plastic cans I’ve had over the decades. Perhaps the Harbor Freight cans use an inferior resin for the caps? We need someone to cross-reference a better cap that will fit the HF neck.